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A treadmill has been one of the best home workout equipment to keep fit and build a healthy lifestyle, especially during this COVID 19 pandemic, and bad weathers. The restrictions on movements, and sometimes, harsh weathers, hinder fitness fanatics from stepping out into the gym. So many people have been working out more at home, than in the outdoor.

If you have ever tried exercising at home, there is one problem you probably had suffered and struggled silently handle, and that is boredom. Getting bored when, walking, jogging or running on a Nordictract treadmill inside your apartment, has been one top contributor to why most people never get to achieve their fitness goals. If you have been a victim to a boring and unmotivated home workout, you wont love the experience.

You would do all kinds of cardio workouts and strength training at home but unfortunately, you never ever got a better result. Some people who dreamed of manage their overweight, by burning belly or thigh fats, never get to lose a pound.

If you don’t do something against your lack of excitement , motivation, towards your home fitness, you got nothing even after pounding the treadmill harder and intensely. Luckily, we have the right solution for you. Just pick the best treadmill with tv screen, internet, WiFi, bluetooth and iFit membership.


best treadmill with tv and internet
Img: A Treadmill with tv and internet


Value of having a treadmill with TV and  Internet

You would never lose your motivation towards fitness training, if you combine entertainment and fitness at the comfort of you home. Running on a treadmill while watching your favorite movies, TV series, or streaming iFit fitness courses from professional trainers, is an awesome experience that is pretty good for your workout performance. I recommend you to try it out.

Leaving your treadmill and TV remain in one room, would create a level of motivation that will cause you to double the number of hours you allocated per training session. You will also push you body to extreme limits, and cause your heart to endure longer, because you will exercise happily for more hours.

More importantly, you can’t stay longer in the gym, because you will soon come running home, to watch your favorite TV shows. You know, commercial gyms, would never entertain you the way you want, except the friends, and the social community to would belong to. Check this article on the Safety and Benefits of Treadmill Exercise for seniors


Which Treadmill Can You Watch TV On?

In  a hurry, check these treadmills, which connect to tv screen, internet, iFit, and online. Pick the best treadmill with tv that meets your price.


The best treadmills with TV screen Reviewed

It is for all these reasons that many treadmill manufacturers are making iFit enabled treadmills, Netflix connected treadmills and also turning some traditional treadmill into smart home gym machines with internet, Wifi, bluetooth and so on.

These smart, tv connected treadmills are more pricier, but they deliver absolutely the right performance and behavior, you expected for your home workout. If you love more affordable options, check this best treadmills under $1000 and very budget friendlier treadmills under $500.


NordicTrack Commercial 2950 – The Best Smart Treadmill with TV and Internet

NordicTrack Commercial Series 22" HD Touchscreen Display Treadmill 2950 model + 1 Year iFit Membership

NordicTrack Commercial 2950, is the best treadmill with the widest smart tv screen from Nordic-tract brand of machines. Much like the NordicTrack 2450 cousin, theirs commercial 2950 is a treadmill with cinematic tv screen, which is larger, about 22 inches.

If you want to double or quickly improve in the running and cardio training at home, without losing your motivation and confidence, this Nordictract 2950 is the right home gym machine. The Super wide HD touch screen provides a display that brings a mind-blowing interactive personal training streaming from iFit, into your home.

Unlike some iFit-connected treadmills, the first time you step on this home running treadmill 2950, you would feel as if you are in an iMax theater. You will actually enjoy an exceptional home-cinema viewing experience, during your on-demand iFit workouts.

Built with much stronger frames, the smart treadmill with touch screen tv, can be fully inclined to about 17 inches from the floor. This looks pretty high, so if you consider it as a treadmill for heavier and tall runners, your ceiling must be high enough.

Before you complete shopping for a treadmill with tv and Internet, make some measurements to determine whether the treadmill will fit the space in your apartment.

In addition to the included 12-month iFit family membership, you can enjoy 5 individual exercise profiles, with access to live, studio, and global workouts, at a reasonable price.

