Best Folding Treadmill for Small Space – Top 5 Best Reviews

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Treadmills are human-made exercise machines for walking or running while staying in the same place. They are ideal for those who want to exercise indoors. Whether you want to lose weight, improve health, or stay fit, buying a treadmill is surely a wise decision for a healthy lifestyle. We have gone all out to give you the best folding treadmill for small space.

A treadmill is an excellent way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health. However, many people avoid buying treadmills for home use because they tend to occupy too much space. This is where folding treadmills come in. A folding treadmill is an ideal choice when space is an issue, especially if you are planning to run every day in a small condo, a studio apartment, or a store room in your home.

However, finding the best folding treadmill for small space is not an easy task. So, if you are in search of the best treadmill for small spaces, you are in the right place.

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The Best Treadmill For Small Space We Discuss in This Article


Best Folding Treadmills for Small Space

In this article, you will find a good small walking treadmill, a mini portable treadmill, an apartment size treadmill and, a small folding treadmill for home use. You will also find the best treadmill under 1000 dollars if you are on a tight budget.

Here are our top folding treadmills with their brief reviews and pros and cons.


XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill


The XTERRA Fitness TR150 treadmill is a small foldable treadmill that promises performance and quality. Although this small folding treadmill is a little expensive as compared to other models available in the market, it is worth buying. It is an apartment size treadmill specially designed for the home environment and has all the features you need.

It is the best cushioned treadmill in the market. Its XTRAsoft cushioned deck technology provides great support to your legs by minimizing stress on the joints so that you can perform your workout routine with maximum comfort.

This means this cushioned treadmill is the best treadmill for bad knee since it has a  treadmill cushioned belt that also helps in shock absorption.This cushioned treadmill has an in-built LCD console that makes you monitor your workout feedback including speed, distance, calories, time, and even pulse.

Plus, this small portable treadmill has a large running surface of 16” x 50”, making it suitable for users of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. And the best part is that it is a fold up treadmill that saves space. It is a treadmill under 500 dollars that fits under bed.


  • Has transportation wheels
  • Built with heavy gauge steel
  • Treadmill Weight limit of 250lbs
  • The cushioned treadmill is the best for bad knee
  • Powerful 2.25HP motor
  • Has treadmill adjustable incline
  • Direct access speed keys


  • Has no automatic power-off button


Who Can Benefit from This Treadmill?

A person who:

  •  face spacing issues but don’t want to compromise on their fitness goals.
  •  want to do physically challenging workouts.
  •  want to keep track of their workout progress and monitor their cardiovascular health.


Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill


This Titan Fitness Treadmill is the best option apartment size treadmill for multi-taskers. It is a slim tread treadmill that can fit every small space. This means if you have a limited space and you want a small treadmill for apartment, Titan Fitness is a suitable as a space saver treadmill for your need.

It comes with a belt that has a length of 53” and a width of 18”, so you can work out while you work.

It’s a super cool mini foldable treadmill that can go up to 4mph and offers a wide track for walking. This small walking treadmill has a safety key that can stop the treadmill if the console gets disconnected, preventing you from injury.

This slim tread treadmill comes with a FITSHOW app so that you can monitor your exercise data through cellphone sensors and GPS signals.

Another great feature of this mini walk treadmill is that it comes with tiny wheels that help you push and move the equipment into and out of its storage space without the need to carry it up.


  • High speed of 0-4 mph
  • Comes with a safety key
  • Has a FITSHOW app
  • Has a good height of 8”
  • Comes with an LCD console


  • Does not have arm support
  • Not designed for running or heavy workouts

Who Can Benefit from This Treadmill?

Fitness enthusiast who:

  •  are multi-taskers
  •  want to monitor their data using cell phones
  •  are short on time but would still like to get some exercise
  •  weigh more than 200 pounds


Bodycraft Spacewalker Compact Folding Treadmill


Spacewalker Compact treadmill is a new technology compact treadmill that can be folded and stored away. One can use this compact electric treadmill as an upright table or a standing laptop desk.

