Best Rebounder For Seniors – For Quick Health Recovery 2020

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Is trampoline good for older people? YES, it does more help to adults beyond what traditional exercises could do. Wouldn’t you want to try it out  yourself? Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is a low-impact exercise mixed with fun and it is good for all age groups, including seniors in their 60s. Rebounding is also an aerobic workout for balance and stability that no one would like to miss out especially adults who lose stability as they get older.

With the best mini trampoline rebounder, you would enjoy fitness exercises for seniors that involves jogging, jumping and other trampoline  workouts. With lots of healthful benefits than walking or running, jumping on a rebounder mini trampoline can reduce challenges of growing old and also contribute to anti aging.


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Are trampolines good exercise for old adults?

Many health professionals recommend rebounding exercises for seniors in their 60s, especially to help them stay balanced and in good shape. A 15-30 minute rebounding exercise each day can change your life without causing additional stress on your joints and muscles. 

If this was never true, there wouldn’t be need for physical therapists to recommend rebounding exercises for old men and women with arthritis, painful joints and legs. Mini trampoline exercises for seniors wouldn’t have been in their list for an excellent treatment of aging related health challenges.

The medical benefits of Rebounding are many. Rebounder exercises strengthens heart, lungs muscles. Rebounding for skin results in cell revitalization. Some times, wrinkles disappear from your face when you go rebounding to tone your facial muscles and neck, thus giving you a natural face lift than surgery.

Rebounder mini trampoline exercises there benefits skins of most seniors in  anti aging. Not to forget, exercising on rebounder trampoline benefits your lymphatic system in flushing out toxins.

A personalized trampoline workout is a fun way to deal with arthritis, bad knees, overweight, cellulite and osteoporosis at the comfort of you home. A good quality rebounder with great features is such a great stress reliever you would want for every old adult over 60 years.

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What is the best mini trampoline for seniors?

Rebounding, which involves low-impact jumping on a fitness mini trampoline, can increase flexibility, reduce joint pressure. There are many rebounder benefits when you start using mini rebounder trampoline associated with seniors over 60 years.

To make it easier for you to buy the best exercise rebounder trampoline designed with a stabilizer bar for seniors, we have created a list of the best high end rebounder trampoline that you can choose one that suits your needs.

If you are in a hurry, here are our top selected mini fitness trampolines for you. We made sure we selected those soft bounce rebounders that senior citizens would enjoy their rebounding exercise without fear of ankle pains.


Is trampolining good exercise for fun?

Trampolining is such a fun exercise that both kids, adults and old people enjoy the most on their own. The feeling of flying  adventure in air when jumping on rebounder trampoline is one that even adult regain sense of youthfulness on every bounce.

For elderly adults, a perfect rebounding exercises for seniors doesn’t just bring fun, they ease if not reduce,  their many health challenges that come with aging.

While walking, jogging and brain exercises for seniors are some recommended ways seniors can exercise and stay healthy, another one of the simple core exercises for elderly is rebounding. Just a brisk walking of elderly person on a mini trampoline rebounder is enough to give him a healthy living lifestyle in his aging process.

If you know little about the great effects of trampoline exercises for seniors, here, you’ll find more benefits of rebounding for seniors over 50 years old. The numerous health benefits of rebounding for elderly adults, would help you stay fit, balanced and in good shape.

What is the best mini trampoline for seniors, that can provide both fun and health benefits? We will find answers to these questions in this article.


How To Use a Rebounder With Stability Bar For Elderly

What is the proper way to use a rebounder for seniors? In this video, you will learn how to start using a rebounder effectively.  There are different ways how to use a rebounder for exercise but one thing to note is that the correct way to use a rebounder is to just get started with one.

You learn how to use mini rebounder by just jumping, by doing the real thing and not by reading. All depends on the purpose for which you buy the mini trampoline. How to use a rebounder for weight loss is different from the way you use rebounder for lymphatic drainage or for balancing exercises. They wouldn’t produce the same results.

Video Guide on how you can use a rebounder trampoline

The next section of this article will help you get the best rebounder trampoline for adults over 50.



How To Choose The Best Rebounder For Elderly

How do you pick a good rebounder – exercise trampoline for seniors, for an effective health bounce? When choosing the best rebounder for elderly people, you should do your best to put security and safety first.

This helps to ensure your choice of the best mini rebounder for an elderly individual is worthy and satisfying, without causing additional pains and troubles. Whatever your mini trampoline exercise plan is, a safe rebounder trampoline would actually deliver the full value of health benefits you expects from it.

