Best Running Shoes For Women With Bunions 2020

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Some common foot pains – pronation, hallus valgus, heel spurs, hammertoes, corns and plantar fasciitis stand on the way of running and there is need to deal with them. Like men, some female runners get afflicted with bunions – a bump called hallus valgus, that develops at the base of the big toe. Caused by abnormal changes in the feet, the big toe is displaced from toe midline towards other toes. According to  podiatrists, wearing orthopedic shoes for bunions relief can ease the pains. So with the best running shoes for bunions, women have the easiest and affordable therapeutic solution to heal bunion pains.

Besides arthritis, you can get bunions genetically. Walking or running with high heels, barefoot, tight or pointy(tight-fitting) running or dress shoes can hurtfully causes your big toe to deform further. Failing to wear good shoes for bunion can make bunion pain and its related symptoms get more severe.

For women to run, walk comfortably and  pains-free, they would need a well cushioned, supportive roomy toe box bunion corrector shoes. But not even the finest sneakers for ladies out there can support these varied feet problems with maximum cushioning.


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Should You Then Stop Running When You Have Bunions?

Hell No, not really. Some running shoes are tailor designed to accommodate, correct and support bunion feet. Running shoes for bunion that female runners wear are quite unique and if your bunion correcting shoes never fit, what do you do? You need anti-bunion runners footwear and orthotics to alleviate the pains from sore feet and bunions when you go running.

Inorder to find the best running shoes with wide toe box, We are here to help you choose the most comfortable wide fit ladies shoes that can prevent further feet injuries or worsening of your current foot issues.

Best Womens Running For Bunions

Bunion, a bony growth that can develop at the joint of your big toe, can cause significant pain while running or even just walking. Regular shoes – slippers, sandals, boots and some fashion shoes can be custom designed to relieve pinky feet when walking but they yield no performance in running exercises and marathons.

Though regular shoes can support(can also worsen) foot pains, they do not have the necessary support, design, structures, and cushioning needed to protect your feet from further issues and problems like bunions.

What are the best running shoes for women with bunions?

What is the rated bunion corrector shoes for women? Keep reading to find your best women’s running shoes for bunions, overpronation, hammertoes, high arch, flat feet, bad knees, plantar faciitis and fallen arches.

You will also have the option to select best shoes for severe bunions if your hallux valgus has gone worse. Here are our top picks of wide fit hallux valgus running shoes that can alleviate the pains due to your feet deformities.


Sneakers : How to choose Womens Running Shoes For Bunions

Unlike womens dress shoes for bunions, the best running shoe for bunion is the one that’s wide and broad at the forefoot to give your toes plenty of room to splay.

A woman’s wide toe box shoes might not seem very sexy or attractive to rehab your foot pains, but there is nothing beautiful about bunion pain, either, especially when it gets worse and more painful. All you need is choose the best shoes for hallux valgus that fits your foot shape and gives comfortable run.


1. Foot Type, Shape or Geometry

It’s not enough just to go pick a running shoe with a wide toe box from a store. Women feet have unique build and geometry. Because each female runner has some specific biomechanics in the feet, you need to select a proper type of running shoe designed specifically for female athletes.

 Neutral feet with bunions

A woman with arched, neutral feet has no tendency to pronate(foot rolls inward, or outward), so she needs a neutral running shoe to get started. If unfortunately, the runner with a neutral foot has developed bunions, a rounded roomy toe box neutral running shoe is better choice to go for.

Running shoes brands that are actually designed wider than most other women’s running shoes on the market, are more preferable. Such shoe brands have extra wide versions of womens shoes for bunions and that’s where you should check. Brooks ghost 11 is our best neutral wide running shoes for ladies with bunions.

 Low arch bunion feet

Female runners with bunions who have lower-arched feet that tend to roll inward need a wide stability shoe or sneaker with a wide toe box. Shoes that have more structured arch for stability control, with roomy forefoot, is also well-suited for a bunion-afflicted foot.

Also consider orthopedic shoes available in wide width(D) for women, to accommodate the need for taking pressure and friction off your bunion. Check Saucony Omni 16, it’s is our best wide stability bunion shoes for women.

 Flat feet with bunions

Female runners with flat feet need more maximum arch support for pronation and because of the fallen arches, the foot tends to be wider. In this case the woman needs motion control running shoes or Shoes for fallen arches.

You can find many motion-control shoes available in wide widths and if the flat feet have bunion toes, wide(D) and extra wide width (2E) running shoes would really be comfortable to prevent bunions. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is our best running motion control shoes for ladies with bunions. It is also available fas extra wide shoes for bunions.


3. Roomy Space

Since bunion makes people’s feet appear flat and large, nobody would want friction on their toes, an ideal trainer shoes should have enough space in the toe box. This permits natural foot and toe movement.


3. Breathable Meshed Upper

The best running sneakers that keep runners feet healthy without stinking smell, is one that has specially desgined meshed upper for air-ventilation of toes. Breathability helps keep your toes dry with no risk of blisters. We selected the best breathable running shoes for women with bunions, for our review.


