How To Get Bigger Wrists – Ultimate Ways To Deal With Tiny Wrists

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We all have different body types. Those body types are good for different things and for different purposes. In the same way, we all have different wrists sizes ranging from very big to very small wrists, for really different abilities.

Having  slender wrists may be yet another body part that male athletes hate about themselves, may be because just finding a good small fitness wrists device isn’t an easy task at all.

In bodybuilding, you are judged on your size and appearance and some aspect of your physique like the size of your wrists, is important. While having small wrists may slightly hinder your bodybuilding, it may be advantageous in other situations. Tiny wrists are good for small wrists workout exercises only.

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Why do some people have small wrists?

To know the reason for thin wrist, as said earlier, we all have different body builds, we all have different genetics.Your wrists bone structure defines the size of your wrists, one thing to note is that having a small wrists is genetically inherited.

If you have skinny wrists, you were born with it, may be you inherited it from your parents even if you see that your parents don’t have tiny wrists. Though wrists do get bigger with age, you still get small wrists after many years if you are genetically meant to have it. But research shows that with use of hormones and forearm workout tools, you could increase your wrist size while you were still a kid.

Now you are grown up and for some reasons – to do bigger wrists bodybuilding and strength training, you want to get bigger wrists and forearms. Because of that, just like many other people, you face a lot of challenges with tiny wrists. How to deal with small wrists is preoccupying you right now. You might not make your wrists bone bigger, but you can make your wrists and forearms grow in strength and look bigger.

But what does your wrist size says about you?

Having small wrists is not a bad thing however, it does not also mean you are weak or that you’re in a bad shape. In terms of dressing, with the smaller size of your wrist, a watch can look comically over-sized or uncomfortably small on your arm.

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What does it mean to have small wrists?

Do small wrists mean anything in fitness? Having smaller wrists and sometimes ankles might mean that you can have less muscle mass potential in total, but that doesn’t at all mean you have worse genetics for bodybuilding. It is only subjective to think small wrists mean little strength but having small forearms does not speak only bad about you, it also has advantage.

If you have small wrists and ankles, it might actually make you arms and legs look more jacked. This can be pretty good for bodybuilding.

For example, a 5’7″ guy with 6 inch wrists can get 180 lbs natty while another 5’7″ guy with 8 inch wrists might be able to get to 190 lbs natty at genetic limits due to larger frame. This doesn’t mean the 5’7″ guy is unfortunate. You should understand that small wrists athlete can look even more aesthetic due to smaller joints.

What does it mean when you have small wrists?

1. Smaller forearm muscles

If you are having thin wrists, that means your frame is small as well.  A small frame is bad because your muscles will be smaller too. A  6 inch wrists athlete won’t be able to have over 17-inches upper arms naturally, not even with the best cell enhancement, the wrists bone will not change. Your forearms will not be “big” compared to your wrists as a result.

However, with exercises to get bigger wrists, your muscles arms can grow and your wrists and forearms would appear larger. There are many workouts to get bigger wrists for you and we will see them later in this article.

It is understandable that if you have smaller wrists, you may sometime feels like, … skinny, when you look at heavy guys near you. If you’re like me that you’ve small wrists like the 6 inch wrists I have, it’s more like a blessing in disguise though there are challenges.

2. Wrists-Arm proportion

Former champion bodybuilder Steve Reeves came up with a method of calculating the wrist-arm proportions for bodybuilding. He realized that a competitive arm size for bodybuilding should be atleast 252% the wrist size.

According to him, an athlete with 6-inch small wrists will have arms that are less than 14 inches which is only competitive at the early stage of bodybuilding. In bodybuilding training, many people think wrist size is about grip strength.

3. Strength

In terms of strength, Christian Thibaudeau thinks having small wrists can have a negative impact on your overall strength. To him, lifts that require enough grip strength can be compromised if your wrists are small.