Remember, mini rebounders are much more preferable for personal trampoline workout in all seasons and in all weathers. Mini trampoline exercises are effective when you take it on regular basis, and that is only possible when you exercise on trampoline at home or in your office.

It is very unlikely you can use urban rebounder frequently whenever you feel the need, even at night or in rainy days. So focus on buying best mini trampoline rebounder that any old person can use at home or office any time.

Consider these helpful tips how to pick an excellent trampoline with great benefits:

Stability Bar

 When choosing the best rebounder for adults over 50 years, you need to put safety first. Do not compromise safety for anything. In this case, the best thing is, you pick a fitness rebounder with support bar for added safety when jumping. Avoid any mini exercise trampoline without handle bars.

Note that just walking or jumping on the a mini rebounder can turn out to be deadly for seniors, if safety procedures and features are ignored. Don’t choose a kind of light trampoline that promises the best health bounce, just to end up with another health disaster. A quality rebounder with handle bar is what you should go for because that will help an old man stay centered on trampoline surface.

Safety Lock

According to expert advice, not only should you look for trampoline rebounders with stabilizing bars, make sure it has a safety lock for legs. A mini rebounder for elderly, with safety lock is to make sure it doesn’t snap or suddenly fold while you are jumping on it.

Foldable Design

One additional thing, urban rebounder exercises are much more stressful for adults over 80 years than for young guys. For convenience, i would recommend you choose a foldable rebounder that is great for home use. With a mini trampoline at home, rebounder exercises for seniors can be taken more frequently than going outdoor for urban rebounder exercises.

Again, if you have such a small apartment that you feel there isn’t a storage space for your fitness exercise equipment, you buy a high quality folding rebounder.

The best trampoline that can save you space at home must have a great feature like folding legs. Foldable design is even the best feature  portable trampoline exercise if you intent to go on journey or travel. This means you pick a lightweight trampoline for your exercise routine if you constantly travel, go on vacation or if you go camping and adventure.

Bungee Cords Vs Springs

Are Bungee Cords or Springs Better for shock absorption in a high quality exercise rebounder for seniors? 

Check to make sure the rebounder has firmer and durable  bungee cords to prevent falling through when they get loose. However, you have to decide which is best for you – spring mini trampoline or bungee cords? Bungee cords are the bounciest, so avoid it if the elderly man has osteoporosis that rather need low impact jumps.

Are bungee cord rebounders better? A good example of soft bounce rebounders is a trampoline with good bungee strength. The deeper, smoother bounce of a bungee rebounder will get you in shape faster than spring-based rebounder trampoline. They don’t cause impact stress like some spring rebounders do.

You would expect frequent replacing and repairing of spring trampolines when the steel springs rust or break.

For all these reasons, a comfortable indoor trampoline with bar for an old woman should be one with bungee cords to absorb shocks due to impact bounce. A bungee cord trampolines are a superior choice for you.

Size -Diameter

Averagely, 35 inch to 50 inch rebounder trampolines are good for all adult body sizes. With bigger rebounder mat, you would have lot of space for bouncing on the trampoline surface. You should avoid smaller mini trampolines because a smaller rebounder surface exposes you to risk of falling out when landing.

For the best rebounding exercise trampoline for the elderly, that can give a sizable bounce, you should pick one about 40-inches average size. The enough space on the rebounder surface is great value even for fat adults with big body sizes.

Keep in mind, the actual bouncing mat is often smaller than the advertised size. You therefore make sure you get standard and classic trampolines with sizes that are super larger than average.

 Frames and Legs

A rebounder for elderly in their 60s becomes delicate and unsafe if its not made from high quality and tear resistant materials. To get a great value for your exercise equipment for rebounding, choose a rebounder with steel frames whose manufacture offers more than 3 – 10 years frame warranty.

Also keep eye if the fitness rebounder has sturdy legs for support during you low impact aerobic exercise. I suggest you should avoid even the best budget rebounder with bar, unless it has good structural  and material durability plus warranty. An expensive but firm most durable trampolines for adult is better than a cheap rebounder.

Weight Limit

How many people will be jumping on the rebounder? What’s the maximum user weight the rebounder can support?

The maximum weight limit of your ideal mini rebounder is important to determine the total jumps it can support from a single user. The best way to estimate the maximum weight capacity of your mini trampoline is to multiply your body weight by 1.5 or 2.

if you are 200 pound user, your ideal rebounder should be able to support about 300 – 400 lbs pounds as maximum weight limit.

That way you wouldn’t jump through the trampoline mat when accident occurs. If you are 350 lbs obese, fat or heavy guy, it takes just few small jumps on a 350 lbs weight capacity small trampoline to ruin it or to get badly hurt within a shorter amount of time.