4. Bunion Window

Some attheletic and gym running shoes even have “a bunion window”. This is a kind of stretchable material that allows that section of your shoe to stretch when bunion expands.

Buying a comfortable tennis shoes that has a bunion window – a stretchable mesh around the bunion area, is choicest way to avoid bunion pains . As your bunion grows, the window expands to easily accommodates the large bunions.


5. Cushioned ForeFoot And Midsole

Well cushioned foot-shaped misoles offer more comfort, arch support,  responsiveness, and secure fit for runners with bunions. The impact due to your running strikes on the road, can be hell dangerous to bunion toes if it’s not absorbed. Beware, bunion support shoes
with less cushioning foams at midsole may not offer enough comfort for bunion and arch pains. This is why most athletes return with bunion pain after a long day running exercise.


6. Supportive Heels

The heel lifting in a bunion support shoes is another pretty important feature. The more the shoes heels are raised, the more the pressure due to your weight, is shifted to the forefoot and possibly, painful bunion toes. This may worsen an already existing  bunions or cause stress fracture in metatarsal bone. Experts confirmed  runners should avoid running shoes with heels lifting above 10mm, they’re dangerous to big toe bunions and forefoot.

7. Wide Width Shoes or Wide Toe Box Shoes?

Some people have uniformly wide feet, other runners have broader toes and narrow heels. If you have wider toes and narrower heel, buying wide width shoe gives excessive space at the heel.

Both extra wide shoes and sneakers with wide toe box creates space to allow your toes to spread naturally, as if you were barefoot.
However, if you have uniformly wide feet(heel to toe), some parts of your foot get squeezed and cramped if you buy shoe with a wide toe box and narrow heels.

Beware of shoes that squeeze  toes together , they cause adverse bunion pains and blisters, making it really painful to walk long distances. Shoes that allow your toes spread  reduce impact and keeps pressure uniformly distributed through your foot.


Shoes For Women With Bunions – Reviewed

What are the best footwear solution for people with bunions? Not all running shoes can help you run smoothly per say and not all runners shoes are specifically designed or tailored to accommodate foot problems like bunions. At best, finding the perfect running shoe to battle foot pains affecting women isproving a bit difficult.

What Running Shoes are Good for Bunions then?


Altra Women’s Intuition : Best minimalist women’s sneakers with wide toe box

Altra Intuition is woman-specific. This ladies shoe is a wide toe box neutral running shoes that provide enough support for mild pronators but it’s not recommended for severe pronators.

Compared to other womens sneakers, the intuition is one of the best running sneakers for bunions and Tailor’s bunions that has narrow heels to maintain a nice fit of your feet as you run. The shoe has a sock-like construction that gives you a nice secure fit as it wraps around the midfoot.

To enjoy excellent road running and cross-training exercises with flat feet, like ballet shoes, altra intuition is a zero drop shoes uniquely designed for women to get a natural gait and efficient running style.

That means heel(rearfoot) and toes(forefoot) are same level from the ground. You will experience no foot slip even at extremely high speed running.

There is enough roomy space at the toe box so you can comfortably run even with large feet and free foot splay. The comfortable room at the forefoot helps accommodate the shape of your feet.

This wide toe box sneaker is a narrower heel sports shoe that comes with balanced cushioning from rearfoot to forefoot and along the overall length of the shoe. You got no problem with large bunion window if you wear this stretchable womens running shoe.

It’s a comfortable shoe for those suffering from bunions or those who want a minimalist platform without the bone-crushing feel of the pavement underneath though the outsole is cool designed with A-Bound technology.

Best running shoes for women with bunion on the road. Like Altra Footwear Women’s Lone Peak 3.0 Neoshell, intuition is also great for trails running with a more natural feel.
You need more transition time(don’t wear it so often) if you are an experienced high heel runner and wants to switch to minimalist style of running.


  • has roomier toe box
  • lightweight barefoot shoes for bunions and long runs
  • well cushioned orthopedic shoe for ladies
  • seam-free upper
  • best for trail run


  • not good for high arch support.
  • female athletes have reported experiencing slippage at the heels.


Saucony Women Omni 16 : best Stability shoes for bunions womens and pronators



Omni 16 is a 8mm heel drop footwear  for  bunions that offers women athletes a well cushioned, balanced , comfortable and stable foot strike when running.

Designed with EVERUN saucony cushioning technology, the sneaker for bunion women is a lightweight cushioned running shoe that gives pleasusre and endurance.

The Cushioning in this stability sneaker gives a comfortable run and also provides good arch support for to alleviate bunionnetes. The Omni women’s athletic shoes for bunions is more stable for road runs and the max cushioning on the footbed makes it one of the best stability shoes for people with bunions and pronators.

