Best Home Gym Cable CrossOver Machine – For Dynamic Body Workout

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If you’re hoping for effective muscle growth, then our cable crossover machine can help you target a wide variety of muscles, including your pectorals, abs, tommy, biceps and triceps. In no time, you’ll develop muscles with consistently crosuse this exercise home gym machine. Very economical, just stop wasting your time and gas going to the gym. The best thing is, investing in cable crossover machine exercises helps you do workouts in convenience and the comfort of your own home.

How Does the Cable Machine Work? Just like other strength training, a crossover machine is a strength building fitness tool that provides resistance for your muscles to counteract or work against. Unlike other fitness equipments that deal with loads, cable machines weights are passed over a pair of pulleys.


Cable crossover machine – How to use it for home workout

Watch this video to see how you can use a cable crossover at home.


Top Cable Machines – Functional Trainers for Home Gym

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What’s the best rated cable crossover machine?

Out top selected machines feature a limitless number of exercises. We choosed them because thei pulleys are versatile and have unrestricted multiple planes for motion.

The expected goal is that they allow many muscle groups to be engaged in all workout variations. You can achieve an unmatched level of exercise with variety of these Cable machines and you can also use them to work more of your body parts in less time.

Cable machines and cable crossovers make a cross training facility, with limitless variety of fitness training exercises. Some of these cable fitness item are really versatile multi-user machines and you can jointly purchase and use one with friends.
Their controlled movement is ideal for complete muscle development. Cable machine exercises place less stress and impact on the joints, ligaments, and tendons. They are better suited to perform muscle building than ever before.

Another thing: buying a crossover machine reduces the need for additional equipment, this saves space, time and money.


Powertec Fitness Functional Trainer Deluxe

Powertec Fitness Functional Trainer Deluxe, Black – a system that delivers extraordinary performance

For a bodybuilder looking to effectively and dynamically workout each muscle group or those people who love to engage in full body workout with just one machine, this functional trainer is ideally the best choice.

Its the most versatile home gym workout machine and unique training systems on the market. This new version has more load capacity than original design – offers up to a total resistance capacity of 1000 lbs.

As a game changer, it can use weight plates or the functional trainer can be upgraded to use two Stack Weight Systems – one Weight Resistance Capacity of 500 lbs on each side.

Though sold separately, the Weight Stack Plates are available as an add-on for the functional Trainer Deluxe. The weight stack can be loaded with standard two separate Olympic weight horn sets – 300 lbs and the user can choose to optionally add 200 lbs.

Don’t worry about operation, the easy load slide rods is there to offer precise and smooth movement. For the unexpected, Ring Stoppers are designed to control the weight carriage from from falling or unexpectedly traveling beyond the desired distance.

The twin tower design of the equipment structure provide safety, stability and efficiency. It is well built and the pulley/cable system feels smooth to work with.

For home use, the Delux powertec eqiupment is the best fitness functional trainer for home gym. There, you can enjoy many more options of exercises available for this home gym tool.

Get Full description of this trainer on amazon


  • Stable and efficient
  • can use Olympic free weights
  • 400lbs capacity chin up bar


  • you need to buy weights separately as addons
  • the weight stacks require upgrade


Assembing Powertech Functional Trainer Delux

This video shows the assembly process for the Powertec Functional Trainer Deluxe. It is really a more versatile and unique body training systems you can love to have at a gym center.



FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover

Light Commercial FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Crossover Silver Machine with Weight Stacks, Rotating Arms, Ankle Cuffs and Swivel Pulleys
For core stability training exercises that can improve your balance performance, the sleekly designed Dual Cable Cross Functional Trainers machine is for you. A professional grade workouts programs with this crossover machine system that has many exercises can boost ,your body’s stabilizer muscles more efficiently.

This commercial gym machine holds two weights – 210 lbs, one on each side . Weight pull workouts on this cable trainer machine can extraordinarily target every part of your body in a safe and efficient way.

The cable crossover machine is 133” wide and it has a very good quality to handle all body builds. The FreeMotion Light Commercial EXT Dual Cable Cross trainer is good for people of all sizes. It offers strength building opportunities to many guys particularly do heavy duty workouts. Moreover, it is ideal for many(multi) users since each weight stack is completely independent of the other and two people can workout at the same time. Great for use in Professional and home gyms.

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The well-designed cable crossover system comes with velcro padded ankle cuff to help you safely and comfortably do lower body exercises and some strength exercises. The machine comes with an instructional DVD that shows you how to do the functional training movements correctly.

Exercising On this Home gym


Get Full description of FreeMotion Dual Cable Trainer on amazon


  • wide variety of weight resistance exercises
  • designed to mimic your body naturally moves
  • also great for specific sports – golf or tennis
  • Two weight stacks – 210 lbs on each side
  • can accommodate very tall people
  • great for heavy use gym conditions
  • has swivel pulleys with unlimited range of motion
  • durably constructed from 7- and 11-gauge steel tubing
  • Independently Rotating Arms permits multi user workouts
  • Weight stacks are enclosed, for safety
  • comfortable non slip freemotion handle
  • Warranty – frame : Lifetime, parts :10 years , cables : 1 year


  • expensive
  • not more than 60 efficient.