I(once was 130 pounds) am 6’2” and have 6-inches wrists and if I strive to lift heavier weights in the gym, I could deadlift over 500 pounds of weight, this ability comes with intense training with forearm exercising tools that gives my little wrists that lifting capability.

It may not be easy to get to an elite strength athlete with slender wrists but a  thin-wrists, slighter athlete is still a decently strong person, though his size will likely limit his overall strength at some high level of body building.

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Any hope for people with small wrists?

The question is: Can you really get thicker wrists? Not really very possible. It’s very hard to get thicker wrists. It takes time and effort, and the results may be very minimal.

When you have small wrists, you also get small hands, sometimes small ankles and generally, a small body build. You will appear like a heavy guy if you build the size of your arm muscles to look more like a standard size. In addition, you can get engaged in some forearm exercises and grip workouts that can increase the size of your wrists and hands as a whole.

I know that wrists get stronger as you train with time, it’s just that they don’t get strong as fast as your other muscles. Tendons, joints, ligaments take longer to strengthen so you’ll need to pace yourself and engage in good strength training.

Know that getting your forearms bigger won’t increase the size of your wrists really because the larger portions of the forearms are closer to the upper arm, but getting those bigger will make you look larger overall.

I realized that I have small wrists, measuring just about 6 inch in circumference. I had to find watches that would very much suit my tiny wrists. Now, I’m pretty very ok with my small wrist and I share all the tips I’ve learned on this article.

Some Challenges of Having Small Wrists

Having skinner wrists comes with some challenges to most athletes. With smaller wrists, you are likely limited when it comes to fitness exercises at certain levels of intense workout in competitions.

how to make your wrist broad

1. Dressing Challenges

1) When you have small wrists, wearing bands, watches and trackers on the wrists bring a lot of challenges.

2) You wear a wrists band on your arm and the tail appear so long because you will need to pull your wrists band so tightly that an extra portion is left out. When you wear sport watches with a leather strap, you always have to use the hole nearest to the watch face. On one particular band, you have to punch out a new hole with a knife.

3) Sometimes, Bracelets, tend to hang off your wrists and hand before falling off.

2. Social Challenges

1) The first thing that people notice about your build is they’re more likely to notice your smaller arms, sometimes narrow shoulders and long legs.

2) With a wrist circumference of between 6.5 and 6.75 inches, a bit below the apparent male average of 7.25 inches. People wrap their fingers around your wrists. They place their index finger and thumb around your wrists and say a lot of shit. Sometimes friends even hold up things that are comically tiny next to your wrist as a fun reminder.

3) The worst is that your dearest friend buys you an expensive piece of jewelry for your wrist and it never, ever fits and you pretend to like it, yet you regret having tiny wrists. Its sort of a fucking gift.

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4) The most challenging is that a normal sized watch or jewelry just makes your dressing look kiddy – large watch on skinny arm. You buy kids sized jewelry since that’s the closest size to yours.

5) Sometimes an advantage, when your wrists have superpower to fit into things that wrists aren’t meant to be in. Wrist tattoo have to be small to actually fit your wrist.

3. Fitness Challenges

You find it challenging to do Yoga, push-ups, and some grip workout exercises that depends on your wrists holding. Lifts for normal wrists, are near impossible for you.

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How To Deal With Your Tiny Wrists

Is there anything I can do about super thin wrists? Most people choose to regret having small wrists and never thought about anything they can do about it.

Whereas other athletes choose to accept their body build as they have, other people choose to build up muscles to improve their small wrists sizes.

1. Know your wrist size

How to measure your wrist size is not a big task, you can do it at home. There are so many ways to know if you have a small frame. With this rough measurement, you can come up with almost your wrists size. take the following steps

a) Wrap a tape around your wrist close to your hand

b) Mark the tape where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your wrist.

c) Read the length of the marked section of the tape.

d) Compare your measurement with this chart to determine your bracelet size.