Although it is a small treadmill, it has the power to support up to 300 lbs. It comes with a readable LED display that shows the distance, time, pulse, speed, and calories burnt.

This compact folding treadmill has user-friendly buttons so that anyone can operate it easily. The good thing about this compact treadmill under bed, is that it comes fully assembled so you don’t have to waste time assembling it.

It also has a built-in accessory holder to hold your water bottle or a glass of coffee. It also has a compact treadmill accessories book holder to hold your book.


  • It’s a small foldable treadmill
  • Easy to move
  • It comes with a 3 year warranty
  • No assembly required


  • No incline
  • Small running track

Who Can Benefit from This Treadmill?

Athletes who

  •  are looking for a lightweight treadmill or a mini portable treadmill
  •  want a fully assembled lightweight treadmill for small spaces
  • are beginners with a running speed of 0.5-4 mph
  •  want a user-friendly portable treadmill that fits under bed
  •  have a back or knee problem


Goplus 800W Folding Electric Treadmill



The Goplus 800W Electric Treadmill is ideal for you if you love exercising at home because it comes with a multi-functional display to help you monitor the progress of your exercise or workout.

This small electric treadmill comes with additional capability to hold your iPad, tablets, and mobile phones. This means that you can listen to music or watch your favorite show during working out with this motorized treadmill.

The Goplus 800W automatic treadmill also has an emergency stop button and a safety key which prevents crashes or injuries during the workout. This small electric treadmill is the best folding treadmill for small space.

A good look at this electric powered treadmill shows that it is a slim treadmill that can be folded up and stored in small space. It is actually a good fold up treadmill that fits under bed.


  • Comes with a cup holder
  • It’s a slim treadmill and Works best for small spaces
  • Affordable
  • Emergency stop button
  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Offers a holder for iPad, smartphones, and tablets


  • One can’t take a long step on it
  • It is quite short
  • It is not wide treadmill

Who Can Benefit from This Treadmill?

Persons who

  •  enjoy challenging and intense workouts
  •  want to improve their cardiovascular health
  •  want to keep track of their heart rate during workouts
  •  are looking for a budget-friendly small electric treadmill for home use


FITNESS REALITY2045 TRE2500 Folding Electric Treadmill



This foldable treadmill is an easy storage treadmill that is perfect for small space. With this folding treadmill for small space, you can adjust the running speed up to 5mp to burn those stubborn calories.

This small electric treadmill also has a workout target setting program that helps you to achieve your desired fitness goals. It has handlebars to help you maintain balance during a workout so that you don’t get injured.

The best part about this small portable treadmill is that it has a quiet drive electric motor that gives you a nice and noise-free workout.


  • Comes with transportation wheels
  • It has a 3-year limited warranty
  • It has a cool LCD display


  • User capacity is only 220 lbs
  • It has a narrow running surface


Who Can Benefit from This Treadmill?

People who:

  •  want to achieve a rigorous fitness workout
  •  want to monitor their workout progress
  •  live in tight spaces, small rooms, and apartments
  •  want to practice a safe and injury-free workout



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Motorized treadmill with incline on Amazon


Buying the best folding treadmill for small space

Do you know how to buy a treadmill for walking? Do you know how to choose a treadmill that will fulfill your every fitness workout needs? Read through our comprehensive treadmill buying guide and you will find how easy it is to choose the best treadmill for small spaces that will suit you.

A folding treadmill for small space is the most popular machine for home fitness. Everyone who is purchasing a small treadmill for home use is into a long-term investment. Therefore, you should be certain (and plan how) to buy and stay committed to using the fitness machine for workout before you make your first purchase.

The most popular small treadmill for home or office use is a lightweight treadmill for small space. One of the major advantages of choosing a small folding treadmill is that your fitness workout with a folding treadmill for home training can be done without giving up your favorite TV series or while serving your clients at the office.

If you are serious to learn how to choose the best treadmill for small spaces do you know which running machine to buy? Here’s our treadmill buying guide to help you understand what to look for in a treadmill for running or walking.