The SAUC-FIT design of the upper helps support your mid-foot and arch fit while absorbing impact on your run strikes. The carbon outsole provides excellent durability while the traction under this shoe keeps you fast stable on any terrain.

This gym shoes for bunions has breathable upper mesh, your feet remain fresh, and cool at all times with the air ventilation of the toe box.

You want to experience comfort and support with this outdoor fitness sports shoes, buy Omni 16 – it is really a comfortable shoes for women pronators with bunions, corn and hammer toes.


  • Pretty Perfect for pronators to fix bunions
  • very Stylish for for an orthotic, aesthetic lady
  • very flexible with seamless mesh upper.
  • Lightweight trainer to cure bunion and hammertoe
  • Extra Cushioned for excellent shock absorption.
  • Moisture Wicking technology
  • Has heel locking design for a smoother ride.
  • Very Good traction for any terrain.


  • feels narrower, small and tight on some feet
  • expensive – not very budget friendly sneakers for bunions



Salomon Womens XR Mission: best running shoes for bunions and plantar fasciitis



You want a comfortable and supportive running shoes that grips every terrain safely? Salomon XR mission is one of those neutral trainer with wide toe box for women with bunions. You can wear to experience high arch trails running.

People with hammertoe should try out this support running shoes for gym or outdoor running exercises. This wide shoe for bunions is build with Sensifit and SensiFlex technologies.

The EVA midsole cushioning enhances a secure fit and support for natural running styles. The mesh upper material is stretchy and breathable to prevent sweaty stinking feet. This bunion friendly support shoes are very good for female-specific running with high arches.

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To ease the pain from bunions, this gender-specific running shoes comes with a roomy toe box. The forefoot has plenty of extra room or space to allow your feet enjoy more natural toe spread and splay. When you hit the road at high speed, expect no blisters and  bruises at all. Getting them off is effortlessly easy.

With the foam footbed you got no friction and irritation, that keeps your feet pain-free from bunions. The XR mission is lightweight enough to give you capability to run short to long distances without pressure of shoe weight on your feet.

It promises great performance on both roads and trails. Don’t be surprised that beginners can cover close to 5km and more road running or trail running with this shoe on their first day.

Discover More About Salomon XR Mission Running Shoes – the best running shoes for high arches and bunions womens.



  • good traction for most terrains
  • well cushioned runners shoe for high arches
  • lightweight exercise shoes
  • great first trail shoe for beginners on running shoe transition
  • Air ventilated for cool, clean and healthy feet
  • Durable running shoes for bunions


Customer Experience

  1. I run about 12 miles + – a week, and I went for the Salomons because I had developed plantar fasciitis and desperately needed comfortable shoes. I did a lot of research and settled on these, well my first pair. My feet thanked me immediately.
  2. Very light, will last a long time and I’m sad that they didn’t have a size 6 to send me. Salomons are generally higher-priced for a good reason: they are excellent shoes. I have “settled” for an alternate pair of shoes of the same make and am just as happy


Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave  – Best Athletic Cross Trainer For bunions


You want the best brand ladies shoes for bunion, Reebok is one of the most reputable brands for sleek running shoes. If you are a woman, Crossfit Nano 8 (an upgrade from the Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 7 Sneaker ) is for you.

For runners with wide feet or wide toes due to bunions, this crossfit nano 8 is one of those running trainers for bunions that provide ample space at the forefoot. You get no restriction in foot movement especially as the weave upper seems stretchable to accommodate your foot shape.

The wide toe box running shoes has sleek and complex design that is streamlined with minimal drop outsole for a secure fit. Developed with forefoot cushioning for the midsoles, all you feel when running is good comfort on your bunion-afflicted toes.

This adult women’s athletic shoes for bunions may not look stylish as you expect, but has very breathable and flexible weaved upper for a healthy and odor-free running competition. Imagine the optimum performance and shoe fit you can experience running with well air-ventilated toes and feet.

Sometimes, you can miss out on your crossfit workouts performance because of the shoes you wear. To find shoes for cross training, ladies must take care  because a pair of shoes designed for crossfit may not necessarily be suitable for running.

Similar to some advanced options like the Nano 9 crossfit shoes for women, nano 8 is one of the best trainers for bunion which gives relief to foot pains. it’s also the best womens Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet, overpronation and bunions.

More About Crossfit Nano 8 Trainer


  • good fit for flat and bunion toes.
  • Comfortable and Flexible
  • air-ventilated upper
  • top-quality support trainers for bunions women


Customer Experience

  • Hands down, it’s the best shoes for CrossFit training. I am used to wearing Nike Metcons and Metcon Flyknits and the Nano 8 blows both of them out of the water. I will never wear Metcons to train in again. The nanos have a flat, extremely stable sole while having amazing cushion and enough support to prevent shin splints and cramps during intense met-con workouts.
  • I’ve only worn these for one wod so far, and they feel great! Plus they look so cool- I got three compliments on them as soon as I walked in the gym. They definitely run small. I always wear a 9 in Reebok and had to return the 9 I ordered to get a 9.5.


Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 – Best womens running shoes for bunion, high arch and neutral support



Ghost 11 an upgrade from the wider toe box ghost 10, is a high heeled shoe for bunion female athletes who want softer run with protective cushion. About 12mm off the ground, ghost 11 is not be bunion friendly for minimalist and barefoot runners and people experienced in low-heel running. You get a springy and responsive feeling of your strides with this sneaker.

Very neutral running shoes for under-pronators(supinators), the optimum cushioning of midsole combined with the 12mm thick heels for bunion sufferers, provides undeniable comfort with a feel on “running on pillows”.

The Brooks ghost 11 running shoe uses BioMoGo DNA foam  that is shock absorbing and biodegradable. This makes the road running shoe can carry you over 5km to 10km in all seasons and under rain while giving you bunion support and pleasure.

Never forget to look under this brooks ghost road-shoe with full length segmented crash pad to accommodate any foot landing, the traction makes this bunion shoe shoe very versatile for trails and road running.

This wide width shoes for bunions with traditional lace-up closure is ideal for runners with a medium to high arch looking for neutral support. Recommended for the runner looking for natural feeling run and lightweight shoe for ladies.

Available Shoe Sizes: “B” = Medium width, “D” = Wide width

For neutral runners looking for a lightweight shoe and a smooth ride without sacrificing cushioning, brooks womens running – black turbulence cornflower is suitable if you’re a Ghost loyalist .



  • Well-cushioned shoe with wide forefoot
  • Breathable seamless mesh upper
  • Comfortable and supportive midsole
  • Removable and changeable insole
  • Lightweight and flexible so you can naturally feel your run
  • water-resistant and ideal for all-weather running exercises
  • Its a great road shoe for all terrains


Customer Experience

  1. I was excited about this purchase because I love the High energizing cushioning brooks ghost 10’s I bought. I have a bunion and the ghost 10’s were wonderfully spacey In the toebox area. However, the ghost 11’s were quite a bit smaller in the toebox area and were pushing against my toes. Unfortunately I have to return them and continue the hunt for a comfortable shoe for when you have wide feet/a bunion
  2. I wear Brooks Ghost for running and I ran in the 9’s all the way up to the new 11’s. They are my go to shoe for training and running half marathons, so I’m very familiar with the shoe. This was the first time I ordered shoes online, but I didn’t feel I had any reason to be concerned.
  3. Finally, I found the perfect sneaker for me.I do high intensity interval training with plyometric jumping and also step aerobics- so high impact exercise. I prefer this over running to limit knee and hip injury because of the variation I don’t get repetitive motion injury I get from running


Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19  – #1 Best Women’s Road Running Shoes For Bunions


Another best running shoes for women with bunions with a good amount of cushion, fit and arch support is Adrenaline GTS 19. GTS 19 is a top rated motion control road running shoe, designed with 12mm heel drop for overpronators just like the older version adrenaline gts 18

Brooks does not compromise comfort and proper fit in this shoe. The design of adrenaline supports and controls the inward-rolling of athletes foot with its DNA midsole for a better workout. The DNA LOFT cushioning adapts firmly to your foot steps and strides.

The super soft plush cushioning or the “pillow running” is the reason why many people crave for this adrenaline wide fit “go-to-shoe”. The seamless design on the upper works to protect your feet and you hit your strides with effortless bliss.

This ladies sneakers uses Brooks’ time-tested Progressive Diagonal Rollbar to guide your feet get a natural motion, which is great for moderate to sever overpronation. When you hit the road with your natural gait, you can improve your running speed and performance with little risk of injury.

Alternatively to the EVA foam, this runners shoe uses BioMoGO which is also biodegradable and friendly to your environment. The segmented crash pad creates a soft and stable foundation at the footbed to deal away with shocks and reduce injury on every hit on the road. It offers the ultimate softest underfoot feel on every stride.

Available Sizes:  Normal, Narrow 2A, Wide D, and Extra Wide 2E

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the best, most comfortable natural running shoes for flat feet with bunions. Its also another best running shoes for overpronation and bunions.


  • narrow heels
  • “2E” – Extra wide width shoe is available
  • comes with wide toe box for large feet
  • segmented crash pad to absorb shocks
  • meshed upper is breathable and streamlined
  • lightweight sports shoes for long runs
  • offers good arch support for bunion feet


  • mesh upper not durable under rain

Customer Experience

  1. I have been wearing this brand for the past eight years. The GTS 18 were wider and the support did not seem to hold up as well as my past shoes. The new GTS 19 is more narrow and seems to have much more support. They are a little stiff when you first wear them but I feel like I have a much more reliable shoe. I just ran a half marathon in my old GTS 18’s but I am looking forward to many more miles in my new shoes. Thanks for getting it right this time Brooks!
  2. I have wide feet with a high arch/instep and a narrow heel. I wear a size 10 wide and ordered a size 10.5 wide as reviewers suggested. These are the 5th pair of athletic shoes I’ve tried on this seasion & I had about given up. Thankfully these shoes felt great right out of the box! I have a comfortable amount of room in the toe box so that my toes don’t rub but not so much that my foot feels lost.