Another way to know your wrists size is to wrap a string around your wrist. Run it round until it’s turns the full circumference of your wrist and you mark where it meets the other end of the string. You can then straighten out the string to measure its length against a ruler. The length is the size of your wrists. If you’re small boned person, your measurement wouldn’t go beyond 6.6-inches.

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2. Buy smaller wrists wearables – Bracelets, Trackers and Watches

There is no good reason for you to wear jewelry, watches or fitness trackers for bigger wrists and forearms. If you are athlete and your wrists  size falls in the range 6-inches to 7-inches here’re are  best activity tracker for small wrists  for you.

If you are a very skinny person with very tiny wrists, check these fitness trackers for very tiny wrists. For outdoor dressing, your size of watch also matters, there are a lot of watches for small wrists on amazon.

Depending on your wrists size, On a 6 inch wrist, a 35 mm watch will still look great. Getting a smaller piece of watch or wrists band is a very great way to deal with your small wrists.  We recommend these seiko smart watches of size 35mm,  the petite size make it a comfortable  watch for women and small guys.

Avoid watches with very large monitors – they loop oversize for your arm even if the band fits you. Getting a smaller piece is probably the easiest way to get away with your small wrists. We recommend extra small fitbit band and any of these extra small activity trackers and watches for people whose wrists sizes fall below 6-inches.

3. Wear your fitness wrist devices lower down your wrist

Another great and unbelievable way to deal with skinny wrists is to wear your wrists device closer to your hand. Since your hand is wider than your small wrists, wearing an activity tracker closer to your hand create an illusion that your watch is smaller while your wrists is bigger. You can try it yourself.

4. Get Bigger wrists and forearms

Do exercises that will help you get bigger wrists. You would want to focus on grip training that will cause the tendon to thicken. Thicker tendons means thicker wrists. You can get better results of increasing your wrists size using blood flow restriction training, though slower.

General consensus is that since there are no muscles in your wrists, only tendons, they can’t actually grow from strength training and so, your forearms. Read how to make wrists bigger.

5. How can I hide my small wrists? – Wear long sleeve shirts

If you have very skinny wrists, wear long sleeve shirt your thin wrist. Not anyone, not even you will notice that you have got small wrists.

6. Use bracelets + wrists fitness watches

Wear bracelet and watches together, they look very great when place on a single arm. This is also very psychological, people will have a lot to look at on your arm, in that case they don’t see your tiny wrists.

They wouldn’t have a look so much at your wrist. I recommend a relative position such that your bracelet is closer to your hand, while your watch is higher up your wrists. Its very fashionable.

Too many bracelets will not look good, about 2 bracelets look just fine and great. Check this BellaBeat Leaf Urban jewelry Fitness tracker on Amazon.

7. Just be yourself – don’t just care

Small wrists are not something you can change easily, so why does it matter? But if a fitness watch is a little big for your wrist size and still looks good, you shouldn’t care much about people’s look at your wrists.

Wear it in good health when heading for your gym and if you don’t think about it, people won’t notice anything about your arm, anyway.

No one notices (or cares about) your wrist size. Seriously, it’s not an issue and has no effect on your life other than your own perceptions. You’re better off focusing your attention on something meaningful, but if it really bothers you, increasing the muscle mass on your forearm will take.

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Can you increase wrist size?

Forearm Workout – How To Get Bigger Wrists

Some many athletes don’t know how to get bigger wrists, hands and forearms. That is why you find many professional athletes dropout from their bodybuilding dreams at early stages. If you are not a professional athlete, you would definitely want a good watch but your wrists is too small to for it. In this case, what exercises would your do to get bigger wrists for watches.

One thing to note is that your forearm muscles may be small, but they’re mighty with very good grip strength, especially if they a supported with additional forearm muscles. There are several wrists and forearm workout options on how to get bigger forearms and wrists.

You can choose to have your wrists and forearm exercises at home or at the gym. Some wrists workouts to grow bigger forearms can be done with devices and in some instance, you really no equipment. Here’s how get started with the best exercises for forearms and wrists.