There is plenty off outdoor workout to do on this machine. The auto adjustable speed levels, incline and decline, offer you options to walk or run uphill or downhill like in a mountain hiking trip. In case the incline does not work, try out how to reset Nordictract treadmill.

The interactivity through the bigger smart HD touchscreen, makes you see as you climb or descend a hill, alongside your online instructor. Not only that, you also enjoy a good strength of yoga as an added value for your iFit membership.

Unfortunately, the Nordictract commercial series 22 inch HD touchscreen display treadmill cost over $3000. That is pretty much an expensive running machine for home. If is of course the best value, off screen and interactive workouts will help you push your limits.


NordicTrack Commercial 2450 – best treadmill with tv – touch screen

NordicTrack Commercial Series 14" HD Touchscreen Display Treadmill 2450 Model + 1 Year iFit Membership

Another treadmill with TV screen, is the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill. If you are one off those home runners looking to combine your walking or running workouts with entertainment, the commercial series 2450 offers the best value.

It is not common to find a cheap treadmill with tv screen, but considering the latest price under 2500 dollars, Nordictract 2450 is relatively affordable with a moderate price range.

Despite the machine having a 14-inch touchscreen, which is smaller than the HD screen of the cousin 2950, the NordicTrack treadmill 2450 makes the it’s choice for most customers. The display screen is sizable enough to live-stream and watch motivational home fitness videos,

If cost is an important consideration as you go shopping for a good home treadmill with TV screens, don’t go further. This apartment cardio workout machine is the unit you are seeking. For around $2000, it can meet the needs of your entertainment while working out.

When you purchase this Nordictract high-tech equipment, you benefit 1 year of i-Fit membership. IFit interactive training allows you to take outdoor exercise, at the comfort of your home. The running treadmill stat tracking is a breeze, on the screen, in addition to following workout instructions for certified fitness trainers.

Nothing is more facilitating than having this treadmill with built-in tv screen, which automatically sets and controls your running speed, incline and decline.

Other Highlighted Features of  NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill include:


  •  free 1-year iFit family membership
  •  Space-saving or foldable design, a small space storing
  •  Ample running surface with 20’’x60’’ treadmill for bigger guys
  •  FlexSelect cushioning provide comfort when running
  •  Maximum user’s weight: 300 pounds
  •  10-year frame guarantee, 2-year parts and 1-year labor guarantee


  • Expensive for low income runners


Matrix TF50 With Matrix XIR COnsole Treadmill With TV

Matrix Fitness TF50 Treadmill with Xir Console - HD touchscreen console with best in Apps to keep boredom away

You might have wondered is there are any treadmills that you an watch Netflix on? This matrix matrix console treadmill comes with a tv screen that is wifi and Bluetooth enabled, and streams Netflix.

Matrix had been into treadmill business for some times , and they manufacture one of the best quality treadmills in the market. As compared to famous treadmill brands, matrix is a less known band, which also makes treadmills with built-in tv screen.

Is Matrix TF 50 a treadmill with smart screen? Absolutely yes! The Matrix TF50 comes has a tv monitor, with 16’’ touchscreen display, Wifi network support for Android and 5W speakers. The matrix is also a smart treadmill with touch screen and a Bluetooth wirelessly connecting devices during fitness treadmill exercises.

Gadgets that aren’t Bluetooth compatible are charged by the inbuilt USB port. These whole lot of tech features combine to give you get an experience of working out in full home entertainment theaters setting.

Unlike some high end smart treadmills, Matrix TF50 considered your heart health too, by including a Polar chest trap in the deal, to track your heart rate.

The Matrix XIR treadmill with wifi and Bluetooth also support fitness tracking through its ViaFit created by Johnson Fitness – the manufacturer of Matrix equipment. Other trending applications incorporated into the treadmill tv screen include Facebook social media, Netflix, Hulu and some fitness workout apps.

The support for Netflix makes it the best smart home gym equipment that is going to be providing you with an endless stream of entertainment. With so much entertainment, you can spend a whole night running on this treadmill exercise machine to lose weight at the comfort of your home.