Altra Women Torin 4 Plush – best zero drop running shoes for bunions and hammertoes



The Altra Torin is a neutral shoe with a unique foot-shaped toe box allowing for significant toe splay and relief from pressure on bunions.
Designed to maintain a natural running style, the zero drop keeps the stride even and balances muscle use through the foot strike.

The midsole design also provides the right kind of support for people with high arches. Despite its zero drop, the Torin has a 28mm stack height making it highly cushioned.

Quantic Midsole and Perf-X insole sole provide miles of comfort with little feel of foot pains.

The best running shoes for bunions and high arches, the Torins provide a zero drop, neutral option compared to the other more supportive shoes on the list.

It is one of the best running shoes for bunions and hammertoes due to its space and cushioning providing you are used to zero drop shoes.


  • zero heel to toe drop
  • high arch support
  • well cushioned


  • narrower than previous altra shoes

Customer Experience

  1. I have been wearing the Escalante but they didn’t provide enough support for me as I have really high arches and need less torsional rotation in my shoes. I’m prone to plantar fasciitis and have bunions as well as hammer toes. I love the Torin 4.0!
  2. These are my 4th pair of altar’s and I will never work a job on my feet without these.Presently, I am a Nurse, and on my feet constantly for 12.5 hours a day, these have helped my sciatica and hip pains as well as my feet!! I recommend these shoes every chance I get. Never have I owned a better pair of shoes than this.
  3. These have the best cushion and I love the zero lift! My toes have room to move around in the wide toe box and my feet no longer hurt when and after working out. These are better than my Brooks IMO.


Altra Running Olympus 2.5 – Best Trail Running Shoes for Women with bunions


Best women’s trail running shoes for bunions – for Trail Running, Hiking, Fastpacking, Trail Racing

You want to run with bunions close to nature? Get this stable bunions running shoe for hiking, uphill and downhill running in the woods as it offers little risk of tripping and falling. Olympus 2.4 shoe provides a great combination of cushion, stability, traction, protection, and responsiveness. Some advanced trail shoes like  have a rock plate in the sole for extra protection along the trail.

Built for training, racing, and adventuring, this training and trail racing shoes for bunions has great traction for off-road terrains and rocky mountain paths. With flexible Dual layer EVA A-Bound midsole, the versatil Vibram Megagrip outsole has improved fit and flexibility and its deeper heel adds more rearfoot stability and better heel-toe transitions.

You want the best shoes for trail and grass with wide foot-shaped toe box? With the wide foot-shaped toe box, Altra Olympus 2.5 gives you a much larger and roomy space at toe section to allow your feet to splay out naturally. This gives your bunions enough room and lets you get a natural stride.

Altra Trail Gaiters for protection against dirts in off-road trail running

Altra 2.5 is a wider and more comfortably trail shoes – the best options for bunions, hammertoes and neuromas. Its pronation and arch support construction adapts your foot across all terrain types except wet surfaces(it’s not water resistant). Truely great for dynamic dry trail running experience in woods and mountains.

For minimalist trail running, like Altra Womens Superior 4, this contoured footbed trail shoe for bunions has innovative zero drop platform but has high cushioning. You can’t use it for a more barefoot running experience though. Wide footed female runners love it.

With this trial run shoe, just in few weeks, you’ll run up hills you used to walk because you get a grip on the mountain terrain. Its the best tail running shoes for women to enjoy a dynamic running on dirt or gravel and over roots and rocks.



  • super lightweight and flexible
  • built to be worn on various terrain and paved roads.
  • works well with altra trail gaiters to prevent dirts
  • have harder shoe sole, protective toe caps,
  • Quick-Dry trail mesh which is extremely breathable
  • lightweight midsole and provides a gentle landing
  • The mesh construction is breathable, quick drying, and supportive.
  • This shoe has a wider design and is great for runners who have wider feet


  • thin sole and which can irritate those with sensitive feet.
  • high arch- bad for ankles

Customers experience

  • Keep in mind the toe box is huge/ you might need a half size smaller . It’s a lot of money to make a mistake. So here we are 4 days later. This is the most amazing shoe I have ever worn. I’m having surgery in 3 days and feel like I don’t even need too. Now that my foot has settled in I can no say enough. I will not ever switch from this shoe and  have spent thousands of dollars in the last 30 years of constant foot pain
  • I have several foot problems – high arches, bunions, pronation, need for wide toe box. So I asked my cousin’s wife (editor of a running magazine) for a recommendation and she gave me these. Sometimes ago, I had a pair of Hoka One’s, but they were too narrow in the toe box and despite good cushioning, they were stiff. These shoes were available in a wide (which I purchased) and they are super comfortable – plenty of room in the toe box and wonderful support. Great cushioning and flexibility. Highly recommend!
  • I tried several different styles of Altra shoes and these are my favorite. The previous model was too tight in the toe box. This new version has different fabric in the toe box that allows a lot more room for my feet and bunions. I bought these for our vacation to Germany. I have sesamoiditis so I need a zero drop, stiff sneaker and wide toe box and these are perfect.


ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 7 – Best Extra Wide Running Shoes for Bunions and Supination

You want an affordable trail running shoe for bunions, underpronation and Neutral running that promises you a decent protection and great stability in off-road and road running? This women’s GEL-VENTURE 7 performance trail running shoe is particularly made for whoever loves tough terrain and outdoor runs.

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The asics bunion support running shoes has an outsole which features multi-directional lugs that improve traction on uneven terrain, during uphill or downhill running. With woven upper mesh, your feet remains dry, ventilated, and protected through out the day.

This trail-specific running shoes has its rearfoot cushioned with GEL® Technology cushioning system to provide impact protection and shock absorption that you need. The ASICS® High Abrasion Rubber Outsole (AHAR®) design enhances the shoe durability and provides comfort, so you can enjoy trails confidently.

You can gain some extra support that comes from the sturdy upper section that is made from synthetic leather material. Featuring wide toe box, you can buy this asics running shoes for bunions and plantar fasciitis prevention.

Like in Womens Gel Excite 6, the ortholite sockliner gives secure fit and manages moisture and its replaceable if you loves to insert custom orthotics in case you run with bunion-afflicted feet.

Though some buyers confirm it doesn’t fit perfectly like the older version like ladies gel venture 6, its highly recommended you go half size up. This trail running sneakers is one of the best running shoes for bunions , under-pronation and neutral runs.

Check more About  Womens Gel Venture 7


  • Durable lace-up closure
  • has pretty color which is difficult to find in tennis/trail shoes
  • Soft, cushioned insole
  • has synthetic overlay for more support
  • padded tongues and collar gives extra comfort
  • shoe lining is ventilating for a healthy
  • rugged rubber outsole is durable on tougher terrain
  • this shoe Feels true to size


  • fits too wide and narrow for skinny, long and narrow feet;
  • wide but not so wide

Customers experience

  1.  I’m attending PT, and My therapist said I should wear Asics. They are wonderful, great support. Realizing I needed new shoes and probably a size up, I took a chance and ordered 71/2 wide. They are wonderful no cramped toes plenty of laces.
  2. In the past, I had ASICS and loved them but regret buying this pair. They feet comfortable in the store, and are ok for daily activities. However, I absolutely hate them for working out: spin, kickboxing, and boot camp. My feet feel so tight in them even after loosening the laces. Definitely go up a half size from your normal size.
  3. This is my first pair of ASICS and I absolutely love them. I sized up a half size which I typically do in most running shoes. I ran in these twice on the treadmill to try them out and they are very comfortable and easy to run in.
  4. Great shoe for walking. I’ve been buying Asics gel shoes for a long time. love them. I’m loving my news shoes since my last ones pinched my toes a little. So, I went up a size & got the right width too and color online. only negative is that they had to be delivered to my home since not in stock at local store. but thankfully they were not stolen.



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Alternatives – Women’s Running Shoes Wide Toe Box

1. Buy Normal Men’s Wide Shoes

Never try to ignore the difference between men’s and women’s running shoes or between men and womens foot shapes. If you already run out of wide bunion shoe options for your feet conditions, take a look into mens sneakers for running before you give up.

A better fit women’s running shoe with wide toe box can turn out to be a very narrow shoe in mens category, Why? because history demonstrates that men and women have very different feet geometry.

primarily, en’s and women’s feet have different sizes. Compared to the corresponding men’s feet, women’s feet are built with wider forefoot and toe and narrower heel. Mens feet are wide and large, hence men’s shoes are usually wider and sized larger than women’s shoes.

Look around and you’ll find that men’s normal sized shoes are larger than women’s wide running shoes. So if you can’t find an extra wide womens shoes for bunions Women, try men’s wider running shoes which are built to accommodate their generally larger weight and size.


2. Modify Your Existing Ladies Running Shoes

You can help stretch existing running shoes to create roomy space at the toe box. Again, you can also make the sure feel wider with the best lacing styles. Another options is that you just need to learn good bunion shoe lacing.  you can turn a discomforting shoe into very comfortable shoe by changing the insoles. Just remove the midsoles or replace them with light one, and your bunion shoe will fit a broadly foot shaped foot.


Wider Sneakers for Bunions Womens – How to Make More Toe Room

You get bunions when your outside toe is falling in and out of alignment. Squeezing that toe further causes the bunion to get severe much quicker and you know that leaves you in pain.

Changing your shoes is one of the fastest ways to get your bunions some relief. But shoes that are slightly too small, shoes that are too tight at forefoot, even pointed-toe shoes and high heels can restrict natural motion of your feet and cause bunions to get much worse.