Bigger Wrists Exercises Tools

How do you strengthen your wrists to get them thicker? Wile most wrists building exercises depends much on weights,  it is possible to increase your wrist size without weights in some cases. You will need some wrists Strengthening exercise tools to get your wrists larger and stronger. Here are tools you need to get started.

Check more variety of home portable forearm workout equipments that can help you gain forearm mass quickly

How to Get Bigger Wrists Without Weight

Can wrists get bigger without the use of weights? Weight training and lifts are just few forearm exercises to get bigger wrists. If you are uncomfortable with your skinny wrists and forearms,there are other ways to make your wrists bigger.

There several ways how to make your wrists bigger without weights or without forearm workouts with dumbbells. Many people get limited to using dumbbells lifting exercises as their only way how to get bigger forearms, wrists and hand.

Today, you should know it’s totally possible to increase your wrist size without weights, they will always get you thicker wrists very quickly. So what workouts make your wrists bigger if you don’t want to use weights like dumbbells?

1. Knuckle Push-ups – Forearm Workout At Home

This is another great way to make your wrists stronger and thicker without leaving your apartment. With no equipment, knuckle pushups is one forearm exercise how to make your wrists bigger at home, office or anywhere. This wrists and forearm exercise at home is the easiest ever, yet it hurts a bit.

A knuckle pushup is an exercise that you do with your fists on the floor closed and you bring your chest closer to the ground. This kind of wrists and forearm workout is different from the a regular push up you do with open hands on the floor. In this wrists thickening exercise, your fist is closed and your knuckles rest on the floor.

For you to remain balanced during this forearm workout, you are required to squeeze your fists hard to allow this exercise work your forearms and wrists much more. As soon as you begin to bring your chest closer to the ground, you will feel that lateral movement that works your forearms.

Knuckle Pushup handles

Note that push-ups exercises are done with your wrists shoulder width apart. And if you want the workout to be intense you should push your hands further apart or bring them closer together or rotate your hand about 90° outward.

2. How To Get Bigger Wrists and Forearms With Resistance bands

A kind of weighted pull-ups forearm and wrists workout. It is one cheaper and easiest way to get your wrists and forearms bigger even st the comfort of your home is by resistance bands workouts. You can do hand pulls with resistance bands.

The best things with getting your skinny wrists and forearms thicker with resistance bands loop is that they are cheap, easy to use at home. Again, you can have many band loops for different “weights”.

Light weight bands practically good when you are a beginner and still starting out. As you get more experienced, you switch to high weight bands for much strength in forearms and wrists.

Again you can train at home or office at anytime: no need for trainer. One other think why I prefer to get loop bands is that they are easier to grab.

Caution: you have to grab your resistance band loop even harder so that it doesn’t slip.

Resistance band set 

3. Dead-lifts, Pull Ups, Chin Ups –  Exercises For Bigger Wrists

These are other great exercises for wrist thickening as well. Though they involves lifting, they don’t look like dumbbells. They’re actually exercises to get bigger wrists that involves squeezing a bar with weights attached to it.

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What should know is that while Pull ups work your upper back, Chin ups work those biceps more and Deadlift works your every major muscle group in your entire body.

Squeezing the bars really hard is what is going to help in you develop larger wrists and the right place to enjoy these wrists and forearm workouts is at the gym.

4. How to Increase Wrists Size With Hand grips

This forearm and wrists workout allows you to squeeze something really hard to get your muscles engaged and thicker. There are many devices like hand grips strengthener to help you work your forearms and wrists.

You are able to work hand grips to get your forearms and wrists grow bigger anytime, anywhere, at home, office or on vacation.

How to increase your wrists size with hand grips

Check More: Forearm Exercise, FInger Stretcher, Hand grip strengthener

How to Get Bigger Wrists with Dumbbells

There are ways how to get bigger forearms and wrists with dumbbells. Although you can first start with use of barbells to get bigger forearms, dumbbells tend to be usually, a better place to start because they are  more flexibility to leave you without wrist sprains.

