How Can I Do Effective Strength Training For Weight Loss?- Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

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There has been too much talk about strength training for weight loss programs in the world for the recent years. While lots of people pound the road into the kitchen to eat up whatever weight loss diet they have planned, others keep fit with the best type of workouts for weight loss. Finally, not everyone become successful, people who dread exercises and have disordered eating end up losing no pound of muscles. Did they do it wrongly? perhaps they failed to follow and main their weight loss plan, or they never had any plan at all or they wasted time on a different type of exercise that has nothing to do with fat burn.

Being cognizant about what you’re eating can help you lose fats amazingly. But if you choose to include a new exercise routine into your weight loss goal, strength training workout will kill you more pound than you can imagine. It is true that cardio exercises get your heart work harder and burn more calories and fats, but strength training exercises offer an extra boost to you home weight loss goals.

Strength training is a form of workout that makes weaker muscles stronger ass it builds strength and improves muscles size. It has proven to be highly effective in reducing body fat. A combination of both high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and high intensity resistance training are most effective to reduce muscle fat density in a short and long-term – fat loss.

In this article, we are going to see whether resistance training to lose weight is effective and the reason why use Strength Training for Weight Loss.


First, Let Us Clear Some Misconception here

You need to understand what’s the difference between weight loss and fat loss, else you regret why you are not losing weight later. Weightloss is an overall decrease in your body weight when you lose muscle mass, water and fats.

To lose weight effectively, you must take good diet and regular exercise regularly to burn fat in particular. Many people never get result because they think burning calories mean burning fat. The kind of weight loss that will decrease your body size is the one that emphasizes on losing body fat. More importantly, you can”t lose your body fat just from burning calories.

When you exercise, your body burns calories from the carbohydrate found in your body. If you just keep burning calories from this food source, you aren’t going to lose a kg any one day. Burning only energy calories only will cause you to lose water-weight, with the potential risk of reducing your metabolism.

Here is the secret, your fitness weight loss exercises should burn calories from stored fat in your muscles and not from energy sources like carbohydrate. But you should also eat less calories in your pre-workout meals and other foods. Fat loss requires the presence of oxygen, much oxygen of-course and you need strength to provide it.


strength training workout for weight loss


Facts about weight loss that you should Know

To lose weight, you MUST create a calorie deficit in your system. The number of calories you take in MUST be less than the amount of calories you burn. SO how much weight you shed, depends on the amount of your exercises performed over the week and calorie intake.

According to US Department of Health And Human Services, you should do moderate-intensity exercises for get 150 to 300 minutes per week or 75 to 150 minutes per week of high(vigorous) intensity aerobic workout each week.

You should also include strength training that work well into account all the major muscle groups several day per week.


Factors that affect how quickly you lose weight

The faster you burn calories and muscle fats, the quicker you lose weight. As you have decided to go on a weightloss journey, here are some factors that could determine how fast you lose weight.

1 your Age.  Elderly people lose fewer calories than young fitness enthusiasts.The older you are, the less fats you burn.

2. Body build and composition.

Oversize guys have more muscles than skinny people. If you have a large body build, you own more calorie hungry- muscles and so, you’ll burn more calories during exercise than everyone else with large percentage of fat.

3. Intensity of exercise for weight loss.  The more your workout gets vigorous, the more calories you burn in a single session.

4. Gender.  There seem to be a gender issue here. Often considered as men being more active, than ladies, generally, Men burn calories faster than women.

5. Your Weight. You would get more calories burn each day, if you obese or just have more weight.


You need a variety of ways to lose weight

Here is why you need to combine many ways to lose belly fats and other weights.

1 . One exercise does not work all muscle groups

Since your body uses different muscle groups during each type of workout, including more workouts is wiser fitness routine for weight loss.

In that case, Combining cardiovascular exercise and weight training will help you achieve maximum weight loss, even rapidly. Later in the article, we will show you how to mix this exercises in your weight loss workout plan

2. You need calorie deficiency first

You must create calorie deficit and the ultimate way to do this is by changing your diet. Take in less calories from foods, and burn more in exercises. You need to add plenty of complex carbohydrates, and adequate amounts of protein before and after workout.


strength training workout for beginners - woman lifting a dumbell



So does weight loss need strength training?