You want a rebounder that has a well-built frame, 6 sturdy legs, durable mat as well as a durable stability bar. The rebounder should be relatively easy to build, with the trampoline staying firm even after extensive jumping.

Avoid rebounding trampoline that is cheap with cheap materials or has parts that do not fit together right. They end up breaking and leading to injury.


bellicon rebounder mini trampoline for adults with bar



Best Rebounder for Seniors With Stability Bars -Reviewed

To enjoy full mini trampoline benefits of rebounding,  you need the best mini trampoline with handles. You must ensure there is a minimum safety before you engage in any rebounding exercise for an elderly individual.

One of important risks for seniors jumping on a trampoline rebounder is the possibility of falling over. It becomes easier to lose control of muscles and balance as adults get older, that is why they need to hold on to something while jumping on the mini trampoline rebounder. In this case, you choose a mini trampoline with handle.

But what is the best trampoline for seniors with good safety features?

In our review, we recommend you buy the best rebounder with stability bars to ensure safety while you safely reap the full benefits of rebounding for old people.

Best Mini Trampolines for Seniors  Reviews:


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Exercise Fitness Trampoline – Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder for Obese And Heavy Adults 


mini trampoline workout for seniors - trampoline workout benefits If you really want to have fat people on a trampoline with handle bars for safety, then this is the best fitness trampoline with handle, designed for fat guys and for overweight who want to lose weight. The mini Exercise Fitness trampoline is good to be used for mini rebounding exercises to lose belly fat.

Stability Bar

Exercise Fitness trampoline is a home cardio exercise rebounder with handle, for stabilizing during trampoline workout. This fitness rebounder with handle bar offers a very low impact bounce and when seniors jump on it, they suffer less strain on knees and joints. 

This small fitness trampoline has an exercise rebounder bar with adjustable armrest for older adults to keep balance when doing a mini tramp workout.

Jumping Mat

This rebounder is an indoor mini trampoline with bar that has an exercise jumping mat held by wear-resistant and scratch-resistant springs and metal frames for maximum durability and stability.

This foldable mini trampoline is protectively designed such that the rubber cover on the legs helps to reduce noise and also protect your floor from scratching. 

Saves Space

If you want to enjoy home jogging trampoline benefits, and you have a problem of little space, this exercise rebounder with handle saves space. The fitness trampoline can easily fit a room in a small apartment, office, gym and small garden.

It min rebounder is a better trampoline with many benefits of rebounding for seniors because you can enjoy it without missing your favorite TV series.

Mini Trampoline Maximum Weight

With the high trampoline weight limit, overweight seniors can safely jump on it without fear of breaking through the surface. It is the best mini trampoline rebounder for obese people and heavy guys. This high capacity rebounder is great for morbidly obese people too.

Exercise Fitness trampoline is such a soft bounce rebounder and a great stress reliever that every overweight senior citizen and elderly with should knee pains should jump on it.


Maximum Trampoline Weight limit :770 lbs of user weight.

Out Take: Best Rebounder For Morbidly Obese and Overweight Adults. If you are too fat that you cannot find a  high capacity rebounder for 400 lbs people, buy this high weight limit trampoline – it is the best rebounder for heavy person. Both smaller adults and heavy adults can use it.

Discover More About  Exercise Fitness Trampoline


  • Foldable and easily stored
  • Less noisy rebounder with handle
  • Good quality, Durable and Safer
  • Excellent trampoline with Adjustable handle bar for stability
  • Great for both indoors and outdoor rebounder exercises for seniors
  • Perfect for rebounding exercises for seniors at home gym
  • One of the best the best rebounder trampoline for adults with heavy weight
  • Overweight seniors can use it


  • not the bounciest rebounder

Customers Experience

  • Users believe this trampoline with high weight limit is the best quality rebounder for seniors.
  • Great for both kids and older adults above 50,
  • Many users feel its the best budget rebounder for heavy adults and for weight loss.




Mini Sport Fitness Trampoline – Best Mini Trampoline For Obese and Heavy Adults.


benefits of rebounding for seniors - exercises you can do on a mini trampoline

If you are looking to start a mini trampoline exercises – a rebounder training to lose weight and belly fats at home, this mini trampoline with “t” bar handle is a perfect choice for you.

Mini sport fitness trampoline is one of the affordable, foldable exercise rebounder with handle that is particularly useful for strength bounce, aerobic exercises, cardio, balance and weight loss.


With its elastic bungee cords and stability bars, one of the benefits of this exercise mini trampoline is that it gives less strain, and pains on legs. Jumping on this trampoline rebounder without springs is a good exercise for elderly with bad knees.