This is the greatest smart gym equipment that a serious runner would ever love to install in his home gym. From sprint workout to high intensity interval training(HIIT) system, you can explore the virtual fitness world right from the Matrix console.

The unit features a powerful 3.25 CHP motor, a size you would also find in a spa, gym or a health club machines. Thankfully, the machine not just reliable, but it is a super heavy-duty treadmill with durable frames and high user weight limit of 400 lbs.

That makes it the best smart treadmill for overweight or heavy runners with 300 lbs, 350 lbs or max 400 lbs body weight. Unfortunately, the price is not budget friendly or affordable for everyone.


  • 16’’ touchscreen display is legible and bright
  • Durable and strong frames
  • Largest incline range : 0 – 15%
  • Maximum speed,  12.5 mph
  • Power Engine for running: 3.5 Chp
  • Network connectivity  : Bluetooth, Wifi, Internet
  • Alollows Streaming from Netflix



Life Fitness 95T treadmill – best treadmill for heavy person, with built-in tv screen

Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series Treadmill w/ Discover SE Console | Commercial Grade Treadmill with 15 Percent Incline

It is not so common to find the best treadmill for heavy runners, obese persons or overweight people, with a good tv screen. You may skim through all home running machines, but picking the right one that holds oversized users with up 400lb is not easy task.

A heavy duty treadmill like this LifeFitness 95T, with more than 350 pounds runners weight support, is a great choice for fat people who want to lose thigh and belly fats. Luckily, they would shed all that body muscle fats at home, while being entertained.

The 19″ integrated touch screen streams videos, plays musics, and allows you to enjoy assisted workout from personal trainers. You can also get connected to the fitness online community and browse the Internet, while exercising.

Whether you are android or apple fan, you are just lucky. The treadmill is connected to a smart tv screen with good Internet connectivity, allowing you to surf both android and apple worlds.

It is up to you what smart workout you want to enjoy, through the high tech tv screen. Be it an interactive running trails, or backcountry running, you can simulate that from the LifeFitness treadmill console.

If you are suffering bad knee due to injuries at the joint, or arthritis, life fitness can reduce the stress off the painful area. The flexdeck Shock absorption system offers a smooth ride, regardless of how heavy you are. The cushioned deck reduces the risk of feet or leg injury even if you are obese, overweight or have longer strides.

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This treadmill with TV is the best option if you are looking for a health-friendly and therapy machine to improve your health through walking, jogging and running. It’s maximum speed is about 14 miles per hour.

Lastly, it has a wide running area off dimension 22″ wide and 60″ long. The offers some versatility as to what size of runners it holds. Even tall people with longer strides and persons with large body-build will still leave a lot of room when working out.

Overall, the life fitness treadmill with tv is suitable for target customers including seniors, people with bad knees, obese people, tall runners, fat guys, and runners with 350 pound of body weight on a scale.


  •  Large 19″ tv screen display $ speakers.
  •  Heavy-duty motor
  •  User weight support : 400 lbs
  •  Large running area : 22″ x 60″
  •  Has shock absorption and well cushioned
  •  Heavy duty Treadmill with tv and



ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill With a TV Screen

Best treadmill with tv screen - ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill - Space saver design with easy lift assist 10 inch full color touchscreen. iFit enabled, EKG heart rate monitor with wireless chest strap and integrated tablet holder

ProForm 2000 stunned the market and became the best selling Proform home running equipment. Today, Proform 9000 is the upgrade, with the widest running deck area,(22 x 60) and best offer of entertainment.

The ProForm 9000 exercise machine is designed and used for home gym. But many customers, considering its quality features and how large it is, see it as a light commercial treadmill.

Looking at the super quality and high-grade steel construction of frame and other components, like the huge 4.25 CHP motor, you know the manufacturer put a lot of effort went into the exercise equipment.

The Mach Z commercial plus motor delivers up to 12mph belt speed. Besides this high intensity speed control, Proform 9000 is a high-performance treadmill with smart tv screen. The 10″ touchscreen looks like it’s pretty smaller, but with good network features like Internet and chrome browser capability, you stream your entertainment as you like it.