Yes, During aerobic exercises, your body to demands more oxygen and if, depending on the type of weight loss exercise, you are working out hard enough, you can supply your body with enough oxygen for fat burning.

Strengthening exercises at a steady pace will cause your body to use up fat(not sugar or carbohydrate) stored in your body parts. Burning more fats from the belly, forearms, thighs and other body parts then translates into life changing weight loss story you want to tell the whole world.

Are you still interested in strength training to lose weight? If you are eager than never, keep reading, we have more to guide you today. We will help you understand exercises that focus on fat loss that will bring you muscles losses and decrease in body size.

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Don’t worry if you want to lose weight without losing muscles. We will show you how to plan your workout.


Interesting reasons why weight loss requires strength training

Can you build strength while losing weight? YES you can and there are many reasons why strength training is important for weight loss.

Cardio is the most effective way of burn fat in every workout session, however, strength training is the most effective way to keep burning fat. Anaerobic exercise of weight training keeps burning fats even en after exercise and while you are at rest.

Unfortunately, many people are deceived, and don’t and aren’t aware that strength training is the most efficient weight loss training . It makes your muscles to be far hungrier for calories, which is provided to them, from the fats they are keeping.

So how is strength training necessary for weight loss?

1. Strength training is an anaerobic exercise

Strength training falls into a category of high intensity movement or a types of weight loss training that needs energy stored in your muscles rather than oxygen

2. Strength training build muscles that burn more calories

While strengthening workout uses energy from your muscles, they also build more muscles that shed more fats. The quickest way to lose weight is to produce , let’s say, an additional 10 pounds of muscle mass, which burn extra 100 calories during and after workout, than 10 pounds which only burns 30 calories from fats.

Strength training goal is to make fat-free tissues that are highly metabolic, consuming more calories from tissue fats. There is no other weight loss training exercises, than strength training, that produces plenty fat loss while maintaining muscles that burn the calories.

3. Strength training offers “after burn’ effects

strength training relies on intensity, more than duration. A high intensity workout for weight loss stimulates Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

As you sweat and breath harder from lifting dumbbell weights at the gym, your body is going to need to spend more energy for quick recovery -ease your body to pre-exercise state. The longer the EPOC last, the more fat is burned from muscles.

4.Strength training improves your overall muscle strength

Improved strength gives you the capacity to train more and more frequently. You will noticed you have gained more power when you lift heavier loads in a shorter amount of time. So strength exercises like lunges, weight lifts, squats, and more, helps you do more tasks faster.

This quickly tones and builds more muscles with repeated set and reps. You know the final results of having powerful muscles? they become more hungry to burn calories – helping to decrease fatty tissues.

Now, you know why weight loss requires strength training workout. Strength training offers the most effective weight loss in the long term than cardio.


Weight Strength Training Exercises for weight loss

 Does Weightlifting help to lose weight?

There is plenty of misconception about weightlifting which needs to be corrected. Lifting weights is not only for men . Weight lifting is purposely not only to pack on more muscles.

Some people thing weight training is not for everyone especially for women, but let me tell you that ladies especially want to trim down and lose weight, and weight workout is the ultimate for beginners.

In my opinion, there is no better fitness exercise for weight loss, than lifting weights.​ Actually, weight training is the best way to lose weight and keep it.

A report from Duke university evaluated over 100 obese participants in 8 months. They are in 3 groups – Group 1 did Aerobic training(did cardio workout only), Group 2 took only resistance training(did weight training only) with the last Group 3 were doing both cardio and weight lifting training.

Their their lifestyles, typical diet, sleep pattern, regular jobs, were never altered in the research.

After the set number of months, group 1 and group 3 groups had significant fat loss and decrease in body mass . Group 2 and Group 3 participants achieved substantial or bigger improvement in lean mass. Although the group of people who did weight lifting (group 2 and group 3) gain more muscle, it does not mean weight lifting is NOT very good for weight loss.