Again, any person with at least small muscles can lift dumbbells weights. It is easier to get in, starting from light weights dumbbells and working your way up to heavier weights as you become confident and experienced.

Check Best dumbbells to grow your wrists and forearms

1) Dumbbell Wrist Extensions.

Also called dumbbell reverse wrist curls, it works your wrist extensors . Dumbbell bench braced wrist extension is movement of the hand backwards, towards the posterior side of the forearm in a repeated fashion.

Wrist extension is achieved when the forearm extensors contract, which pulls the hand upward toward the elbow.

2) Dumbbell Wrist Curls.

This dumbbell wrist flexion workout one is a more difficult exercise, we recommend you start with lighter dumbbells. This forearm workout is great for the forearm flexors. You need to straddle a bench while holding a dumbbell with an underhand grip. Spread your legs, rest your forearm on the bench to extend beyond the end of the bench. Lower the dumbbell like dropping it so that it rolls into your fingertips. While still holding the weight in your hand, flex your wrist to bring the dumbbell back up to a starting position.

3) Dumbbell Reverse Curls.

The reverse wrist curl targets the bulk of the extensors. In this forearm exercise you need to straddle a bench and hold your dumbbell with an overhand grip. You lean forward and rest your forearm on the bench at a bent, 90 degree angle. Lower the dumbbell as far as you can and the reverse the motion to bring the weight back up as far you can while flexing the wrist.

4) Dumbbell Hammer Curls.

You can strengthen your muscles while standing and moving your arms by your sides. This help workout your brachioradialis, in your elbow flexo muscles.

We recommend you get a good forearm wrist extension workout  plan, so that you don’t get your wrists over-exercised. Also get recommendations from your heath specialist first before you get started.

Other Ways How To Get Bigger Forearms

Exercises For Increasing Forearm Mass. While you add forearm mass fast with: barbell wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, dumbbell wrist curls, dumbbell reverse wrist curls and reverse barbell curls, there are other forearm workout  to increase mass.

High impact forearm exercises could cause some bone density increase on your forearm. Since you don’t have much muscle belly around your wrists(it’s all tendons), the best thing to get bigger wrists is to target your forearms.

If you workout to have large  forearms, it takes the attention people would have, away from your tiny wrists. But you shouldn’t  just go to the gym purposely for forearm twists and curls. Try to work your entire body muscles and add forearms as an accessory.

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How to get bigger forearm with Hormones

Larger forearms are good in small wrists bodybuilding trainings. A large forearm can add strength to your wrists and if you are facing challenges of having skinny forearms, you can take forearm workouts to get your forearms and wrists grow bigger. By far the most effective thing for increasing your forearm and wrists is taking growth hormone or GH-modulating peptides.

On way how to get bigger forearms is by increasing your systemic growth hormone and trying to target that on your forearms. When your forearm looks larger, your wrists looks bigger too. This is in practice,  indirectly increasing your wrist size with forearm workouts.

You would do this together with some top exercises like deadlifts, and maybe squats. You can also take forearm workouts with dumbbells and be it forearm dumbbell twists, dumbbell wrists flexion or dumbbell forearm rotation, the effect is same.

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How to get thicker wrists by blood flow restriction

You can also get a massive GH boost from using blood flow restriction (BFR) training exercises too. Though GH would have the greatest effect again on your wrists bone if you are still younger, you can stimulate bone growth with physical impact once you are already an adult.

Occlusion cuffs can be used to do forearm and wrists exercises to get bigger wrists. There are few ways to use occlusion cuffs – on thigh, ankle or wrists. There will be greater systemic increase on your wrists and arm size if you wear the occlusion cuffs on your arms/forearms.