This mini rebounder trampoline with “T” bar has an adjustable armrest to keep seniors well balanced during aerobic rebounding exercise. In order to provide more trampoline health benefits for adults over 50 years, the tubed legs are covered with rubber to minimize noise pollution at home or in office.

Jumping Surface

This keep fit mini trampoline, has 40 inch jumping pad surface large enough for fat people. In terms of putting it together, this rebounder is great for cardio trampoline exercises and low impact bounce workouts. It comes very easy to assemble and disassemble in less than 20 minutes.

Portable & Foldable

This bungee safe bounce rebounder is portable and foldable for home, travel and office use.This low impact rebounder is foldable to save space at home or office. If you love traveling, The oxford mat provides safer jump surface for seniors at a great price.


Mini Sport is a soft bounce rebounder – Adults can do fitness rebounding workout to keep active with less strain on joints, knees and back. It can make the best rebounder for old adults with bad knees and back problems.

Rebounder Surface : 40-inches

Out Take: with the large rebounder surface, people with large body build can still jump on it without falling out. It is the best mini rebounder trampoline for fat adults.

More On Mini Sport Fitness Trampoline


  • You may use this rebounder safely with or without shoes.
  • It’s a folding mini trampoline with handle
  • High quality bungees and durable rebounder
  • Good quality at a great price
  • Armrest is adjustable to fit any height of user


  • overly squeaky, which can be annoying during workouts
  • It is difficult to put together, even with the manual, and requires multiple people




Stamina In-Tone Oval Jogger – Best Mini Trampoline for Tall People Over 50 Years

Stamina Intone rebounder mini trampoline for lymphatic systems


Tall adults who want a  mini trampoline for fitness should consider taking this rebounder with good bungee strength.


Unlike its cousin Stamina 38-inch Intone Plus rebounder, this Stamina Intone trampoline has stability bar – great addition for safety.

The tall adjustable handle bar is a great addition for more stability when you start jumping for fun. When it comes to stability for seniors rebounding, Stamina In-Tone Oval trampoline  comes with a Foam covered handlebar that can be adjusted between 38.25” to 48” in 3.25” increments.

The padded handlebar adjusts to fit your height. You may avoid the handlebar if you want to enjoy more intense workout. The handlebar can limit your bounce by holding on to the bar during senior rebounding exercises.

For fear of jumping out of the bungee cords rebounder surface, this fitness mini trampoline rebounder has a visible Optic blue border that keeps you jumping inside the rebounder’s safe spot.

Bounce tracking

Do you want to check you number of jumps each minute? bear in mind that the number of jumps you make each minutes defines your strength and fitness level. Stamina can track you strength by telling you how many jumps you make each minute – it counts your every health bounce.

The number of bounce per minute tells you how much strength you have. The more, your number of bounce per minute, the more strength you have. Regular rebounding each day can tell if you strength is increasing or not.

Exercise trampoline weight capacity : 250 lbs

Our Take: To enjoy the benefits of a mini rebounder workout, Stamina Folding trampoline is the best mini trampoline for cardio and for lymphatic drainage. In-Tone trampoline is the best rebounder trampoline to track your strength and stamina while jumping.

Check More On Stamina In-Tone Trampoline


  • Affordable.
  • best folding mini trampoline with handle
  • safer for seniors of all heights
  • Armrest is adjustable to fit any height of user
  • Has workout DVD videos


  • Falls apart easily. not very durable



David Hall’s Cellerciser Rebounder Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder 300 lbs Capacity


rebounder senior fitness - benefits of rebounding for seniorsDavid Hall’s Cellerciser rebounder is a high end rebounder – one of the best exercise rebounder  trampoline  for old people over 50 years. If you ever want to enjoy safe walking on  a mini trampoline, buy this cellerciser rebounder with balance bar. The best thing that is unique with cellerciser  is that it increases the weight of gravity on every cell in your body, a very important factor that helps in anti aging.


Like tri-fold rebounders, The hall’s  cellerciser for seniors is designed with seniors safety in mind, durability and longevity. It is more effective than ordinary exercise rebounders for adults. This indoor trampoline with bar has a 40-inch steel frame and 28-inch rebounding mat, small enough for use in home gym.

This folding rebounder has a stability bar that can be set to 3 different heights to suit the adult. This makes it a suitable mini trampoline with bar for adults of various heights. It’s foldable and portable for home, office and vacation based rebounding exercise.

Cellerciser Rebounder Weight Limit

The celleciser rebounder for adults is an excellent trampoline rated for users up to 300 pounds weights. That means you get the best health bounce benefits available irrespective of your weight. Also, David cellerciser gives you opportunity to enjoy seniors rebounder exercises irrespective of every health issue you have.

