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Exercising is fun. Having the right instruments to exercise allows you to concentrate on achieving your goals. TRX provides you with the tools for your bodyweight training. However, it comes with one downside. It’s expensive.

In this post, we review some top TRX alternatives. These alternatives help you achieve your fitness goals while spending less. Let’s get right on it.

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What’s TRX?

TRX (Total Resistance Exercises) is a suspension training kit that uses elastic straps, handles, etc. This kit helps you maintain your fitness wherever you are. Designed from extensive research, this training kit makes use of your body weight and gravity to keep you fit in multiple areas.

You can make use of it to build your core strength, flexibility, and balance. I like the fact that both starters and advanced users can use TRX. Using such a system means you save on recurring gym subscriptions. It’s fun to use while you build and tone your body.


TRX Product Overview

TRX makes three kinds of products you can use for bodyweight training. Each of these products is different both in their selling point and in their roles. Understanding each product gives a clue on what to look out for in the alternatives discussed below.

TRX All-in-one

The TRX all-in-one will appeal to beginners starting with bodyweight exercises. This kit is more of a combination of the TRX GO and some accessories. While this TRX kit costs twice as much as the alternatives in this guide, it provides a more comprehensive approach to bodyweight workouts.



Built for portability, the TRX GO is lightweight and is a versatile choice for your travels. This makes it an excellent choice for strength training while you’re on vacation. The system is fully designed for door-mount use. With its door mount option, it is a good option for those who don’t have the space to exercise. Some of the alternatives below are comparable to this type of lightweight design.


TRX Pro3

The Pro3 is TRX’s advanced product. With this kit, you can perform a variety of bodyweight exercises. It gives you additional positions to workout like incline and decline options. To help you set up and start exercising in no time, the Pro3 comes with an app and instructions.

The Pro3 also comes with an additional cost. This kit is 2-3 times expensive than most of the alternatives listed below. Though the brand has a reputation for quality, the selling point of this suspension system puts most users off.


Why Buy A TRX Alternative?

TRX offers great value if you aim to keep fit. But this goes with a cost. It is expensive. If your aim is minimizing the cost while getting the best bodyweight workout, I’ve pulled together five best TRX alternatives for you. Find out what fits your budget below.

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Top TRX Alternatives

1. RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit

RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit with Integrated Door Anchors and Extension Strap, Fitness Straps for Total Body Workouts, Home & Travel, Workout Guide Included

This total body training kit gives you all paid TRX features for free. It is the best affordable upgrade for the TRX system. Its high-quality straps permit this resistance kit to support up to 400lbs of bodyweight.

The buckle on these kits makes it easy to customize the resistance for an effective workout. The trainer kit supports up to 1000lbs.

Unlike other resistance kits reviewed in this post, this one comes with an extra extension cable. Taller individuals can use this extension cable to increase their strap length. Also, you can perform extra workouts with this cable.


  • Comes with an extra extension cable.
  • Easy to adjust the strap settings with its quick-release clamps.
  • Comes with soft interchangeable hand grips.
  • A detailed user guide included in the pack.


  • Adjustable clips move slightly during a workout.


2. Recoil S2 ProRECOIL S2 PRO - Premium Quality Suspension Trainer - Unmatched Performance - Full Body Workout - All Fitness Levels

The Recoil S2 Pro comes at a slightly higher price than other alternatives on the list. However, you’d get every feature with this one-time expense.

You can exercise in multiple positions with this kit. It comes with a door mount and a recoil mount giving multiple suspension options. I

ts push-button makes it easier to adjust the strap length from the top, bottom, or anywhere in-between. The system is tangle-free. This ensures all annoying entangled loose ends are taken care of as you exercise. Also, its rubber grips are easy to clean and comfortable during exercises.


  • Has a wide adjustment range.
  • It’s tangle-free.
  • Comes with a wall-mount and storage case.
  • You can easily adjust it during movement.


