How To Reset Nordictrack Treadmill – Quick And Simple Steps

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Probably, you have your Nordictract treadmill already installed in your apartment or your home gym located in the garage or basement. The units from this Nordictract manufacturers really stand out in every dimension.

You are ready to start working out, or you have been exercising and suddenly, you wonder Why is your NordicTrack treadmill not working?

There are many issues that can ruin your home treadmill workout, we will help guide you in Nordictract Treadmill troubleshooting, and how to reset Nordictract treadmill.


how to reset Nordictract treadmill
Img: Benefits of treadmill running + Nordictract treadmill troubleshooting


Understand the value Of your Nordictract Treadmill

A little issue in a home gym equipment can hinder your entire week’s routine and you may lose all the benefits running on the machine.

From performing the hardest cardio workouts, to having durable treadmill parts, support for iFit and smart technology. Nordictract treadmills win most hearts of home and heavy duty runners in market.

If you got your own model at a really hefty price, you would want to learn how to reset a Nordictrack treadmill, by yourself, to avoid extra cost if you pay someone else.

Even the iFit enabled Nordictract treadmills are costly, and disheartening when it is broken, so learning how to reset a treadmill is way to save cost of maintenance.

We cannot further stress the benefits of treadmills here, as you already have noticed they prevent and ease lot of diseases. Just to highlight few,

  • Can help you burn hundreds of calories for 1 running training
  •  great for Maintaining the slim body, if you desire to lose weight
  •  provide great Strengthening exercises for your leg muscles
  •  more importantly, treadmill running Improves your cardiorespiratory system(heart and lunges)
  •  pains and stress Relieving exercises like walking, jogging,
  •  Just brisk walking Causes active metabolism – fat burning

Now, your treadmill has all these positive advantages for your body and you still expect to achieve more fitness lifestyle goals with the unit.

Then you hope nothing goes wrong with your awesome home gym machine. In that case you would want to get prepared if something goes wrong or some electronic parts, or software crash.

Even with proper maintenance, it is likely that something can make your Nordictract treadmill stop working correctly.


where is reset button onnordictract treadmill - how to reset Nordictract treadmill incline, console, ifit
Img: locating treadmill reset button


When do you reset Nordictract Treadmill?

You need to know issues that may require migrating the Nordictract treadmill back to factory defaults, as a solution. Treadmill troubleshooting and maintenance often necessitate a reset to factory settings, if the machine stopped working properly.

It is absolutely important we discuss some reasons why reset your Nordictract treadmill. Don’t wait until something has failed to function , in the middle of your workout, before you begin to learn how to rest Nordictract treadmills.

  • Treadmill’s console control fails to work
  • Your Nordictract treadmill does not incline
  • Treadmill Console Only displays only Zero
  • If the streaming iFit does not work on a treadmill with iFit-enabled account


Nordictract treadmill Troubleshooting

If you discover that your treadmill is not functioning as it ought to, it’s better to begin troubleshooting by checking the possible causes. Using the reset switch should be the last resort.

If you had inserted the magnetic key into the treadmill console before noticing the problem, remove the key and reinsert it into the console hole. Perhaps, it can fix the issue and if it doesn’t work;

Check the power cables if they have correctly been supplied with right amount of electrical energy. It could occur that the power wall outlet does not work. If all these checks provide no working solution, repair or reset may be the ultimate ways to resolve it.

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How to Turn on NordicTrack Treadmill?

No treadmill console is accessible when the machine is powered off. So to activate the Nordictract treadmill console and fix issues, you have to turn on the treadmill.

Before you do that, make sure the cardio machine is well positioned in its place, and all parts assembled, if you recently dismantled some components.

Plugin the machine power cord to nearby power source(electrical outlet). Looks around the power cord, locate the on/off switch and toggle it on.

Technically, you can solve certain glitches in the Nordictract treadmill just by doing basic reset. Flipping the power button off and on, or plugging the power cable out and plugging it back after a minute, may correct some treadmill problems.

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Where is reset button on Nordictract treadmill?

First, understand that some treadmills come with reset button, and that is true for Nordictract models. Let us find the NordicTrack treadmill reset button location. Many treadmill owners have difficulty finding where the reset button is fixed.