It’s important to decide how much you’re willing to pay before you go shopping for a fitness machines. Folding treadmill for small space cost from $200 to $4000. Saving about $1000 can afford you the best treadmill under 1000 dollars.

The way you intent to use your treadmill can determine how much you can pay to get it. A less expensive best treadmill under 600 may be a good choice for someone who doesn’t plan to use the fitness machine often. If you can come across the best treadmill under under $500, it is a good pick, however, i doubt if you can find the best treadmill under $300. If you are going to have many people use your treadmill frequently, look for the best treadmill under $2000.

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Purpose and use

As mentioned earlier, before you buy a folding treadmill, first determine how it will be used. Who are the users and how many people will use it?.
Understanding the fitness goals and needs of each treadmill user would determine what kind of treadmill to buy. Shopping for the best folding treadmill for running is the best thing to do If your goal is to take on running exercise.

If several people would be using your home running machine, a relatively cheap treadmill model may not be suitable. It is very important to understand that the more frequent and intensive the workouts would be, the more preference be given to a high quality folding treadmill for small space. Top home treadmills with large horsepower are much more suitable for workout if more athletes would use it.

If you want your treadmill to be durable, you’ll spend more money to get more stable treadmills with more workout options that fit multiple users.


Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Drive Motor 2.25hp 293895Amazon


Treadmill Engine – the electric motor

When buying a folding treadmill for small space, one of the most important factor to consider carefully is the treadmill’s electric motor.

The size(capacity) of an electric motor inside a treadmill is measured in horsepower hp (750watts =1hp ). The horsepower of the electric motor affects speed of the treadmill and the inclination. A higher value of horsepower(2.5hp) generally indicates a higher quality treadmill engine.

Most models of treadmills come with engines made of two electric motors, one motor for the belt and the other motor powers the incline. Such treadmills are the best treadmills for intense fitness workout and frequent use involving many athletes.

It is also preferable to consider choosing a folding treadmill with a continuous duty motor with at least 1.5 horsepower. For frequent and intense homehome running workout, we recommend a treadmill  that has at least 2hp horsepower electric motor. Most often, a treadmill that comes with 1- 2hp horsepower electric motor is very good for walking and running exercises.

Treadmill belt Speed

Do you want to engage in an exhaustive running exercise to cut down more calories? It is important to first think about what you want your treadmill to do so you’ll be able to determine if the speed range of the treadmill is sufficient for your fitness workouts goal or not.

If your fitness goal involves running workout, a running machine with high belt speed would be a good option. The best exercise running folding treadmill comes with 8 mph or higher value as their running speed.

For walking workouts, most people walk at speeds less than 5mph and 3 mph on average. If you are out for walking exercise only, buy a folding treadmill with maximum running speed as low as 5mph.

Unless you are really a heavy person who requires a big and sturdy treadmill only for walking , it is wiser to consider shopping for a high speed folding treadmill for walking and running. A high speed folding treadmill is a motorized folding treadmill with higher horsepower(2hp and above).

For elderly person or for kids, a good walking folding treadmill with moderate user weight can be found at a great price, even with many great features.

Treadmill  Incline

Changing a treadmill’s incline can have a great effect on your running and walking exercise. An incline is an uphill tilt of the treadmill’s belt during running or walking.

An incline feature in a treadmill allows you to alter incline value with a button when you are walking or running.
A self-propelled treadmill has a knob that is used to adjust its incline, you just have to step down from the treadmill, change incline and then continue with the exercise.

Although a folding treadmill with automatic incline costs more money than treadmill with manual incline, by using treadmill’s incline buttons, a trainee can change incline without interrupting the workout.

A folding treadmill for small space with incline values up to 10% are the best if for uphill running fitness programs.

We recommend you avoid any running machine with no treadmill adjustable incline.