  • Its mount lacks bolts.


3. WorldFit ISO Trainer

WorldFit ISO Trainer - Isometric Exercise for Strength Training, Stretching, Yoga, Pilates - a USA Company

If you want to concentrate on isometric exercises, this is the best budget TRX alternative. It comes with solid straps made from first-grade military webbing.

Using these straps helps you improve your endurance and flexibility as you stretch. Also, the straps are safe for beginners and seniors alike.

The trainer also features latex-free handles that are comfortable for its users. This means your grips will last longer as you exercise.

While this TRX alternative trainer is good for travelers, you can not anchor it on any object as you train. This is a big drawback to the WorldFit Iso Trainer.


  • Straps design to prevent wear and tear.
  • Best for isometric training.
  • Affordable


  • Lacks suspension features.
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction guide.



4. Eximius Exercise Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit

Eximius Exercise Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit, Suspension Training Straps with Resistance Bands and Core Sliders, Full Body Home Workouts, New 2020

Eximius competes with TRX when you look at the features each has to offer. This trainer kit is a good TRX alternative you should consider.

It comes with five resistance levels. These resistance levels are perfect if you are starting or want to improve your training. These resistance levels make the trainer useful for starters, adults, or advanced users alike.

Its two-strap connections have small cylinders you can use for door mounting. This means you can set up and get on with your training in no time.

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If you aim at building up abs faster, the trainer comes with core sliders. These sliders help you achieve your abs goals effortlessly.


  • Comes with an easy to follow setup guide.
  • Has a durable design and lasts longer.
  • Comes with core sliders and hip circle bands for specific workouts.


  • Has a short adjustable length.



5. Comcor Suspension Gym Fitness Trainer

ComCor All-in-ONE Bodyweight Suspension Fitness Trainer - Made in USA - Fully Assembled - Chin Bar, Door or Tree

If you train for long periods, you’d want to get a fitness trainer with soft grips. That’s what the Comcor suspension trainer offers. It comes with industrial-grade soft grips that protect your palms as you train. This helps you enjoy every training session with the trainer while achieving your desired results.

The trainer also comes with durable straps. It’s a very affordable alternative to the TRX. It’s very easy to setup. The trainers have a two-point connection that makes it easy to attach to anchors.


  • Durable straps.
  • Soft grips to protect the palms
  • Easy to attach to anchors like doors, pull-up bars, etc.


  • Not good for heavyweight workouts. Lacks a maximum weight capacity.



3 Benefits of a Suspension Training System

Efficient Full-Body Workout

Setting up your suspension system takes you less than fifteen minutes. It’s so easy to set it up whenever and wherever you find yourself. With this system, you can perform more than 300 body exercises. These exercises target both the lower and upper body muscles.


Fitness enthusiasts can take this system with them everywhere you go. Being a very portable system, you can set it up in a small space, exercise with it, and move on. This is the best benefit I get from this system. You don’t need to create space to exercise with it. So, no excuses for being unfit during a holiday trip.

Suitable for All Levels

Contrary to traditional weightlifting, you can adjust the resistance level of your suspension system. To achieve this, you only need to change the positioning of your hands and feet.

So if you are an advanced user or a beginner, you can perform the same exercises with different resistances. This makes the system suitable for all users and helps you challenge yourself as you exercise.




How can I use a Suspension Trainer?

As I said earlier, you can do more than 300 body exercises with your suspension trainer. To keep you inspired, you can watch the video below to learn the basics of using a suspension system.


How do I suspend my TRX at Home?



Final Thoughts

As you’ve found out, there are many choices you can choose from to replace the expensive TRX trainer. If you want a trainer that competes in terms of the same features as the TRX trainer, then the RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit is the choice for you. It comes with features that TRX charges you extra.

If you are after a trainer that brings you the best value for the price, you can go with Eximius Exercise Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit.

Let me know what you use for your bodyweight training in the comment section below.


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