User Experience

  1. I had most of the tools need, but would tell people to make sure they have a 15/16″ racket, a snap ring tool, a large 3/8″ allen wrench and I had to buy the clips to attached the handles to the cable
  2. smooth operation, the weight stacks goes from 3lbs to 70lbs in 3lbs increments which is good for rehab and for learning the movements and motions in a safe manner. This workout fitness equipment has unlimited angles, this can be an excellent addition to you other equipment for your home gym.
  3. I’ve had mine for over a year now and I still love it. Has every workout angle imaginable, more then at my gym that has same type machine. Love the two independent weight stacks, can be doing bicep on one tricep on other and just turn around to work otherside (lifters get it). You’ll be glad you got, can do everything you do at the gym.
  4. The cable cross machine came packed very well and has a very good build quality. There was a manufactures defect in one of the arm components that was sent to me, but the vendor shipped me a new one right away. Overall I’m very pleased with The FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Cross.

How to Assemble this machine



XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine


XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, Optional Upgraded Accessory Package, Adjustable FID Weight Bench, 19 Adjustments, and Accessory Package XM-7626 (Gray)

As crossover machine equipped with heavier weight stacks, it’s versatile, extremely sturdy with well-engineered corrosion and scratch resistant frame and comes with several extra accessories. These attachments are 8″ hand straps, a pair of 17″ long strap handles, a 23″ tricep rope, a short bar, a 42″ long bar, leg extension leg curl strap and, ankle strap and workout poster.

Frankly, XMark Fitness can make you mistakenly consider piece of home fitness for a commercial grade machine. Though Like many hybrid models do today, this heavy gym machine doesn’t include a Smith machine or power rack.

This Xmark functional gym trainer comes with 200 pound of weight stacks that use solid metal plates, on each side. This makes the fully assembled machine extremely heavy, weighing over 800 lbs. This weight adds stability and with rubberized pads, in your apartment, the floor is well protected.

The cable fitness equipment is equipped with 16 pulleys made of heavy duty nylon material and are 19 adjustment positions for the front pulleys. With all these in one compact functional trainer, you can perform more than 35 gym quality exercises. Also with the rehab settings of this weight stack system, coaches and therapists can use the multi station cable machine to strengthen their players in preparation for sport activities and training routines.

Though not budget friendlier or affordable fitness machine, this home gym cable workout equipment definitely offers great value for the price because unlike this one, some more expensive cable exercise machines come with smaller stacks.

Using Xmark pulley machine for home gym – How to

Training with this gymnastic pulley machine also gives you a mechanical advantage since it works in 2:1 ratio – your actual pulling resistance is half the weight of plates. It’s one of the best cable machines available to athletes to build muscles and workout their body fully. Cheaper than other gym equipment, it makes a good fit for your home fitness garage gym. Easily adjusts for anyone in your household – young or old, short or tall.


Check full description of Xmark Cable Cross machine before you make final decision


  • Commercial grade construction
  • Extremely durable metallic cables and metal weight plates
  • Heavy duty, steel fram
  • cable can extend up to 81″ from the pulley
  • You can ergonomic pull up the handle grips
  • has both Long and short handle grips
  • the pulley machine is noiseless and operates quietly at home
  • Triceps rope and Ankle strap included
  • Comes loaded with two 200lbs stacks – one on each side
  • it’s economical
  • it’s a versatile model of a gym machine
  • suitable for all ages, even for 6′5 tall guys
  • very flexible with unlimited range of motions
  • Warranty for frame is lifetime and 1-2 years for  parts


  • Can not be adjusted, it needs upgradable to accept more weight
  • XMark functional trainer machine demands considerable space for pull-up exercises up to maximum allowable level.

How to assemble XMark Functional Trainer

XMark functional trainer is pretty a large machine with many individual parts – bolts and washers. It’s time-consuming to assemble it. Here, most of the users get stuck due to unclear set of instructions in its user manual.



Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Station

Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Station with LAT Pull, Row Bar, and Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station

BD-61 is a cheap and afforable home Cable Crossover machine that provides a variety of strength training and functional fitness exercises . The dual pulley system( 2 pulleys one high and the other low) and 17 adjustable positions keep enjoy limitless amount of exercises in many cable cross training planes.

The heavy-duty cross machine comes with a multi grip pull up station and in addition to it, a double bar track for stability and resistance and a plate storage pegs. All these shows you that it is a perfect space saving equipment and a dual cable workout station for home or commercial gyms.

The BD-61 gymnastic machine works in 0.75 : 1 ratio meaning you pull or workout resistance is 75% of the weight in the stacks. Simply, that means if you stack 200 lbs weights, it is equivalent to 150 lbs of resistance you get. This is better than some higher priced cable machines, because efficiently, you are lifting more weight. Users agree this machine’s is wide and had adequate width which is enough to place a sit-up bench between columns.