So, where is the NordicTrack treadmill reset button location on the machine? Check in front side of your Nordictract running Machne, around the power cable and you will find the NordicTrack treadmill reset button.

While doing this, make you you don’t connect the treadmill to the GFCU outlet, if you had already tripped the switch. is located in front of the treadmill next to the power code.

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Quick Ways How to reset Nordictract treadmill

Let us guide you throughout the treadmill resetting process. You already know how to turn on your treadmill as a beginners and you can locate where the reset buttons are placed. So how do you reset a Nordictract treadmill – probably your Best Treadmill?

If your Nordictract treadmill manual is still available, you are lucky. The treadmill manual has simple and clear instruction on how to reset a Nordictract treadmill and even how to locate the rest button on Nordictract treadmill machines. The manual is the first solution to try, when a problem arises and you want to quickly resolve it.

If you have no manual, with proper procedures on resetting your NordicTrack treadmill, this article provide you with basic steps. We will also show you how to power on a treadmill, if you are a beginners, who still trying it out for the first time.


1. The Control is not Working on the NordicTrack Treadmill

So how do I reset my Nordictract treadmill to work, if console controls aren’t working? If you see that your Nordictract treadmill controls are poorly or just not working, plug the equipment in to a working electrical distributor outlet if it works.

In case it does not work, do some other troubleshooting steps as we saw above. If things don’t work properly, reverting the treadmill back to factory settings, can quickly resolve the glitch.

how do I reset my Nordictract treadmill with console problems?

Here is a Trial step how to reset Nordictract treadmill if controls malfunction. You know where the reset button is located?

Yes, reach out to the front of the treadmill, switch off the reset button, wait for about 5 minutes before toggling it on. Press to reset position and that is it.

If you plugged the machine to a GFCI outlet, you would need to do continuous resetting because Nordictract’s don’t have good compatibility.

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2. Treadmill Console Only Reads Zero- Adjust Reed Switch

A treadmill console may display only zeros, or may nit show anything when the machine I’d powered on. This is when you need to grab the reed switch and adjust it.

 Nordictract Treadmill troubleshooting if console reading zero

Here is how to fix the Nordictract treadmill if console reads only zero. Possibly, the sensors aren’t detecting any movement.

  • Unplug the power cord
  • Get a Phillips screwdriver to locate the reed switch,
  • Remove the motor hood and adjust the reed switch.
  • Rotate the pulley until you see a small magnet besides the switch
  • Loosen the screw on the switch and create a 1/8 inch gap between them
  • Tighten the crew back there and replace the motor hood

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3. Treadmill’s Incline control Not Working Properly

Nordictract is one of the most reputable, high-quality and best treadmills to own for outdoor and home gyms. But sometimes, in the middle of your workout, the machine fails to incline or decline.

In another situation, the Nordictract treadmill fails to response when you adjust the incline level. This problem needs calibration process, which s slightly different depends on the treadmill model, and version(age).

How to reset nordictract treadmill incline

Now, how do you reset a Nordictract’s treadmill incline issues? Here are simple steps to take

Method  1

For treadmills with standard consoles, press “nor’easter speed” and the “stop” buttons together,but continuously. Insert the safety keys and release the buttons. Wait for few seconds, and you will find the treadmill’s belt or the running platform slowly rises up and goes back, down to the stable level.

method 2

If you have but a Nordictract treadmill with touch screen, go to the console, enter settings menu and press “calibrate incline” and the calibration starts.

method 3

There is another way to Recalibrate the treadmill’s incline system if it does not response to adjustments correctly.

  • Press the treadmill “Incline” button
  • Pull out the console key.
  • Wait for few seconds, then insert back the console key.
  • There you go, The incline will recalibrate automatically. It will move to the maximum incline level and then the minimum level.

If the console display stays illuminated removing the console key, press and hold the “STOP” button for few 5-10 seconds. That turns off the demo mode.


4. How to reset Nordictrack treadmill with No Power to the Console

Every motorized fitness equipment owner knows that the machines won’t work if it isn’t connected to power. It’s goes same with Nordictrack treadmills.

