Best Foam Roller For Runners – Quick Muscle Recovery 2022

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A foam roller is an exercise tool for massaging sore muscles to aid recovery from injuries and pains. Also called runners leg roller or muscle roller for runners, it improves mobility and relieves muscle tension in the body. A foam roller or massage roller is an essential tool for runners who suffer most running or overuse injuries. This are body sores develop over time from repeated fitness training action and sometimes from poor biomechanics. So, what is the best foam roller for runners that can help you relieve  muscle and joint pressure quickly, after an intense gym workout?

Runners most commonly experience muscle imbalance and soreness in their muscles, that can be problematic for their careers. Massage rollers for runners can help them relieve muscle pain with the help of deep tissue massages and also minimize the chances of developing an overuse injury.



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The Best Form Roller Runners Need – Overview

You want to start best foam roller exercises for quick muscle therapy after workouts? If you are in a hurry,  Here are our top professional muscle rolling tool for recovery from injuries after yoga.


Best Foam Roller Exercises For Runners

Some common exercise-related issue like shin splints can develop after any intense physical activity- racing, marathon, gym training workouts. If you fail to promptly deal with your uncomfortable feeling after working out, you know possibly, that it can place a damper on your fitness exercise routine.

Note that the benefits of foam rolling for athletes, after running is not only to alleviate sore muscles, you foam roll to hit pressure points in a gentle  body massage. This is to actually provide increased flexibility and balance while also offering self-myofascial relief.

Rolling exercises for runners – How to heal shin splints fast

Check this video how to start foam rolling to lessen the pains due to shin splint.


Top Rated Best Foam Rollers for Athletes – Reviewed

Are you searching for the best muscle roller for chronic pains? Foam rollers are used for physical therapy and they are going to be of great relief to you.

Runners need effective massage on their calves, Achille tendons, leg, shoulders and back to ease painful sores. To prevent damaging muscles and causing excessive wear and tear, you need to look which foam roller for runners suits your needs.

What ever your purpose of searching a foam roller may be, it’s important to explore different types of muscle rollers for runners, so that you understand which foam rollers are the best for runners and what each roller is used for. We will also guide you decide how to choose one for yourself.

Proceed and you will find out which foam rollers are the best for runners.


LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller FOr Athletes – Best Budget Foam Roller For Shin Splints

Source: Amazon


LuxFit Premium Foam Roller is an ideal running roller for stretching the muscles in different positions after a marathon. It has a knobbed surface that helps break obstructions in the soft tissues and regulates blood circulation in your body. It’s firm enough to work out shin splints and some muscle aches  in your body. Comes in three lengths – 12”, 18” and 36” and all have a 6” diameter.

This affordable foam roller has a high density that helps release people from severe pain issues such as back pain or leg pain. Fortunately, this luxfit is a leg roller running accessory that is large enough to target every area of your body.

Should you foam roll after running? For athletes, doing foam rolling  after outdoor marathon or home treadmill running,  is essential to recovering the sore muscle in a gentle massage. Moreover, this foam roller is especially built for heavy-use and is flexible enough to provide you a gentle post-workout massage.

LuxFit comes is effective and affordable with a one-year warranty. You can replace your foam roller anytime within a year if you face any issues with the quality. Also, this leg roller stick has a material density of 2 pounds per cubic foot. The high density makes this foam exercise roller not ideal for beginners.

This foam roller is very durable, sturdy, and meant to keep its shape for long. It is well suited for all running body types too. Some design are good to target your back or other muscle groups,  and like LuxFit no matter how many times you use it, it remains effective.


  • Budget-friendly
  • suits people of all shapes and sizes
  • great for stabilization and muscle strengthening
  • Water-resistant
  • Great for physical therapy and post-workout massages
  • One-year warranty
  • Smooth and reliable
  • Comes in 3 different sizes foe home,  gym, or traveling
  • Extra firm for foam rolling shin splints
  • best cheap foam roller after running
  • best massage roller stick for improving balance and stabilizing muscles


  • Has no booklet or an instruction guide
  • Certain material of this foam roller may slide along the surface without rolling
  • No additional massaging features
  • It’s very firm
  • not good for first-time foam roller user

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Most users complained that it gets softens up after some use.
  • A handful of users find it too firm in the initial use.
  • Most customers are satisfied with the size and quality of this foam roller.
  • Users find this ideal for their daily running sessions as it does not attract hair, dust or lint.
  • Most customers find it great for stretching.



TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller – Best Higher-End Foam Roller



This GRID foam roller is designed from EVA foam with standard density and has a hollow core. The original GRID was 13 inches, GRID 2.0 was about 26 inches and  GRID Mini is 4 inches. The grid provide softer feel when working out knots. If you’re looking to roll out muscles and shin splints anywhere – traveling, in office or at home, you can select a size that is convenient for you.

If you can afford a high priced foam roller that is durable and great for post-workout massages, this foam roller is definitely for you. The Trigger Point foam roller is built to makes it great for heavy use, so you experience no change in shape even after years of use.

Foam roller exercises for runners are essential to help them ease their sore muscles and backaches. This foam roller is made from high-quality durable foam that provides every runner the best quality post-workout massage they need for quick muscles recovery. This is because it claims to provide a targeted massage that hits the right spots in your muscles.

Another best thing about this runners leg massage roller is that it is compact and collapsible in size, which automatically makes it portable and travel-friendly.

Size of this foam roller : 5.5 x 13 inches – good length for stability.


  • water-resistant
  • light and portable
  • Great for muscle massage after workouts
  • best leg muscle roller with a compact size
  • collapsible foam roller
  • Weight limit: can withstand 500 pounds
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Very durable travel foam roller
  • This foam roller comes with a travel bag


  • Quite expensive
  • Made with a thinner layer of foam
  • Too intense for beginners
  • Has a hard surface
  • can crack or break

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Most customers felt that this foam roller has a hard surface.
  • Beginners found this product quite difficult to use.
  • A handful of customers praised that the foam roller remained in its original shape even after many uses.
  • Most users found this product ideal for easing sore muscles with deep massageing.


RumbleRoller – Textured  Muscle Foam Roller – Best Deep Tissue Foam Roller For Runners



RumbleRoller is a company that offers top-quality muscle rollers for use after long distance running. It is ideal for providing therapeutic deep tissue massages to relax the sore muscles of your body.

It is a better performance foam roller for runners that comes in 3 different sizes – 12-inch, 22-inch, and 31 inches. The smaller 12-inch roller dimension is a great rumble roller travel size for most people.

Rumbleroller is a Deep-Tissue Foam Roller That’ll Really Target Sore Calves. The 12-inch foam roller is fully covered in knobs and crevices. This design make it give you a deep-tissue-massage feel that will naturally resist unwanted bacteria. However, you should not expect to roll comfortably here because the added texture feels bit painful as it grinds pass extra tight muscles.

With this muscle roller stick for runners, athletes can get relief from any type of muscular pain and can also restore flexibility to muscles. Moreover, RumbleRoller is one of the best rollers for runners with a free manual that will help you try out different exercises.

The rumble roller for traveling is very portable. That is, the 12-inch hard foam roller is travel-friendly,  it can fit easily in your gym bag or suitcase. The 22-inch RumbleRoller is basically a mid-sized roller, great to be used in any area of your body and is excellent for beginners.

Lastly, the 31-inch foam roller is bigger in size, so it is heavy, bulky and ideal for your home or gym use only. The 31-inch rumble roller size is manufactured for heavy use, which is why this size is not great for beginners.


  • Great for traveling athletes
  • RumbleRoller allows you to control the amount of pressure on your muscles
  • Offers a range of density options
  • RumbleRoller are sturdy
  • Can stimulates deep tissue of your muscles
  • This foam roller latex-free
  • Has flexible nodules
  • Waterproof textured foam roller


  • Requires more strength to roll compared to other standard foam rollers
  • Expensive
  • This product is not meant for beginners

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Few users felt that the quality of the foam must be improved.
  • A handful of users find the massages relieving as if it was from a therapist’s thumbs.
  • Most users found it to be helpful for pain relief and blood circulation.


Amazon Basics High-Density Foam Roller – Best Leg Muscle Roller For Runners With Bad Knees





This super-affordable foam roller by Amazon targets all muscles of your legs and  body in general. The rolling roller is denser and lacks firmness compared to other foam rollers, yet it provides a great massage to relieve muscle soreness. It is ideal for people who plan to do foam rolling for their first time.

Amazon Basics High-Density Rollers are made from material recycled from  polymers, which are corrosive solvents and waterproof. As such, you don’t have to put in extra effort to clean this body roller. The great part of the stick massage for runners is that, the edges are molded so you don’t feel a sharp pain in your muscles if you roll off the end.

This product offers safe and relaxed foam rolling for runners knee as it has a smooth surface texture that prevents sliding and provides firm density.