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The cheapest way to experience strength training with the use of a cable system, is to buy this cable pulley machine. Having max weight load of 400 lb, the benefit is high on this machine, yet you buy at small cost may be because it comes with no weight included. Really an ultimate workout studio for home.

Get full Description of Valor fitness Cross Station Trainer on Amazon before you make choice

Common pulley exercises

Some common exercises with this valor fitness cable cross-over workout machine are

  • the cable crossover for a chest workout,
  • cable curls,
  • upright row or low row,
  • pull ups
  • chin ups for a total body workout!
  • tricep pull downs, rope curls, and face pulls.


  • has ankle strap – for Cable kickback
  • wide range of workouts from different angles
  • Includes lat bar and curl bar
  • two single hand strap handles
  • target muscles at the right spots
  • Warranty: One year on cable and pulleys and three year on frame
  • durably made from steel
  • rubber base for floor protection


  • Assembly Required
  • Pulleys are made of a cheap material, but are still built tough

Customer Experience

I’ve been slowly building up a home garage gym over the past year or so. One of the biggest things I was missing since transitioning from the commercial setting was the cable tower. I feel cable work is a crucial aspect of any routine but I was disappointed to find most cable crossover machine options were thousands of dollars, not exactly enticing for someone building a home gym. I found this product and it seemed to be ideal for someone on a budget. Its been 2 months now that I’ve been using it, so I feel I to be honest.

Valor Fitness Cable Weight Exercises

What exercises can you do with valor fitness station cable workout machine?



How to set up cable gym machine

How you set it up gym trainer at home is important to its stability and your safety during cable machine workout routines. Many people feel intimidated with the many overwhelming parts of weight machine.


1. Check the cable machine description

Check if you fitness equipment comes with a cable cross manual or instructional  guide about how to  mount and use the machine with safety. The guide may have simple diagram explaining what the machine does or how to use the machine. You can hire a professional crossover trainer who is happy to assist you in using the machines.

2. Observe how to use the machine

Observe someone mounting her own pulley machine and you would get a good idea of how to do yours. You go to YouTube and get the videos for how to string the cable machine. The directions with the package may not really be  helpful to you, its hard to learn to do, by reading. Don’t fully tighten the frame bolts till you get that section together and aligned.

3. Make adjustments

Adjusted the home trainer to your size and strength, the how to adjust cable crossover machine is not same for all machines. For cable machine, you would be using an adjustment that slides up and down the cable machine.

Just slide the bolts that hold the pulleys in place for that cable run, don’t put the nut on until you know you got all the pulleys and cable runs correct. It’s easier to put on the nuts and tighten them down once you know you have them all working correct, do not tighten these to tight as they will bind the pulley.

For seated machines, set your knees at a 90-degree angle. If there is backing, let a natural arch of your back lean against the machine though the lower body and torso are going to be different lengths for different people.

4. Choosing weights

Stacked weights are the most  important  part of your machine and the practical purpose is for you do resistance exercise by pulling these weights for health, fitness, and muscle development. Depending on your your maximum resistance, you can come up with weight to stack on the plates.

If your machine came without weights, you can buy standard weights for it. Remember,you would  always change the weight if the cable is too light or too heavy for you. Selecting the right weights is key to your body building.

5. List the exercises the machine can perform

How many exercises options can be performed with your cable machine? You may have initial number of workouts you want to perform but do well to get the possible types of exercise routines your pulley machine allows and learn how to do each of them. There are many cable machine workout programs out there, find them.

6. Take the first step

Try your first exercise with precaution. observe if the machine is stable, not wobbling and if bolts are not loose if not, roll your body out with best cable workout you love the best.



Best cable exercises

1. Cable crossover machine back exercises

To increase muscle mass and build strength in your back, you need to engage in a workout that target muscles in your upper and lower back. This also includes the lats, upper-mid portion of the back and lower back.


2. Adjustable pulley chest exercises

There are functional trainer chest exercises to workout your chest instead of back or shoulders. This video below would give idea on how to do chest activation cable machine workout.


3. Cable machine exercises for pecs


4. Cable Ankle Strap Exercises

If you’re looking to obtain tighter, toned, muscular legs and also add strength to your legs and ass? Ankle strap exercises would help you eliminate stress around the ankles,  hips, thighs, and glutes.


5. Full-Body Cable Workout

Many athletes are not aware of how cable adjustments workouts provide wonderful full-body workout conveniently at home. Since the leverage of the cable pulleys can be altered, there are variety of ways to workout your body while hitting your muscles at different angles.



Wrapping Up

Like these portable fore-arm workout tools to grow wrists and forearms, though not portable, cable cross functional trainers are versatile and all-in-one gym studio that would provide you complete and full body workout without you subscribing for gym. Great for personalizes bodybuilding and fitness strength training. Some are expensive, it a great investment for multi users at home. If you find that its not  budget friendly with you, you can go for used cable crossover machine if you find one.


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