Treadmill running surface – the belt size

Folding treadmill for small space come with belts of different sizes. The belt size for a running treadmill is not the same as belt size for a walking treadmill. An average treadmill belt size of at least 48-inches long and 16-inches wide is good for  people of average heights (4-5 feet tall) who want to walk or run.

Tall persons do find it difficult using treadmill of small surface area. If you are over 6 feet tall, the best folding treadmills for tall runners are the ones with belt size in the range 45 – 50 inch for walking and about 55 -60-inch for running.

It is often advisable you look into how tall you are, before you make  a final decision to purchase a folding treadmill of a suitable belt size. If you are tall, a treadmill with short running surface wouldn’t be any suitable for you.

Available storage space

Most treadmills are approximately 77 inches long by 35 inches wide. Do you have enough space at your home to store this treadmill?

If you buy a fitness machine for home use and later found out that you have got no space at home to keep it, you may end up putting it in your bedroom. For reasons due to little space, a folding treadmill for small space may seem like a good option if you want to exercise at home. Thought such a fitness machine requires a little space, your treadmill will still take up home space when folded.

Some heavy treadmill requires you to tilt them backward on their wheels before you move it. If you find that your ideal fitness machine is a treadmill that requires a tilt to move it,  it would be wiser to test tilting it at the dealer’s store before you buy.

Where do you intend to keep your treadmill?. Except you are installing a home gym in one big room, you should consider measuring the home space available to hold the treadmill before you go shopping for one.

Treadmill weight limit

The quality of the treadmill’s belt, the electric motor that runs it and the frames all determine the maximum user weight that the treadmill can support.

It would be worthy to know that most top home treadmills support up about 140 kg maximum weight while the commercial gym running machines can take up to 180 kg.

Beware of retailers who may fraudulently write larger maximum weights on treadmills to make them appear robust.

Fitness programs

Before you go shopping for a treadmill, ask yourself which exercise programs you want they be included. There are several kinds of fitness programs to choose: running programs, walking programs, heart rate monitoring programs, mobile app programs.

A running program that comes with your treadmill for example; can help provide your total number of steps and the distance you covered while running or walking on the folding treadmill.

How to measure your body fitness performance is a very important factor that shouldn’t be ignored when you are making a decision to buy treadmill.


Mechanical treadmills are safer than electric treadmills because they don’t come with automatic parts. You have fewer chances of getting hurt because the self-powered treadmill’s belt doesn’t start until you walk or run on it.

Electric treadmills are safer when powered off. A great safety feature lto ike safety keys can turn the equipment off during an emergency. It also come with handrails to help steady you if you fall. Also, kids can’t accidentally turn on the treadmill when it is off.

Electric powered treadmill are more dangerous than manual treadmills when they are  in operating mode (turned ‘on’) and when kids are around. It is much easier for a beginner or kid be thrown down from the treadmill surface, because belts of electric treadmill automatically start moving when you step on their surface.

You should always check if the treadmill you are considering buying comes with a locking system for added safety.

Electric or mechanical treadmill

Manual treadmills are the best treadmills for running. They make you get a better workout because you are doing all the work yourself. One downside of this mechanical treadmill is they don’t come with  exercise programs and other amenities. If you want to get commit to exhaustive workouts or If you’ve never walked on a treadmill before, trying a manual one is probably your best option to start.

If you are looking for possibilities of variety for training programs,  electric or motorized treadmills can give you the absolute best workouts possible at your home or in the gym. Electric treadmills come with many accessories and amenities which altogether help make your workout less painful both physically and mentally.

According to a study of data compiled by the Journal of the American Medical Association, a vigorous electric treadmill workout burns more calories than a vigorous workout stationary exercise bike for the same period of time.

You should choose your treadmill depending on your level of experience and ease of use as well as your fitness goals. A manual treadmill is good for beginners for walking.


Whatever you consider as the best treadmill for you, whatever is the purpose (commercial or home fitness) for buying it , the warranty for your treadmill should be at least 3 years. This means when the fitness machine is bad, you can return it to your dealer or get a refund.

Your type of treadmill should also meet European and American standards of quality.