  • Made from recycled polymers
  • Comes in different lengths
  • Affordable
  • A great product for balance strengthening
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Prevents sliding
  • Has a firm density
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Can lose its firmness after some time of use
  • Too intense for some users

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Most users find it comfortable to carry with them while traveling.
  • Some users wish it had a firmer body.
  • A handful of users found it great for deep-tissue massages.


321 Strong Foam Roller – Best Foam roller For Curing Muscle Pains




The 321 Strong Foam rollers is a medium-density roller, that is made from high-quality material – EVA foam which is backed by a lifetime warranty. Designed to withstand about 500 lbs body weight and pressure,  it’s core is built to survive daily wears and tears. It also has the stability and reliability to hold your posture firmly in one place.

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As one of the best rollers for runners in the market, this foam roller has three massage zones – the “thumb zone,” the “finger zone,” and the “palm zone,”. These three massage zones have different intensities of pressure – hard or soft. You have the option to choose the intensity that will roll out your muscles efficiently. Beware, when you’re working out your shins, be gentle and apply just a little pressure on the area.

This foam roller with hollow core is great for adding complexity to yoga sessions. . With its smooth and flexible design, runners can roll freely with this product to relax their muscles from soreness.

The superb feature of this product is that it is travel-friendly and you can take this foam roller anywhere with you. This foot roller for runners is built with three unique massage zones to provide a deep tissue massage to problem area like your joints, knees, back. Also, it is strong and sturdy enough to support all body types, which allows the user to use their own weight to control the massage intensity.

Size of this foam roller : 5.5 x 13 inches


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for smaller people
  • has both rough roll and smooth roll surfaces
  • offers one size – can be small for some people
  • Great for legs, arms, and neck
  • 321 strong foam roller relieve pain without damaging the tissues


  • Quite small for taller people
  • Weight limit of 330 pounds

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Most customers find the quality to be impressive.
  • Few customers found it helpful with their post-workout yoga sessions.
  • A handful of customers claimed it as the best recovery tool for treating severe muscle pain.


Rumble Roller Gator Foam Roller – Best Foam Roller For Back Pain Relieve

RumbleRoller Gator - 22” Foam Roller , Foam Muscle Roller Optimized for Cross Frictional Massage , Patent Pending Back Roller, Reduces Sore Muscles , Relieve Back Muscle Pain


Similar to RumbleRoller, is designed rigid and lightweight, to target deep tissue massage  as well as cross friction muscle massage if your muscles are tightened after distance running.

Really effective tool for muscle release and possible heal of shin splints but it would not come with a gentle massage – the effect on tight muscles is amazing if you’re an experienced runner.

Size :  22” long and has a smaller 4.5” diameter


  • Lightweight
  • durable  roller for runners muscles
  • effective deep tissue massage roller


  • bot budget friendly – its expensive
  • not friendly for beginners



Tiger Tail Massage Stick – Best Foam Roller For Massage Therapy And  Injury  Prevention


Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick - The Long One 22 Inches - Massage Therapy on The Go - Relieve Sore Muscles - Foam Roller Prevent Injury, Speed Recovery, Improve Mobility - Massage Therapy Tool


This is original tiger tail massage stick that is a great therapy on the go. When running, you can improve your speed recovery and mobility with this runner roller for self massage.

Make your sore muscles into happy muscles, while reducing stress and tension! Clinical research shows about 85% of muscle pain comes from tiny muscle knots. Tiger Tail can give you a deep massage which reaches to the knots, breaks them up, and reduces your pain and fatigue.

The best time to use this rolling tool is when you’re not comfortable with the white rollers on the stick. Though a little expensive, its great travel roller since its lightweight, portable and small.

You may want a Tiger Tail Curve Ball – a perfect trigger point muscle release for back, legs, shoulders and glutes.


  • lightweight and portable
  • Effective massage roller
  • small


  • Pricey


IDSON Muscle Roller Stick – Best Muscle Roller Massager for Back And Leg Recovery


Buy open box: $9.19 Used: Very Good | Details Sold by Amazon Warehouse Fulfilled by Amazon Deliver to Eric - Bamenda 00237‌ Add to Cart Add to List Add to Wedding Registry Share Ad feedback IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes- Body Massage Sticks Tools-Muscle Roller Massager for Relief Muscle Soreness,Cramping and Tightness, Help Legs and Back Recovery, Black Green


IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes is a body massage tool to relieve muscle soreness, cramping and tightness. It just entered the scene of foam rolling and it does the rolling task well.