Rather, the secret is that by adding muscle , they increase their metabolic(calorie consumption) rate. This is like saying that an extra pound of muscle burns more like 15 calories per day, which has a pretty big impact on amount of fats stored in muscles. It boosts your metabolism, but helps to stimulate prolong weight-loss all day.


What Type of Weight Lifting Is Best For Weight Loss?

You can do strength training, with your own bodyweight or lifting weights like dumbbells, kettlebells to lose fat while still building muscle. For lifting of weights, you need to decide whether to use lighter or heavier weights.

The small weight and the larger weights both require a different approach to gain muscle mass effectively. The general rule of the thumb is that lighter weights works well with higher number of reps and sets, while lifting heavier weights requires just fewer reps and sets.

Whatever it is that you do – bodyweight exercises of free weight workouts, know that increasing amount of lean muscles in your body promotes a healthy weight loss.

Full body strength training workout for weight loss-

1 Dumbbell squat

Squat exercises mimics sitting into a chair. Normally, you would press your booty backward, like to seat, while lowering your body with the chest up and forward. In the lower position, you are sitting back into the posterior but when you start to move back up, you press weight through your heels. This drive back up to your standing position helps to engage your glutes and hamstrings.

How you rest the dumbbell weight is very important. A beginner would leave the dumbbells by side while experience trainers get the dumbbells racked either resting on shoulders or gets the back of dumbbells pressed into the front shoulder.

2. Medicine ball wood chop exercise

  • Set your feet to be your shoulder-width apart.
  • With both hands, hold up the medicine ball at your chest position.
  • To start, rotate your torso to the right while raising the medicine ball over your right shoulder.
  • Again, squat and rotate the torso to the left, while bringing the medicine ball until it is close to the edge of your left foot. The trick is to bring the ball diagonally across your body.

3. Burpees

  • this one uses your body weight to do a squat.
  • You place hands on the floor,
  • jump back or make a push-up to have your body in higher position,
  • then lower your body to the ground level.
  • like repeating, Press your body back to the push-up position.
  • Jump your feet up and forward, landing outside of your hands,
  • then jump up high as much as you can.

Remember that you can also do Full body workout with compound exercises. Functional training and compound (multi-joint) movement engages the anterior and the posterior chain of your body for stabilization. Muscles recruited include mid trapezius, quads, biceps glutes and abdominals.


 Strength Training to Lose Weight at Home for Women

Here is a video for strength training at home for weight loss especially for ladies


Combining Cardio and Strength Training in Weight loss program

Let us see ways of Pairing Cardio and Weight Training for Maximum Fat Loss .
many people often wonder where to focus their routine – aerobic exercise (cardio) or weight training and resistance exercise.

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benefit of weight strength training

Strength and resistance training is vital as it builds muscle but what is even more amazing is that weight training help you maintain the muscles. More muscles with a higher metabolic rate(resting metabolic rate) and offer huge energy expenditure.

You can burn a dozen calories per day for each pound of muscle increased. The goal for lifting weights t lose weight is all about fat and muscle.

Strength train helps you lose the fat and hold onto the muscle which is a great way for improving health and performance, besides building extra muscle exercise at higher intensities is a lot of hard work though, but the after-burn effect “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” or EPOC is where cardio can’t beat strength training.

benefit of cardio

cardio has its own strong merits but it does not go without downfalls like too much cardio killing muscle gains. One main benefit of moderate intensity aerobic workout is that you endure it for longer hours than the intermittent weightlifting exercises. You know, this produces more energy expenditure during an exercise session.


What are the reasons for doing both cardio and strength training?

You need variety of ways to have effective and life changing weight loss. Reasonable comparison shows that cardio outperforms weights but to strength train has its own advantages and disadvantages as well.

Although these two are distinct types of exercise, when you put them together and harmoize them in one routine session, you get a powerful combination for fat loss success.

A great mix of weights and movement in circuit training workout sessions provides an extra boost. If you are running or cycling at over 75% of maximum heart rate, you still enjoy some afterburn.