To look for shoes with plenty of toe room provide immediate relief to the affected foot, you can either get new running shoes custom made for bunions or you stretch existing tight-fitting ones.


1. Stretch Existing Running Shoes for Bunions

If you are tight on budget, alternatively, you may consider stretching your existing sports, running or walking sneakers to accommodate your bunion toe. Try out these 3 tips how to Stretch Shoes for Bunions

Professional Shoe Stretcher

A Premium professional shoe stretching tool often works together with a shoe spray

  • Firstly, spray the your shoe to loosens up the fibers and make stretching process more effective, then insert the shoe stretcher.  When you spray this inside and outside your shoes, the material will soften and shape to fit your foot when you walk.
  • While the stretcher is inserted, twist its widening handle to expand the shoe.
  • Allow the stretcher in the shoe for 24 hours before you remove
  • Try your shoes.

Try this FootFitter Shoe Stretcher and an Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray – You can increase the comfort of your shoes instantly with this spray

Use Heat – Hair Dryer

Heat is best used on leather running shoes, beware that some shoe materials could get ruined if exposed to heat.

  • First wear thick pair of socks and slip your feet into your shoes, you will get it too tight here.
  • Start a hair dryer and pump the hot air toward the tight areas of your shoe.
  • While the hot air is still blowing, start wiggling your toes or you flex your foot.
  • Turn the dryer off when the shoe is loose, toe wiggles freely or when its hot enough.
  • Keep wearing your shoes with the thick socks for some hours

Spray with alcohol

Get rubbing alcohol from a local store and mix with 50% water. Spray, or rub the diluted alcohol on your shoes. Wear and walk or run round with the shoes immediately after spraying. don’t over spray – alcohol could damage the shoe fabric. This method is better with natural fabrics.

If stretching your shoes does not help, a perfect solution to treat you bunion toe pains is buy running shoes for bunions. Whether you’re looking for fashionable walking or running shoes to fix or hide bunions, know that Orthopaedic bunion shoes come with a wide toe box, soft stretchable upper, and special orthotic insoles that provide arch support, reduce pronation and help straighten the toes.


2. Bunion Shoe Lacing Techniques

Check these tips about how to lace shoes for bunions. This lacing method significantly minimizes the pressure on the bunion.

  • How to Lace Your Running Shoes For a Better Fit

Every pair of feet has its own quirks, so it’s not easy to find running shoes that fit like a dream. For those with wide feet, shoes may often feel too snug at the toe box, while those with bunions. Here’s how to Lace Your Running Shoes For a Better Fit


  • How To Reduce Bunion Pains :Bunion Step-Over

This particular lacing technique is great for anyone with bunion issues or high arches. The Bunion Step-Over is a great lacing technique to reduce pressure off the bunion allowing you to walk or run pain free.


Type of Shoes to avoid when running with bunions

What shoes are bad for bunions? Wearing improper running shoes is a bad way how to cure or heal bunion pains.
high heels shoes – high heels shift your weight towards forefoot and bunion toes adding more pressure. If you must wear high heeled running sneakers, the best heels for bunion is 10mm and less.

  • Narrow or tight fit shoes – they irritate bunions when the toes bruise against the walls or against each other. Blister are often results of wearing narrower tennis shoes for running.
  • Stiff shoes – best running shoes to relieve throbbing bunion pain needs flexibility. Any running sneaker with stiff upper wouldn’t be friendly with your bunion pain treatment, expect your bunions to hurt really bad.
  • Worn-Out shoes – Worn-Out bunion correction shoes lose its cushioning, comfort, support and offer little stability to help cure your bunion toe.
  • Barefoot shoes – though they help strengthen your feet, the aren’t going to help if you have advanced or severe bunions. Barefoot running with bunions is too dangerous on pavement, earth road and rocky terrains.
  • Flip-Flops – Are flip-flops good for bunions? NOT REALLY, they irritate bunions


Bunion Running Guide – Tips For Running With Bunions

is running bad for bunions? Hell No, rather running is one of those toe exercises to prevent bunions.
If your bunions hurt really bad, there are ways how to help prevent bunions symptoms and relieve the pains. Follow these running guide for bunion hurting feet and you wouldn’t get hurt again.

  • Avoid improper shoes – tight-fit, worn-out sneakers.
  • wear bunion prevention socks and splints to avoid bruises and secure your feet in the foot chamber
  • Remove insoles if your feet swell and gets larger volume. Or you simply replace the thick insoles with light ones for make more room for you feet.
  • Practice correct shoe lacing techniques for bunion
  • Take bunion prevention exercises like toe stretching, bunion tapping
  • Wear good orthotics or right fit shoes with wider toe box, to correct bunion.
  • After running or doing other bunion prevention exercises, separate your toes with toe spacers or toe seperators to avoid toe rubbing.