The long textured roller is affordable for every runner and also durable. With the same quality of this Stick, i would not prefer going for individual rollers, as they give lots of discomfort.

This is an excellent  foam roller for runners who want a more comfortable option for the whole body therapeutic sore treatment.


  • confortable runner roller
  • Best leg roller for runners
  • small  and portable for travel and office use
  • one of the best cheap foam roller sticks
  • lightweight and effective on working muscles



Phenom Vibrating Fitness Roller  – Best Vibrating Foam Roller for Experienced Athletes


Monument Phenom 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller - Myofascial Recovery | Release Tension, Stiff Sore Muscles; Enhance Mobility, Performance, and Pliability Training Deep Tissue Massage (Black)

If you ever get tired of feeling sore after a taking a crossFit WOD or gym workout, know that this vibration roller attacks post workout soreness. The Phenom  Fitness Roller is a vibrating foam roller with firm gel-modeled knobs that  digs into tight body muscles and hit spots that traditional, smooth rollers can’t.

Not really good for beginners ad rolling with the lowest vibration settings still hurts if used on tender leg muscles immediately after long distance run. Great trigger-point-therapy roller tool for for knots and kinks on back and shoulders.

This vibrating foam roller help you roll out your sore back muscles while giving support to your spine. The spine grove also great helps to roll out your Achilles tendon – the most commonly injured areas in all sports.

Runners who are experienced with standard foam roller may love the intense massage this rechargeable cordless roller gives.


  • has a carrying handle
  • lightweight and portable travel roller
  • Rechargeable and can last 3-4 hours
  • cordless


  • very hurtful

Customer Experience

  1. Have used this foam rollers for years and finally I decided to invest in one that vibrates.  My chiropractor used one of those vibrating deep tissue massage guns on me after a back injury and it instantly helped. This foam roller works just as well as that professional grade device. Being in that form I was able to use it by myself. Really like the little center groove for my neck and getting into the grooves of my feet.
  2. I have a very tight back between my shoulders and have a hard time finding the right way to work it out. This roll is amazing, just the right pressure in the buns and the vibration is outstanding. On level 1 the vibration is gentle and my favorite setting on 3 it will change the entire room your in!



Gaiam Restore  Foot Roller – Best Roller For Plantar Fasciitis

Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Rollers - To Ease tension, stimulate blood flow and provide relief from plantar fasciitis and other foot pain with Gaiam Restore’s Foot Massage Rollers

Gaiam Restore Foot Roller is great home remedy for foot pains like plantar fasciitis. Very easy to use, you need to gently massage bottom of your foot to relieve inflammation.

The textured surface of gaiam is designed to provide both cold and hot therapy  along the arch of your feet.

It is recommended you  consult with a medical professional if you are experiencing foot pain and suspect its plantar fasciitis. They would help you get a treatment plan and gaiam foot roller may just be additional remedy.


  • easy to use
  • best remedy for foot pains
  • cheaper roller


Customer Experience

  1. In order to use this roller heated, it must be soaked in a bowl of hot water for 20 minutes. It took several minutes just to get the water warm enough to start soaking. After a half-hour of prep, the roller really wasn’t more than room temperature. It’s not worth the bother. The roller itself is OK but I really wish it had larger nubs to give a deeper massage on the bottom of my feet. Overall it’s just OK.
  2. I bought this to massage my foot because of swollen tendons and ligaments from a recent calcaneal (heel) fracture. It definitely does the job well. Unfortunately, The gel does not fill the entire inside of the roller, so if you keep it in the freezer, it will freeze to one side, so that when it rolls, the coldest part always rolls to the bottom. It’s not a huge deal, but it is slightly annoying.



LYNNDRE Yoga Wheel Pilate Roller –  Best Roller For Stress And Muscle Tension Release

LYNNDRE Yoga Wheel Pilates Roller Muscle Tension Release, Increasing Flexibility and Improving Backbends, Dia 32.5Cm X W 12.5 cm - - Relieve Pain and Stress,Pink


This roller wheel is a newcomer to the sport world of yoga. It is a narrow, but wide plastic cylinder about 12-inches in diameter. Some yoga wheels are mad from wood  or a combination of many materials. When it’s used correctly, it deepen stretches to enhance flexibility and helps to offer a more challenging balance practice, or provide support for difficult poses.

As concerns health benefits – there are many mental and physical benefits of yoga. Yoga rolling mentally reduces stress and anxiety while physically giving you a flexible, shapely, and internally healthy body. This back foam roller is designed with TPE plastic inner lining to improve impact resistance. Can  withstand  330 pound of pressure.