  • Don’t over train if you want to get your wrists and forearms bigger and stronger.
  • Too much forearm exercises to increase mass can cause you have very big forearms but small wrists.
  • Seek your trainer’s advice how to get larger wrists before you get started.
  • Exercises how to build bigger wrists and forearms take pretty long before you start getting expected results. Make an exercise plan to get larger wrists and stay committed to it.
  • Too much wrists pains or accidents can impair your daily life and poorly affect your progress.
  • If you are out for small wrist body building, focus on increasing your forearm mass not your wrists.
  • Know that your wrists can’t actually grow much in size but your forearm muscles can.
  • Work slowly with forearm workout weights.  1 second to go  for full extension  and 3 seconds to go back to the rest position
  • Work 3 times a week maximum because Over-training your forearm will hurt you and stop your progress
  • Stop if it hurts


Does wrist size increase with age

Yes but remember, the size of your wrists usually depends on your genetics (some people have just thicker bones). However, you can definitely make them thicker by wrists and forearm workout if you are above 21 years where growth stops. The main reason for taking exercises for bigger wrists is that, you want your tendons around your wrist bones to get thicker and therefore making your wrists thicker in general.

Is is common to notice that wrists grow while you are still a teenager and tour wrists will grow further if you use hormones. In effect, wrists growth expected stops at 21 and the only hope for adults is exercises.

Does small wrists mean small frame?

Most male with a wrist size of 5  to 6 .5 inches have small frame, while a wrist measurement over 7  inches is is big frame with larger bone structure.  For thin wrists females, wrists sizes measurement under 5 .5 inches is a small frame, while a wrist over 6 inches makes a bigger from from the larger bone structure.

Are small wrists good for bodybuilding?

According to strength coach Christian Thibaudeau, having small wrists  can have a negative impact on your strength levels , really not encouraging for bodybuilding. However, a good heavy and grip training can increase your levels of muscle-building hormones and activate your nervous system to build more muscle, which is great for small wrists bodybuilding.

What is average wrists size for men?

The average wrist size of a man is 7.25 inches , about  18.42 cm. Reports show that about 50% of men have wrist sizes above this average. 50% men are small wrists male athletes and upto 80% of men have a wrist size bigger than 6.75 inches- medium size or 17.5 cm. It is very rare and it is just less than 20% men who have bigger wrists sizes about 7.75 inches or 19.67 cm.

What is average size of a woman’s wrist?

Extra Small (XS) wrists size – about 6.6 inches or 16.5 centimeters  is the average of a thin wrists female athletes. Small (S) wrist size about 7.1 inches or 17.7 centimeters is the average medium wrists size of a medium wrist women. 8-inches or 20.2  centimeters is the average for men and women with large wrists.

Do wrists get bigger?

No actual muscle is present in your wrist. This makes its almost impossible for your thin wrists to grow in size. To get really bigger wrists, it requires you would need to grow your arm bones or change the structure of your forearm and hand. However, you can only make your wrists “appear” bigger by building your forearm muscles.

Are 7-inch wrists small?

The wrist measurement gives you an accurate value of the size of your body frame. In reality, a 6-inch wrist is considered small while a 7-inch wrist is average and an 8-inch wrist is considered large wrists. Now take your wrist measurement and determine which level your wrists size falls in.

Wrapping Up

Can you actually get thicker wrists? NOT REALLY. It’s very hard to get thicker wrists and it takes more time and effort with minimal results.

Some bodybuilders actually find that having small wrists is is not bad, it is really a blessing. A thin wrist makes your forearms appear to be bigger than they actually are and keep you ready for bodybuilding. You don’t need to worry about having thin wrists and larger forearm because it also eliminates your social challenges of having smaller wrists.

There are other wrists training equipments to help deal with your small wrists especially when you love small watches and trackers. In that case you are not require to get into forearm exercises to build wrists.

And if nothing can be done better, you  just accept your wrists. get along with it and don’t focus on what people say about your wrists or not. If you choose to take exercises how to get bigger wrists and forearms, do it with precaution.


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