Best Treadmill Brands For Home Use

There is so much to consider when shopping for your next treadmill. Choosing the right brand is a choice every buyer must make. However, all that is solved as we have taken the time to put together the best home treadmill brands.


XTERRA Fitness

xterra treadmill



The Xterra  treadmill owned by Dyaco International, a Taiwanese company. Xterra treadmills are all foldable and made for home use.

The XTERRA brand is a top recommendation for shoppers with budgets under $1,000. However, this low priced machines comes with better quality. Wireless heart rate monitoring, automated incline and Bluetooth data sharing are among their perks.

What we like about this brand

  • Ample Workout Space: XTERRA treadmills meet the standard track dimensions for residential models
  • Two-Ply Exercise Belts: XTERRA tread belts are thick enough to support quiet machine operation, and they aren’t prone to ripping like those of ultra-cheap treadmills.
  • Built-In Workout Programs: XTERRA treadmills come with lots of exercise guidance. Each console holds a variety of workout programs and also let users save custom routines.


Matrix Fitness

matrix treadmill


The Matrix Fitness brand is produced by the Johnson Health Tech. Matrix brand has high end quality treadmills for house use. Their residential line comes with both folding and non folding models. Special options included in all their models are: mobile apps, interactive video to simulate outdoor training and much more. This is a preferred brand for shoppers with more than $2000 to spend.

What we like about this brand

  • High-End Motors: Matrix treadmills come with Johnson Drive motors which are quiet and carry lifetime guarantee.
  • Suspension: Matrix home treadmills feature 1″ thick decks placed on high quality suspension systems to protect your knees and other sensitive joints.
  • Warranty: Being expensive, Matrix treadmills have warranty. Lifetime coverage is standard for each home treadmill’s frame, motor, and deck.
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woodway treadmill


Woodway is known for its high-end fitness equipments worldwide. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin. Woodway treadmill have unique tracks and some Woodway treadmills use zero electricity. Different monitors are available, some providing access to digital entertainment and wireless data tracking.

What we like about this brand

  • Long-Lasting Tracks: Woodway treadmills are superior to other treadmill when it comes to comparing their tracks. Their tracks are excellent shock absorbers and extremely durable too.
  • Energy Use: Some Woodway treadmills use zero electricity while those that use electricity are extremely energy efficient.
  • Data Sharing: Users can export treadmill workout data using USB ports. Other models come with online data tracking capabilities.





NordicTrack is owned by ICON Health & Fitness. Its treadmills are especially known for their engaging iFit workouts. Some of its models have touchscreens with Android browsers.

Things we like about this brand

  • Coaching: NordicTrack treadmills come with a virtual gym membership you can enjoy in the comfort of your home or office called iFit. This membership program is however optional.
  • Motors: NordicTrack treadmills come with more powerful motors.
  • Warranties: This brand’s premiere treadmill warranty includes a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame


Are folding treadmills good?



folding treadmill



Some treadmill models are better suited for individuals who are trying to lose weight, others are suitable for people who are trying to enhance their athletic and health performance. Whatever is the purpose, people who choose to buy a treadmill are probably been faced with the issue of choosing between a folding treadmill and non-folding treadmill.


If you want to exercise on a fitness running machine to cut down unwanted fats at the convenience of your home without giving up your favorite TV series, a foldable treadmill is the best home running machine to look for.

If you have an injury and can’t move outdoor, consider buying best folding treadmill for running, designed for home use and small spaces.

Bad weather

Have you ever been trapped by hot or cold temperatures and bad weather from going to gym? If you have been, you definitely would have wished you(or your neighbor) have got a gym at home. Folding treadmill for small space are the best home gym machines to buy.

Limited space

However, some gym running machine can’t be installed at home because they are non-foldable and bulky, but in considering small space and desire to avoid loud noise, a folding treadmill is the best folding treadmill for home use. The foldable nature allows cleaning of space around foldable treadmills more easier than for non-foldable ones.