  • lightweight and portable
  • impact and sweat resistant
  • durable foam roller for back pain
  • Releases tension & stress in muscles


  • withstand not more than 330 lbs

Best Yoga Wheel rolling exercises

Whether you are a yoga newcomer or you are experienced, yoga wheel can stretch the Backbends, Bridge Pose and Dharma Yoga Wheel Pose.  This pilate yoga wheel also targets Spine, Shoulders, Hips, Abdomen, cushions your palms, feet, and back  when it moves.


Alternative: Foot & Hand-Held Foam Roller – Precise Rolling Stick

Handheld rolling stick are fantastic alternative to a traditional foam roller. About 10 ounces, the thinner and lighter looks foamless but provides even more precise calf-muscle-targeting. Since it is hand-held, it would be  giving you total control on the pressure you apply of the calves or targeted area. It has no-slip handles and 2-millimeter gaps to prevent unwanted hair pulling.


Elite Sportz Muscle Roller Stick – Calf Roller for sore, tight muscles and to prevent cramps

Elite Sportz Muscle Roller Stick - Our Massage Roller Massager Targets Sore, Tight Leg Muscles to Prevent Cramps and Release Tension Fast. It's Sturdy, Lightweight and Smooth Rolling

If you want to out the targeted area very quickly, this calf roller release tension and increases  blood  muscles.  It is helps to reduce your calf, and hamstring cramps tremendously.

The muscle roller is hand held, so it permits you apply the pressure controllably that you want on the target body part. What you do with it is depending on your pain tolerance. When you use it after a gym workout, it will help in lengthening and stretching out your body.

This hand held foam roller would eliminates muscle fatigue when you keep using it regularly before and after exercise. you won’t find your hands slipping like with some of the cheaper models


Anti Cellulite Handheld Massage Roller For Full Body – Foot, Hand, Body, Neck, Head, Leg Pain Relief

Handheld Massage Roller,Full Body Anti Cellulite 2 Wheels Manual Muscle Massager Fit for Foot Hand Body Neck Head Leg Pain Relief

The this hand grip  massager is ergonomically designed for men or women runners. The massager is a great after run remedy for stress, soreness, damaged muscles in your body, neck, arms, tummy , legs and head.

The hand roller works to stimulate blood circulation to make you get tougher, elastic skin. Best time to use it is especially after gym or outdoor fitness exercise to ease stiff and painful muscles.

You can easily use this hand held  tool to trigger sore muscle points – it feels comfortable in your hand.


Daiwa Electric Foot Massager – Best Reflex Massage Roller For Foot

Foot Massager Calf Roller Reflexology Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Reflex Roller

You want to experience effortless and  effective at-home treatment for foot muscles after marathon running? This electric roller is quiet, portable and powerful effective roller for tired, sore runners feet. You would observe that the reflexology rollers on the left and the right can massage the soles of your feet simultaneously. Really great for kneading massage and rolling nodules.


Muscle Roller Leg Massager – Best Deep Tissue Massage Roller For Hamstring

Muscle Roller Leg Massager - Best Massage Roller Stick for Athletes - Deep Tissue - Trigger Points, Cramps, Quads, Calf & Hamstring Tightness, Myofascial Release - Reach Places Foam Rollers Can't





Best Type of Muscle Roller – For Runners

Foam rollers are an amazingly versatile piece of exercise equipment. The different types of foam rollers are basically distinguished by their firmness – one of the most important aspects of choosing a foam roller for runners.

If you have got cold muscles, back pains etc, we will explore different types of rollers you can use in foam rolling cold muscles, foam rolling back and shoulder and foam rolling soreness.

Low Density Foam rollers


soft density foam roller

They are also called soft density foam rollers. They are the lightest foam rollers in the market which come in white color.

It may be amazing to know that some people prefer this roller due to softer cushion and the comfort it provides – more gentle massage to the muscles.

Since foam rolling is always associated with pain and discomfort, if you don’t want to feel any sensational pains on your muscle during massage, this type of foam roller can be used.

If you already got an intense muscular workout earlier this week and you have got muscle sores, or if you find your muscles getting tighter because you’re clenching due to the pain, it is always advisable to switch to a low density foam roller to avoid muscle further pains.


Standard density foam rollers

They are also called medium density foam rollers. They are neither light no heavy. This roller provides just enough hardness for deep massage into your muscles while still having a moderate cushion.