Cellerciser Accessories

When you buy this folding rebounder for seniors, you gain some accessories. The balance bar trampoline kids come with a Carrying Bag, Stabilizing Bar, exercise dvds for seniors and two 40 inches extra springs. These accessories help boost your mini trampoline health benefits and helps in replacements and trouble shooting.

All-steel construction provides superior strength and life-long durability.

You want to know why cellerciser is the best rebounder?

Remember not all rebounders are created equally. Cellerciser rebounder has been on the market for more than two decades. Based on their experience, cellerciser is safe and a higher quality rebounder.

It is also a comfortable trampoline with anodized features that makes every users and senior adult to experience superior bounce quality. Its one of the best rebounder for health bounce you should try.


Cellerciser  Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Our Take: Home rebounding for over 60’s adults can be stress relieving than going out to participate in urban rebounder exercises for seniors. So this cellerciser Mini rebounder is the Best mini trampoline for home gym.

Lean More About This Cellerciser Mini Trampoline With Stability Bar for seniors


  • You may use this rebounder safely with shoes or with bare feet 
  • foldable mini trampoline that is easily stored
  • Comes with best workout dvd for 50-year-old
  • Durable 
  • best high end rebounder for seniors
  • Armrest is adjustable to 3 height of user
  • 5-year warranty on frame


  • Height adjustment is limited to just 3
  • Takes much time to set up
  • Jumping mat surface not large enough

Customers Experience

  • Customers feel an increase of the weight of gravity on every cell of their body every minute of bounce they take. It is enough to say that with a few minutes of Cellerciser mini trampoline workout, you will experience it revitalizing all your cells and internal organs.
  • Many users say its neither hard nor soft its firm and easy on your joints
  • After 4 months, users can do a lot without its stability bar, but still use it occasionally. This depends on your core and your balance




Needak Platinum Soft Bounce Folding Rebounder – Best Low Impact Mini Trampoline For seniors


mini trampoline with bar for adults - benefits of mini trampoline workout for seniors

Needak Folding Soft-Bounce rebounder is a miniature trampoline that is designed with 36 soft-bounce springs on a 40 inches diameter steel frame. This  needak rebounder mini trampoline is made entirely in the USA and complies with USA regulations for safe rebounding.

When you try this trampoline for rebounding exercises for seniors, you’ll notice it provides an incredibly efficient low impact bounce –  mini trampoline exercises that is particularly helpful for seniors. This is because the soft bounce spring absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each rebounder bounce you make.


This Needak Folding Rebounder fit trampoline comes with an optional stabilizing bar for a safe mini trampoline exercises for beginners, seniors or people with infirmities.

The Needak Stabilizing Bar is designed to adjust to three different levels and easily fits on the Rebounder. It is also durable, for all weather exercises for seniors at home or office.


When you buy this indoor trampoline with bar, there are accessories that help you reap full benefits of rebounding for seniors. You get a carrying bag, a free copy of the book, Jumping For Health by Dr. Morton Walker.

Another accessory that comes with this spring rebounder mini trampoline is the Immune System DVD video by Albert Carter and a free copy of Dr. Tina Wellman’s “Aerobic Resistance Rebounding”.

Saves Space

Needak rebounder has folding trampoline model and a non-folding model. If you have storage necessity in your living room or transport necessity buy this folding model. For outdoor or backyard rebounder exercise, the non-folding rebounder model would be ideal for a permanent or semi-permanent mount.

For a more personalized trampoline workout, needak is one of the best rebounder trampolines adults rely on for home. Needak is also small trampoline with handle, that is great for portable trampoline workouts in the office and for traveling.

Needak Soft bounce model has maximum weight limit 300 lbs; hard bounce model weight limit: 600 lbs.

Out Take: Best Low impact Mini Trampoline For seniors

Check More About Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder



  • Rubber legs reduce noise and floor scratching.
  • Come with a lifetime warranty for frame, 2 years warranty for matt.
  • Easy to assemble fitness rebounder
  • Durable and great for all weather exercises for seniors
  • Great for low impact exercises for elderly
  • 5 year-warranty on frame


  • quite painful if a senior happen to land on a spring unlike on bungee cords
  • not the bounciest rebounder

Customers Experience

  • The product itself is excellent but the booklet and the video are of very poor quality.
  • Provides amazing trampoline health benefits for circulation and lymph system stimulation.
  • The mini tramp with bar the best exercise rebounder trampoline for disabled seniors. They rebound on it without pains.