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So in case the cardio machine is not working, plug it into a wall outlet. If the problem persist, check if the circuit breaker and electrical wall outlet are working properly, by plugging in another electrical appliance, available.

If power connection has no issue, check if the cord of the treadmill motor is plugged in securely. You may unplug the power cable, and connected it after 5 minutes.

Another way to troubleshoot the Nordictrack power problem is to use a surge suppressor. Plug the treadmill power cord into the single outlet surge protector, then connect the surge device into a non-GFCI-installed wall outlet. Make sure the key is in the console slot.

If the power source is ok, the issue could definitely be with the treadmill. One thing that is widely known about Nordictract treadmills is that, they can’t start without the safety key in the right place. So, Pull out the safety key and reinsert it. This may resolve the electrical power problem.

Never connect NordicTrack treadmill or plug it into is not a GFCI-equipped outlet. NordicTrack manufacturers advises users against it, because their treadmills are not compatible with GFCI outlets.


5. How to reset a Nordictract Treadmill with iFit enabled

An iFit-enabled NordicTrack treadmill machine is highly equipped with sophisticated softwares and apps. To adequately improve user fitness experience, the software and integrated hardware need proper check and maintenance.

If your Nordictrack treadmill console get stuck in iFit screen, your are not going to like it. The experience is similar to expecting swift responses from your personal computer but the screen goes totally frozen and unresponsive.

If your iFit screen is stuck, there are probably some technical but software glitches somewhere. A hard reset to default settings can free the slow loading or streaming of the iFit.

Let us see how to reset Nordictract treadmill iFit issues and resolve the boot-up loop.

Restart the treadmill

Power off the machine and turn it on after few minutes. It will likely force-stop the freeze where you got stuck on the treadmills iFit screen. If turning on and off does not fix the iFit screen problem, let’s figure out another way how to deal with it.

Use the settings bar.

This is a possible iFit screen solution, only if the treadmill tv home screen appears and is accessible.

  • Press the ‘applications manager’ tab,
  • select your iFit application, and ‘force stop’ it
  • back to tv screen home page, open a browser if the new iFit app will auto download. If it does
  • complete the download, install it, including the updates.

Power off your machine for 5 minutes, then power it on if all is correctly fixed.


6. Additional help to resolve NordicTrack Treadmill Problems

Additional help can be found at NordicTrack, which provides basic maintenance tips for issues that you can troubleshoot by yourself.

ICON Health & Fitness, is the manufacturer that warrants NordicTrack treadmills. You may need to contact them to have your home gym treadmill professionally serviced according to the warranty applied to it.

If the problem is more serious, You probably need NordicTrack console replacement parts as an ultimate solution. You must understand that you could avoid the warranty, when you shoes to troubleshoot, maintain and replace parts on your own cost.


Bonus guide : How to connect an iPad to NordicTrack Treadmill

Nordictrack builds smart treadmills, and there is no surprise that some models are compatible with smart gadgets like iPad and smartphones. Almost like Internet if things(iOT), connection between an iPad and a treadmill can offer a fantastic workout experience.

I am pretty sure, that Nordictrack will find a way, somehow in future, to make Nordictrack treadmill troubleshooting, a possibility from a paired iPads, smartwatch or smartphones.

Powering on or off a treadmill from a smartphone or smartwatch could be an exciting innovation towards the entire fitness community. IT takes few brains to create applications to handle this tasks.

The big surprise is that the iFit cardio app is installable on iPad and compatible with the NordicTrack machine. So this is what you got to do.

  • Create iFit account and install the app on you iPad
  • log in to your account through your iPad. You could also log from treadmill tv screen at the console, since t supports Internet surfing.
  • Tap and select user name at the upper left corner of your screen display
  • Beside the Bluetooth icon, Click ‘pair device’ then wait until pairing is done
  • You will get available fitness machines,
  • Click to pair, when you find your iPad device
  • Back on your iPad, click to connect to the treadmill with matching mode.

These steps may fail, maybe due to poor connectivity, so you will find some troubleshooting guidelines on your screen.

A careful walk-through on the steps would get the devices paired. Contact iFit support for an assistance, they will make things pretty simple for you.



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