When you do both, you help to increase your performance in cardio-based activities. Doing other types of exercises to strengthen your core help you maintain form. That is why having strong glutes for running helps you go faster for a longer time, while burning more calories.


How to add strength training into your weight-loss plan.

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you are taking in from food while enjoying building muscle, for the weight loss to be effective in long-term.

for example

If you want to lose one pound of weight, you need to burn over 3500 calories more than your body actually needs. And if your body requires 2400 calories per day, start taking in less of it, say 1500 calories while also burning more than 500 calories through exercises each day.

To help you chip away more fats and calories during daily routines, include a challenging cardiovascular exercise into your strength training plan. That means you should create a workout plan that includes both cardiovascular exercise, strength training, Flexibility and stretching as well as rest or recovery exercises.

Some fitness experts recommends adding 45-60 minutes strength training 3-4 times each week, into your cardio weight loss routine.


Best Initial Fat Loss Program Tips For You

If you have not ever made a weight loss workout program, perhaps because you are still a beginner or because you never ever thought about it, here is a quick plan for you.

1. build your muscles with weight training to burn more energy at rest

2. lift heavier weights . vigorous weight workout with high number 8 and 12 repetitions. As weights build you muscle strength, high reps tone and build endurance. So a good weight/rep combination with minimal rest intervals, offer you enough level of intensity for a vigorous and quick weight loss workout.

3. Combine strength resistance training with continuous body movement

4. do consistent or regular aerobic or cardio work. Add some little jogging, fast cycling, and swimming. Some people alternate weights and cardio for up to six days each week, and rest on the seventh.

5. Do high-intensity cardio for shorter time per session. try a short burst of high-intensity interval training(HIIT) to rev up the metabolism in your muscles, but don’t over do it. You know to much cardio can kill back all your gains and ruin your weight loss plan.


Recommendation for best workout sequence

Making a strength Training workout plan is key to having successful weight loss results. When Strength Training at home for weight loss, make sure you have your own strength training program schedule. Considering combining both cardio and strength resistance training, You are advised should do the cardio and strength workouts separately.

Take for example and consider alternate days below:

cardio workouts – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday,

strength training – Tuesday and Friday,

Massage, stretching, Yoga or Recovery – Thursday

or consider separate sessions each day

What is the optimal time of the day for weight training or cardio? Some people find this sequence below, as ideal. But you can take an hour everyday of cardio and strength training workout, with all the exercises combined in the one hour session.

cardio workouts – morning hours
Strength training – afternoon

When to do it as a beginner is very important. if you’re new to the weight loss workout activity, aim for two days to strengthen your major muscle groups (upper and lower body, plus abs) and add mass. You can upgrade to 3 days per week if your weight loss routine becomes second nature after you have got muscle power and strength useful for other crossfit activities.

The plan is depending on your main weight loss goal. If you intend to lose weight by cardio purposely, allocate more days for cardio, and fewer days for strength training exercises. If your main objective was to do strength training for weight loss, you should plan more days for strength training routines and fewer days for cardio.

If you can’t decide which workout plan is suitable for you, combining both cardio and strength workouts in a single session or on equal number of days is the best option. Just know that how you alternate the exercises does not matter much . Actually, there is no advantage of one sequence over the other in terms of aerobic capacity, body fat percentage, or muscle hypertrophy.

But here is the best recommendation from experts

For guys who are fans in running or general fitness, doing cardio in the first session or days, allows you to have fresh legs to make the most of it to burn more calories and fat. Therefore, you can keep a strong weights training session after your aerobic session end.

The benefit is that your body will burn more calories, and produce a caloric deficit. Also, you endure more during aerobic training and the more stronger you become, the less effort you get to complete aerobic exercises.


How do I maintain strength while losing weight?

How Much You Should Lift? Experts from the American College of Sports Medicine recommend that you should get started by performing each strength-training exercise with 60 to 70 percent of maximum resistance.

This means that you should move properly such that once 10 reps feel too easy, you should go for 15 reps with the same weight. There, you have got to master the 15 reps, before you increase the weight value by 50 percent. If you were lifting 10 pound weight in 15 reps, then you should increase 10-pound dumbbells to 15 pounds.



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