Bellicon Classic 49-Inches Mini Rebounder  – The Best Physical Therapy Trampoline For Adults

Bellicon rebounder for adults is best performing rebounder in wide variety of sizes from 39, 44, 49 inches with screw-in legs and fold up legs. This rebounder for adult does not comes with a removable “T” bar for stability. However, you can get this bellicon mini tramp with handle –  bellicon Plus 44-inches rebounder.


If you want to get the most out of the bungee bands rebounder for adult, pick one with ideal strength to support your weight. To tackle osteoporosis, your mini trampoline rebounder for seniors should have firmer bungee cords. The bungee cords are made from synthetic latex, they are ultra-elastic and makes bellicon the bounciest rebounder for seniors.


Jumping with back, knees, joints, pains requires you adjust to the gentlest possible performance. The balance bar, the frames are german engineered steels with high durability. The all steel frame exercise rebounder is one of the top rated amongst rebounders for the elderly especially a bellicon with stability bar..

Folding and Portability

For the convenience, storage and portability, bellicon provide fold-up legs on all their mini trampoline models. Full-up legs bellicons are stable and reliable as the standard screw-in legs but can easily be stored up in a closet or under a bed in a small room.


The bellicon rebounder for adults provides and easy to get energizing, full-body workout that’s gentle on your joints. The effects of bellicon workouts for seniors is amazingly effective for increasing cardio strength, balance, muscle tone and overall health of the adult.

The bellicon rebounder for adult with bar is endorsed by The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) for seniors of all weights.


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Manages weight up to 440 lbs

Our Take: Bellicon 49″ is the best rebounder for physical therapy and heavy adults

Check Out on Bellicon Plus 44 -inches rebounder with stbility bar for More stability and better balance



  • durable frames
  • bounciest rebounder with bungee cords
  • comes with instructional DVD and online workout video platform
  • Easy to store in small apartment
  • Easy to assemble fitness trampoline
  • Great for low impact exercises for elderly
  • quiet and efficient
  • has variety of bungee bands for all weights
  • Frame (Lifetime), Mat (5years), Bungees (1year) warranty


  • No stability bar
  • Has Screw in legs – not very suitable for storage

Customers Experience

  • Second Bellicon comes with the X-Strong bands (180 lbs to 320 lbs) and Ultra Strong bands (320 lbs to 440 lbs). This makes it good to customize between standard resistance and also a firm resistance for different exercises.
  • The customizable Suspension bungee bands – soft bounce for small weight(kids and small adults), medium bounce for optimal strength and firmer bounce for overweight. This permits different users of different weight to use the same rebounder.


Bellicon Mini Rebounder For Seniors – The Virginia’s Story

Check out the experience of rebounding with bellicon rebounder by this senior woman over 70 years. Kill your fears and get started with enjoying the benefits that  trampoline bouncing has for seniors . Choose you own bellicon with handle bar for better balance: Bellicon bounder for seniors with stability bar


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Exercises On  Mini Rebounder Trampoline for Adults

What exercises can you do an a mini adult trampoline? If you get the best fitness trampoline that is great for rebounder exercises, you can take advantage of the too many healthful benefits that come with having a superior bounce.

Also, if you want to enjoy having a good bounce in your home gym, a foldable and quality rebounder is the best choice for you. I sometimes prefer a heavy duty mini trampoline for family that can be used at the backyard of an apartment. Though it may look like an urban rebounder, you can have a great bounce while jumping with kids at the backyard of your apartment.

Mini trampoline exercises for seniors video.



How Much Weight Can a Mini Trampoline Hold?

How many pounds can a trampoline hold for a safe bounce? The best rebounders in the market come with their maximum weight limit – the maximum user weight it can carry before distorting.

Whatever your weight might be, when buying a mini rebounder for personal trampolining benefits, pick one with weight capacity that is 1.5-2 times  more than your body weight. Our mini rebounder reviews features rebounder with at least  250lbs weight limit.

A mini trampoline for 300 pounds can efficiently handle a 150 – 200 pound adult and still last for long. Determining how much weight can a trampoline hold is for your safe jump around without a tear through the rebounder mat.

Obese and heavy adults should choose adult trampoline with exercise trampoline weight limit at least 400 lbs depending on their user weight.  For multi user and family rebounding, urban  rebounders or big backyard trampoline with large weight limits to handle two or three full adults, are the best rebounder trampoline you should get. A large portable trampoline is great for family rebounding too.

Try this best rebounder for obese and heavy adults

rebounder for over 300 pounds


How To Use a Cellerciser Rebounder

Check out this cellerciser rebounder workout video and learn how to use a cellerciser for effective health bounce.