When athletes leave gym after doing all kinds of fitness exercises, it is very common to find that their muscles are tight and tense and need immediate, less painful massage. A medium density foam roller like Amazon Basic Foam Roller  is the best to use.


High Density Foam rollers

Source: Amazon

They are denser foam rollers you can find in the market. A high density form foam rollers come with black color – a feature which provides helpful hint to identifying and distinguishing this roller from others.

Rolling on a firm foam roller is a great choice for most athletes and people who already have experience foam rolling, who need quick recovery times so that they can train hard. The more firm the foam roller, the more intense your foam rolling session will be.

The best massage roller that can penetrate deeply into the affected muscles after gym workout can done with medium density foam rollers like the RumbleRoller which had some knobs on it, though The TriggerPoint Grid foam roller with flat smooth surface can also do a find job.


Bumpy Foam rollers


                                                                        Source: Amazon

These are foam rollers with some sort of texture like bumpy knobs or wave-like ridges on the surface. They are also called trigger point foam roller since they can penetrate into deep points with knobs in the muscle. This kind of running rollers massagers is very good for quick muscle treatment after a long and intense day at the gym. However, they are not good for beginners.


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Foam Roller exercises – How to foam roll


 How Do I Choose A Foam Roller For Physical Therapy?

What is the best muscle roller stick that will satisfy your gym performance?

Foam rollers help you to self-massage by applying pressure to specific parts on your body. This self massage helps to ease your muscle soreness and helps you recover from muscle knots to resuming normal blood flow. It also helps relaxes over-worked parts of your body.

The benefits of foam rolling are great, What should you look for when buying a foam roller? Here is a buyers guideline that will help you understand what makes a good foam roller, when go shopping for one.

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Density – hard and soft foam rollers


Low density

if you are a beginner and you want to foam roll, remember that Like anything else that have a beginning, you have to slowly introduce your body to foam rolling so that you get used to the new sensation it gives.

The best way to get the best foam roller for beginner is to choose a roller with low density. A low density foam roller is softer for muscle massage, so it is good for people who are just starting out on foam rolling.

For a beginner, as your experience on foam rolling for runners improves and your muscles adapts, you can progress to using a high density and harder foam rollers.


High density

High density foam rollers are made of plastics with hard foam layer at the top. This makes high density foam rollers very hard and highly penetrating into muscles during foam rolling exercise.

A hard foam roller or a high density foam roller will give you a deeper self-massage and the deepest treatment for muscles than soft ones. This make high-density foam rollers good for people who are experienced in foam rolling.
Experience shows that when you have got some experience foam rolling, you may find that different foam roller densities are better suited for different parts of the body.

Denser rollers are also better for long-term use because they’re more durable. Softer rollers can get permanently deformed after lots of use, which is an indication that it’s time to replace the roller.


We recommend

If you are still a beginner, a low density and soft foam roller is perfect for you. If on the other hand you have been foam rolling before, a high density hard foam rollers is what you should be shopping.
We also recommend a short term use of soft foam rollers if you are a beginners.


Foam roller shape and size

There are several types of fitness rollers available in the market today, the difference is in their sizes. What size of a foam roller is best for you for rolling out muscles?

Foam rollers range from small size of 6.5cm wide and 15cm long up to larger sizes of 15cm wide and 60cm long, so what ever size of foam roller you want is available.



A long foam roller is typically used on larger areas of the body, like your back. The foam roller you want to buy should be long enough to span your entire back when placed perpendicular to your spine.

Longer foam rollers are the best foam roller for back pain and for foam rolling of hips


Cross section

A foam roller with larger diameter(cross section) is best deep tissue roller which provide comfortable height for muscle penetration and easing than foam rollers with small diameters.

Small cross section foam rollers are used for more targeted areas, like getting into a specific crevice of your body.

If you want to foam rolling calves or to foam roll hamstrings and other target parts of the body, a shorter foam roller is the best foam roller for you. This foam roller is also a perfect tool to foam roll shoulder.


Foam roller surface – smooth vs textured

When you take a look of the surface of foam rollers, you will see that some rollers have ridges and knobs purposely designed to apply different amounts of pressure on different parts of the body. They can also help you get to your muscles from different angles.

Other foam rollers have smooth surfaces for less intense self massage.


Rollers with Smooth surface

Most beginners may not be able to support the intense pressure from textured foam rollers. If you are new to foam rolling, you may not need intense pressure on your muscles, so a foam roller with even distribution of pressure on its surface is the first step.