Bunion Prevention Exercises

Rae you still suffering from throbbling bunion pains at night? There are several exercises how to get rid of bunions with home remedy. If you exercise your feet very often, say before and after running, you can easily fix or relieve pain and treat your bunions. But you should avoid rigorous and strenuous exercises or massage. Check the video below to see what exercises you can do to cure bunions toes.

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Does running cause bunions?

Bunions doesn’t develop because of running routine. Gene(hereditary), arthritis, inflammations, and foot deformities including incorrect footwear are responsible for bunion cause.

Running only makes bunions get worse or aggravates if proper running shoes are not used. Worn out, high heels and narrower toe tipping sneakers can cause straining your feet when you run on rough terrain and when you do strenuous activities and sports.


Is it okay to run even with bunions?

Yes, all you just need to do is follow tips for running with bunions. The bunion running tips mentioned can relieve or prevent bunion pain. In cases where you undergone surgery, it is often advisable you consult your  podiatrist first before you engage in running exercises or any active sports and competitions.


Do bunions exercises work?

There are few ways how to prevent bunionettes from getting worse but bunion correction exercises like foot scrunch, toe yoga and stretching are easy to do at home to strengthen foot muscles. These correction exercises are effective in curing bunion pains.


Can bunionette go away?

A tailor’s bunion will not just go away without a battle against it. Conservative treatment can help relieve pain and stop bunion progress, but to make the “bump” go away is not easy. The easiest way to get rid of that bony bump is buy taking bunion surgery.

You can also prevent bunions by wearing supportive, comfortable, wide-toed shoes and avoiding narrow, tight, high-heeled shoes. Wearing toe spacers and massaging can also help.


What is the best motion control shoes for bunions?

With the best motion control shoes for bunion, you can reduce effects of overpronation of your feet. Just as the name says, these runners sneakers control the motion of your feet when they twist or move out of natural foot position during running exercises.
Best motion control shoes for bunion and overppronation – Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 19.


What stability shoes for bunions are the best?

A running bunion corrector footwear with padding at the tongues and collar, help keep your feet in one place as you run. The best stable shoes in our women bunion shoes review is the Saucony Omni 16 bunion corrector shoes.


Glycerine Vs Ghost – Which brooks bunion corrector shoes is best with wide toe box?

So rough a question! These pretty brooks sneakers are in the list of the best neutral running shoes for athletes today. They are also brooks wide toe box shoes to help correct bunions. They also come in normal and wide width shoe sizes for averagely big foot. However, brooks glycerine is a fashionable shoes for bunions that has more cushioning than ghost. The choice is your depending which bunion corrector footwear for ladies truly serves your purpose.


Are the best minimalist running shoes good for bunions?

Altra Olympus 2.5 Trail running shoe is a  minimalist shoe(barefoot shoes) for bunions. They help to strengthen your feet and prevent aggravation of bunions but can be hurting and less friendly when you run barefoot on pavements and rocky roads. If you got no experience running with barefoot, you need to take a long transition period to get familiar with it.


What is the best footwear solution for people with bunions?

In another way, what special shoes can correct bunions for running? Sports shoes with large and roomy toe box, cushioned, flexible sole, meshed upper are the most pretty bunion corrector shoes runners crave for.

Besides athletic shoes, some choices of the bunion corrector shoes with promising therapeutic relief for women with big toe bunions are,

  1. Bunion shoes sandals  like Espadrille wedge sandals with wide open toe and a soft, supportive footbed.
  2. Slippers – comfy, orthopedic, casual corrector  slippers are the best womens slippers for bunions
  3. Knee-high-BootsEmma fashion boots with has wide toe box, cushioned midsole and deep heel cups for all-day comfort. One on the best womens boots for bunions
  4. Women SneakersVionic Demetra slip-on Sneaker is soft, breathable leather and a cushioned footbed -best sneaker for bunions. Its podiatrist-designed midsole hugs your arches and deals with bunions pains.
  5. BalletClarks Womens Ayla ballet flat is one of round toe box womens ballet shoes for bunion with ortholite footbed.


How often should I replace my Bunion running shoes?

There’s is one mistake runners make, and that’s they wait until the soles and meshed upper of their trainers for bunions get worn-out before they shop for replacements.

As a serious bunion runner, you should never let even your best sneakers for bunion and marathon running get worn-out to point where you feel bad bunion pains.

If your running shoes for women starts offering little support, discomfort and less cushioning, you know they’re gradually wearing out, so you replace them immediately.


What can I do to stay an athlete if I have bunions?

  • Change your your athletic shoes for bunions. Buy the best running exercise shoes for bunions that can comfortably and pain-freely serve you before and even after you get a bunion surgery.
  • Avoid even the best gym shoes for bunions with improper fit and discomfort
  • See your doctor or a podiatrists

What’s is the best shoe for bunions treatment?

When shopping for best arch support bunion shoes, know that your best womens running shoe to prevent bunions pains must be:

  • Wide enough
  • Has low heel
  • Has adjustable buckles or straps

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