Weight Loss on a Trampoline with Handle

The good thing is,  jumping on a trampoline really does burn fat. A mini trampoline workout to lose weight might  expectedly take longer, but it will help you deal with overweight easily than any other traditional exercises.

Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline?

Unfortunately, belly fat is difficult to lose, it is possible to burn stomach fats by engaging in a rigorous trampoline based rebounding exercise plan.

Rebounding training interval is important in this case. A rebounding schedule of about 1-3 months of continuous 150 minutes weekly trampoline aerobic exercises  is enough to do the job. Practically, you will need about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises each week to lose your belly fat.

Heavy adults and obese seniors would need to take longer than the 150 minutes weekly to cut down more calories and weight. Care must be taken to ensure your rebounder senior fitness equipment is durable enough to support the total jumps you will bounce on it every week.



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Benefits of mini trampoline exercises for older adults

Mini trampoline workout for seniors has many rebounder benefits, from

  • skin cell rejuvenation from jumping against gravitational forces, to firm face and neck,
  • reduces risk of diabetes,
  • improved lymphatic system or drainage,
  • increased lung capacity
  • Stronger immune system, regeneration of healthy immune cells
  • arthritis management, reliever for bad knees
  • achieving better balance at old age
  • increased bone density
  • improved endocrine system
  • efficient digestive system
  • rebounding to improve overall health  and more. Read More on Benefits of rebounding for seniors over 50 years.


Are mini trampolines safe for adults?

Even the best fitness trampoline with handle, for old people might turn out to be unsafe if rebounding is not managed properly. The safety of a mini rebounder trampoline depends

  • quality of its components – frames, springs and cords, support bar for the mini trampoline
  • specific exercises you choose to use with it.
  • Your weight.

As an adult, you should buy rebounder with stability bar for balancing during rebounder exercises. A small indoor trampoline with handle is superb safe for personal trampolining at home.

Also, buy a heavy duty exercise rebounder with mini trampoline weight capacity about 1.5 – 2 times your entire body weight. A high weight capacity mini trampoline can hold any overweight or obese person, so you are safe with it if your weight is half its capacity.

Frames should be steel made and bungee are best  and durable components with little noise pollution.


What size rebounder is best?

A 39-inch rebounder does the same job just as well as a 50-inch urban or backyard rebounder. If you plan to travel with your rebounder trampoline, or if you lack enough space in your apartment to store it, then a smaller size makes is more preferable.

For home use, the bigger the mini trampoline for seniors, the better! The larger the diameter of the rebounder for the elderly, the more ample space and freedom you have for other workouts.


What size bellicon should I get?

The 49-inches bellicon model is most recommended for people of all sizes if you want to get the most out of your bellicon workouts. The 44-inches bellicon is our most popular size portable rebounder for home exercises. The 39-inches is very custom portable but may not be large enough for heavy weight, morbidly obese people or for a wide variety of exercises.


What is the best inexpensive rebounder for older adults?

The Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer is cheaper model of rebounder with support bar for better balance. It is both compact and portable best rebounder for the money most average seniors afford. Overall, it is best rebounder for the price less than 100 dollars. Folding to fit small spaces in the office or at home, and its convenient size lets you carry it for outdoor.


What is the difference between a rebounder and mini trampoline?

A rebounder is a trampoline rebounder that is relatively smaller in size, often use for home gym and personalized trampoline workout for weight loss. However, a trampoline,  is primarily used in recreation center, backyards and playgrounds.

A rebounder, also called fitness mini-trampoline, offer smaller bounce than most trampolines. Only one person can use a rebounder at time, Trampolines can carry more than one person and it is good for urban rebounding exercises.


Why is bellicon so expensive?

The bellicon health bounce trampoline costs more than most other exercise rebounders because it has the highest quality. Another thing; bellicon rebounder for seniors is German-designed with durable steel frames. It comes with variety of bongee cords for different fitness levels, weight of user, and optimal strengths.

Just imagine a toddler using the same trampoline with a 300 lbs overweight woman. Soft bounce cords are good for light weight persons and small adults, medium and high bounce cords are good for overweight. Bellicon also provides a perfect bounce experience.


What is the best rebounder for lymphatic drainage?

Rebounders are known to be great for cleansing your lymphatic system. They help boost the transport of lymph fluid and toxins throughout your entire body and drastically improve your immune system.

The best high end rebounder for lymphatic system cleansing is the David Hall cellerciser for seniors, Bellicon rebounder, Intone-Trampoline.


Is trampoline jumping bad for knees?