A smooth roller provides a large, flat surface for rolling, and the pressure it provides is distributed equally among the different parts of the muscles.

A smooth foam rollers is however, less expensive to buy.


Textured rollers

Textured foam rollers have ridges and knobs on their surfaces. They are used to provide more precisely targeted self-massage where these knobs penetrate deeper into your muscles for a deeper muscle treatment.

This kind of foam rollers with textured surfaces are suitable for athletes who are experienced in foam rolling.
Different textures provide different amounts of pressure on body part.


Foam roller colors

Foam roller comes in different colors . Each color gives a hint to its density.

Pick a white foam roller if you are a beginner. White foam rollers are low density and the softest foam rollers and good for someone who is still starting out to foam roll.

Black colored foam rollers are high density and the hardest. They are good for experience athletes and for deeper muscle treatment and self-massage.

Other colors like blue and red rollers typically have medium density and firmness.

We recommend white foam rollers for beginner and black rollers for the experience guys in foam rolling.


Consider your age

Foam rollers, just like other fitness equipment like mini trampolines, are a good choice for an seniors and someone of little strength or muscle tone.

Half round foam roller is a good choice for the elderly person.  Simply laying on a half round roller in the area of tight muscles can release tension and stress.



Foam Rollers Vs Massage Sticks: Similarities and Differences

Their Similarities

Both foam rollers and massage sticks serve the same purpose of self myofacial release.


Their Differences


Portability is a factor to consider for someone who is: always on transit and still wants to exercise, a fan of a local gym or exercises at the park.

Foam Rollers: Most foam rollers have a high density and are heavier to carry around. Comparing them with massage sticks, foam rollers occupy space and are not fun to carry around.

Massage Sticks: Massage sticks on the contrary, have small diameters. This feature make them very portable alongside other fitness accessories. You can easily carry them in your crossfit backpacks without the worries of forcing them to fit in the bag.



Foam rollers and massage sticks also differ in terms of their mode of use.

Foam Rollers: When using foam rollers for self myofacial release (SMR), you place it on the floor and move your body on the roller. As a result, the roller under the pressure of the body moves over the muscle you aim to massage.

Massage Sticks: To use a massage stick, hold on the muscle you want to massage using its handle. Then apply the required pressure as you roll it over the muscle. This works well for muscles you can easily reach with your hands.



Foam Rollers: They come with different variation in terms of surface texture, material density, length and diameter.

Massage Sticks: Besides flexibility variations, massage sticks also come with the above variations.



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Is it good to foam rolling with a ball instead?.

A ball is more like spikes on foam rollers. It effect is more like an aggressive punch in the muscle. It is so small and targeted that you can just place it under the exact spot on the muscle.

Balls just like small foam rollers, are too intense – and not good for someone who is still starting.

If you are a beginner, a tennis ball, which is less dense can be used like a small and smooth roller on targeted areas on your body, that are not accessible by larger rollers.

For example, it can be used to foam roller neck, calves and to foam roller legs.


What is the best pilates foam roller exercises  for full body workout?

There are several ways to do physical therapy foam roller exercises. Learn from a physical therapist and Pilates foam rolling trainer . check this Pilates Foam Roller Workout video, and see how exercises on the foam roller can change your full body.


What is the best foam roller for beginners?

Low density foam roller or soft foam rollers are the starting point for every one who wants to foam roll.

For beginners, as your experience on foam rolling improves and your muscles adapts, you can progress to using a high density and harder foam rollers.

How do you identify the best foam roller for beginners? Except you are already experienced in foam roller fitness, a white-colored form roller is the ideal roller for a successful starting for beginners.


Is it good to foam roll before or after run?

Why should runners foam roll? Foam rolling for runners knee before running can help increase mobility and warm up your joints which can increase your average running time and the distance you can cover.

Foam rolling prior to a running workout can help decrease muscle density and promote a better warm-up for better performance.

Sometimes it is important to do foam rolling after marathon. Foam rolling after running can help your muscles recover from muscles soreness due to strenuous exercise. We recommend that athletes should use the foam rollers before and after every workout.


Is foam rolling good for runners?

The frequency of running is a very important factor that determines performance of a marathon runner. Studies have linked foam rolling with improved time and the range of motion of runners. As a result, most runner foam roll right before the race starts, with an aim to keep up with their performance.

Let us look at it in another way, after running, a runner can feel pains due to strained muscle or knee pain. In order to quickly recover from these pains, the runner can do foam rolling for knee pain or foam rolling for strained muscles, immediately after running.