But can you stream iFit in its smart tv? Proform has given finest engineering into building this treadmill, integrated it with iFit. You can learn working out from the global-class coaching programs, personal and professional trainers.

The Proform 9000 treadmill with touch screen also comes with both automatic 15% incline(uphill) and 3% decline(downhill) controls, to enable you experience real mountain trails and hikes. I think the ProForm 9000 has the largest incline/decline ranges, which is adjustable at angles of 1%.

The light commercial treadmill motor is powerful, and with durable and well built frame, this treadmill with tv and Internet can ensure pressure fro tall runners and heavy people.

The largest running area is good for people with larger bodybuilding or fat guys, to allow ample space when they work out. Using a residential treadmill can get you bored at home, So customers are really satisfied this machine with iFit and internet-enabled touchscreen console.

That gets you a massive benefit from various entertainment options, so the famous ProForm Pro 9000 is no surprisedly regarded as the highest standard treadmill with tv in the market.

It’s y best treadmill with tv screen,Internet and chrome browser supports. Other think I like include:


  • Google Chrome compatibility
  • Stream anything at any time
  • Best for tall and heavy runners
  • Multi-function touchscreen
  • Wide and comfortable running surface


  •  Not durable as NordicTrack’s
  • Warranty not as good
  •  No Runner’s Flex
  • Expensive


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Treadmill with tv Buying Guide

You are not buying a treadmill to only get entertained, you are shopping for the unit, to improve your body health and get a fitter lifestyle. There is need that you should balance, your considerations. Also focus on growing your Motivation to keep working out. So I hope you will Focus on how you will keep a burning and un-boring desire to achieve your fitness goals. As a result, A treadmill machine that offers you cinematic and theater experience, would drive boredom from your fitness workout routines.

Tv screen dimension

A larger screen offers more cinematic view, than small screen.

Storage space

Measure your storage space at home first, before going out to shop.

Type of treadmill

You already know that you can’t order a manual treadmill and expect it comes with an integrated TV screen

Motor power

Depending on your workout goals, a powerful motor has at least 3 CHP and delivers higher speed than smaller motors. Heavy duty treadmills have high horsepower engines, which are great for weight loss exercises, calorie burning workouts, and HIIT.

Programmed workouts

A smart treadmill with many programmed workouts is a green ticket to achieving your fitness foals in a variety of exciting exercises, at home.

Treadmill weight capacity

Overweight runners, should check this value before purchase. You can’t weight 350 lbs and you buy a treadmill with 300 lbs maximum user weight capacity. 350 pounds to 500 pounds weight capacity is great for obese persons, and heavy, tall runners too.

Connectivity (Internet/Wi-Fi) support

You want a treadmill with media features, you make sure the treadmill screen can support internet surfing, WIFI, and bluetoth connectivity.

Other feature

Mp3 players, USB ports, cup or tablet holders and safety handles are other things to look into.


Which treadmills can you watch TV on?
Img: Which treadmills can you watch TV on?


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Netflix on my ProForm treadmill?

Here is how to load Netflix app on a NordicTrack treadmill. Watch this video for a quick start

Can you watch Netflix on a treadmill?

YES, you can connect Netflix to a treadmill with screen. Watching other online streaming website like Youtube, on Treadmill with screen is truly jaw-dropping. However, not all treadmill models, brands are compatible or support this smart features.

Which treadmill has HDMI?

The best treadmill with TV and HDMI ports is the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill . It has an interactive touch screen display, with dimension of 14″. It is also blurtooth, Wifi, HDMI compartible.

Can I watch movies on Proform treadmill?

The ProForm 9000 treadmill is a very smart indoor running machine. While some models of Profrm treadmills are traditional and require you to mount a standalone television screen on the wall, inside the home gym, ProForm 9000 is all in one. The unit can support internet browsing, video streaming, music playing, check emails, and at same time tone your muscles.


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