NO, not really. Instead, exercising on a rebounder is a soft health bounce that has very low impact on your knees, joints and back. Health bouncing on a mini trampoline helps flush out the toxic and dead white blood cells from your joints. These toxins are responsible for most joint inflammation and soreness in adults. Taking a rebounder exercises to cleanse lymphatic system is key to your healthy joints.

Try this Best rebounder for lymphatic drainage


Why do I pee when I jump on the trampoline?

The best rebounder are good stress relievers. The excitement of flying under g-force causes feel-good-hormones to flow over your body causing happiness and laughing. Remember laughter heals, and relieves stress. The amazing jumping excitement involuntarily relaxes your body muscles including those of your bladder. Like a sudden pops up visit to say hello , you pee – a kind of embarrassment from joy of trampolining.


Is rebounding better than walking?

For seniors and the elderly adults, rebounding burns more calories than walking. Research has proven that jut a 30-minute exercise on the rebounder could burn as much as 200 calories than regular running at same time. Jumping on a rebounder for health bounce does not add stress to your feet, knees and joints like walking does. Rather rebound bounce exercises relieve stress on your knees and joints than traditional walking.

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Should you wear shoes on a rebounder?

It is healthier to bounce barefeet or in socks. However, you can wear sneakers or shoes if you have bunion feet. Again, the additional weight that comes with wearing a shoe for rebounding may cause you to loose part of the benefits of Rebounding. If you suffer from foot pains or ankle pains that need protection, you feel free to wear ankle sleeves.

Unless you have special feet health problem, you are advised to bounce barefoot.


Is jumping on a trampoline good cardio?

There’s no denying the fun of jumping on a trampoline is great and healing. Rebounding for heart health is one most important rebounder benefits of taking mini trampoline exercises for elderly.

Trampoline exercises for seniors provide a surprisingly good cardiovascular workout. Jumping on a trampoline is a great cardio exercise for your heart and lungs.


How long should you jump on a trampoline for a workout?

How long you jump each session is really up to you and your fitness level. You may get many rebounder benefits with as little as 15 to 20 minutes of exercise on a mini-trampoline every day. But, for beginners who are still starting out with rebounding, you may want to begin with shorter workouts and later adjust as you gain more experience.


What size trampoline can adults go on?

Adult mini trampoline rebounders usually come in 32″, 36″, 38″, 40″ and 49″ while large portable outdoor trampolines usually come in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft, 16ft, and 17ft. For a more personal trampoline workout at home or office, a trampoline rebounder  of size 40 inches to 49 inches is perfect for adults and seniors. For family rebounding, 15ft outdoor trampoline is the best.


Can more than one person jump on a trampoline?

It depends on the trampoline. Two full adults(3-4 kids) can jump on a large backyard rebounder comfortably. For portable and foldable rebounder like the mini trampoline with handle bar, only one adult should jump on it.

Again consider safety first.  Most trampoline injuries occur when there is more than one person jumping. Although may children can do multiple jumping, do not allow more than 2 person to jump on backyard rebounder trampoline and not more than one adult on a mini rebounder.


What happens if you go over the weight limit on a trampoline?

If the weight exceeds, the springs and the bungee cords of the trampoline can stretch beyond limit and break, or the rebounder mat can tear suddenly. This can lead to a huge trampoline accident that you may find hard times recovering from it. For safety,

  • lock the legs of your mini rebounder when your are about to start rebounding
  • keep your rebounder of a perfect sport, not a slope surface
  • make sure to use a high weight capacity trampoline –  maximum weight for trampoline must be more than your weight.

Note here that a rebounder bounce safe trampoline weight limit is about 1.5 times your weight. Don’t compromise and go below this value.


How many bounce can you take per minute?

You want to know the number of jumps you make every minute? Buy In-Tone Stamina Trampoline – mini fitness trampoline with handle and with bungee cord.

This home rebounder trampoline for older people can monitor your every bounce in a minute as well as your calories burnt. The number of bounce per minutes in particular tells much about your strength and stamina than you can imagine. It also tells you your total jumps in a rebounding session.


beginning rebounding for seniors


Wrapping Up

The numerous advantages of exercise trampoline rebounder for seniors shows that mini trampoline workouts can be an excellent addition to your personal fitness program.

From hoping to improve muscle tone, achieve weight loss,  increase bone density,  we hope with our best exercise rebounder, you will help you explore all jumping possibilities to improve your physical wellbeing.

Make sure you rebounder offers you the maximum safety, space saving folding design, wide jumping surface and the wide experience you full expects from it.

Go ahead, Pick your ideal exercise trampoline and get started with rebounding for stress relief,  fun and enjoyment. There are many benefits of rebounding for seniors, so perhaps it’s time to experience them for yourself!



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