How often should a runner foam roll?

How often should runners foam roll is a question that depends on your fitness goals.  We advise you to foam roll every day if you are training for a competition. If you can make good use of  the best muscle roller stick for runners, you can drastically improve your performance every day.

We believe that if you do foam rolling weeks before marathon, your performance will drastically fall, this is because you need to keep your cold muscle warmed up on a daily basis before you get into the marathon.


Is a vibrating foam roller better for runners? 

Vibrating foam rollers are electronic massage devices. Foam roller with vibrating features may be the best choice over the non vibrating ones.

Do vibrating foam rollers work better? One good thing is, vibrating form rollers has capability to enhance blood circulation in muscle and that, you can turn it off when the vibration is not needed.


Is vibration good for muscles?

Research has shown that there is significant increase in muscle blood volume in the calf and thigh and a significant increase in mean blood flow velocity in the popliteal artery after vibration exercise at frequency of 26Hz and 3mm amplitude.

Is vibration good for sore muscles? Vibration helps adds  flexibility to muscles. Also, vibration therapy improves muscular strength, power development,  decreases muscle sore,  and increased blood flow in the skin

Vibration was shown to improve vertical jumping ability. Vibrations can increase your average jumping height but it should clearly understood that a vibration exercise to point a of fatigue can impair neuromuscular performance.


What is the best foam roller for back?

What size foam roller is best for back? Long foam rollers are very good for back. If you want to buy a foam roller for the upper back, beware of dangers of damaging the spine near the neck. Using long foam roller on your glutes and hip flexors can alleviate lower back pain.

What type of foam roller is best for back? A standard density foam roller with knobs can be used to foam roll back because while this roller provides just enough hardness for deep massage into your back muscles it still has a moderate cushion to avoid damaging the spine.


What size foam roller should I get as beginner?

Beginners cannot handle the high pressure from deep massage foam rollers. They should avoid very bumpy rollers as well as large size massage rollers. A smaller, portable, travel size foam roller is preferable recommended for beginners.


Which is the best type of foam roller to buy?

Standard density foam rollers are the best massage roller because its efficiency in foam rolling trigger points of the body and tight muscles. It is the best pressure point message roller.


What length of foam roller should I get?

Shorter foam rollers are the best if you’re looking to target smaller or difficult-to-access parts of the body. It is so small and targeted that you can just place it under the exact spot on the muscle. Smaller foam rollers are great for foam rolling arms, foam rolling calves and foam rolling neck.

Are foam rollers good for your back? Yes just like any other part of your body, you can foam roll your back and a longer foam roller is the best choice as it can serve as a foam roller for back pain. How do you foam roll back? If you want to know how to foam roll back, watch the video above.


Can you foam roll too much?

When foam rolling, you should be careful not to foam roll to a point where your muscles get sores or bruises. Forcing your muscles into submission is an excellent way to end up with more pain and bruising on your body. It is not a form of punishment, it is rather a fitness enhancement tool which you shouldn’t use to abuse yourself.


How often should you foam roll?

How frequent do you go running or training?  It is ok to foam roll every day if you are training every day but how many times a day should you foam roll? We recommend two times, before and after training.

What is the best time to foam roll? If you foam rolling before training, it activates your muscles and increases blood flow to the tissues, this helps prepares your muscles for the vigorous activity ahead. You can also do foam rolling after exercise as it helps treat muscles knobs, increase blood flow and relax your muscles.


What are common mistakes to avoid when using foam rollers.

Never foam roll on your cervical spine around your neck(lumbar spine). These areas don’t have so much muscle protecting them and rolling in these areas can really hurt!


Does foam rolling help improve performance?

A careful use of a foam roller can unbelievably improve your performance during training. It has been reportedly proven that using a foam roller before your training activity can help to warm up your cold muscles and prepare them for deeper and more aggressive engagement.

More importantly, it is recommendable that you also use a foam roller after your training activity so that it can help to relax your muscles and facilitate its recovery

For example: As a runner, you need to use a foam roller to form roll before you go running because it will prepare muscles in your legs for the battle ahead. That means you should be shopping for the best foam roller for runners at Amazon.



Wrapping Up

There are many foam rollers on the market designed to relieve all kinds of muscle pains from shin pains to back, knee and joint pains and to tibialis anterior. Foam rolling fitness workout can provide you mobility, flexibility as well as muscle strength for an efficient performance in your fitness goals.




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