Buying a foldable treadmill gives you plenty of opportunities to try out the different programs and get into a routine.

Zero subscriptions

A folding treadmill at home allows you to exercise anytime( night or day). It also gives everyone at home a chance to try or participate in some form of fitness workouts, this eliminates additional expenses for subscribing everyone in the family to an outdoor gym club.



Maintenance tips for folding treadmills

Starting a regular maintenance schedule for your treadmill should be your next option after dishing some valuable cash for it. A well-maintained treadmill will keep it running for years to come. We’ve put together some simple Do-It-Yourself tips to keep your treadmill running.


Place the treadmill on a level surface in a spot where there is enough room to walk all way around it. If you can’t find a level surface, try adjusting the position of the treadmill by altering the support located at the bottom of the treadmill.

Wipe down

Wipe the machine down after every use. Use a clean dry cloth to remove any sweat you left behind during your workout on the treadmill’s deck or handrails. Also wipe any sweat left behind on the conveyor belt.

Minimize Debris

Clean the machine once a week to help keep out dirt and dust that can help the belt to wear prematurely. Using a damp clean cloth, remove dust and dirt from the electronic display of your treadmill.
Also keep dust out of the motor by vacuuming under the machine at least once a week.


Refer to the owner’s manual before lubricating your treadmill. Lubricate your treadmill’s conveyor’s belt as often as directed by the manufacturer. Over lubricating can cause even more friction, so be sure to use the amount suggested by the manufacturer.

Belt Tightening and Alignment: Check your treadmill once every month to ensure that the belt is sufficiently tightened.


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What is the best treadmill for walking?

Walking requires the treadmill runs slowly especially for patients and someone whose health does not require an exhaustive exercise like running. Walking requires belt running speeds less than 5 mph. For most people prefer speed of 3 mph on average for walking exercise.

Manual treadmills are best treadmills for senior walking. Though it is difficult to get the belt moving initially, once set in motion by the user’s feet on backward push, the belt keeps moving slowly (less than 5mph) unless the user starts running faster.

Motorized treadmill have a capability to auto adjust its speed. Its belt speed can to set to run slowly (less than 5 mph) and even very slowly (less than 3 mph) with little stress, and as a result, this makes it good for both running and walking.

We recommend: Unless your health doesn’t permit you to run or you want to maintain your weight, electric treadmill is best treadmill for walking and running since it also had additional capability for running.


What is the best treadmill for bad knee?

If you have got a bad knee, you definitely need a small foldable treadmill that has a lot of comfort and reduces stress on your knees. This means the treadmill should come with a treadmill cushioned belt to absorb shocks on your feet.

The best cushioned treadmill we can recommend you buy is the XTERRA fitness TR150 running machine. Some of this model come with a treadmill adjustable cushioning.


Do treadmills use a lot of electricity?

A bulky treadmill with high hp consumes a lot of energy. High hp electric motor means high energy consumption.

Does it means electric treadmills are bad and manual treadmills are the best? A manual treadmill does not consume electric energy, but it burns more of your body calories than automatic treadmill, since you need to drive its belt by yourself.

Lightweight treadmills and small portable treadmill with electric motors averaged at max 2hp do not consume electric power as compared to folding treadmill for walking with a treadmill hp above 2.5Hp.

Except the source of power use by your treadmill is solar or wind, an electric treadmill is not necessarily an energy efficient treadmill if it relies on coal and oil powered generators. Sometimes, the way you use your treadmill can make it an energy saving treadmills for home.


Which is the best  treadmill, folding or non-folding?

Whatever is the purpose, most people who choose to buy a treadmill are probably been faced with the issue of choosing between a folding treadmill for small space or non-folding treadmill for small space.

If there is little availability of space for storage, folding treadmills are the best option. Cleaning of space around foldable treadmills is more easier than for non-folding ones. Having a treadmill that folds is often seen as just another added feature to the treadmill.

Though folding treadmills are not as more stable as their non-folding counterparts, buying a foldable treadmill gives you plenty of opportunities to try out the different fitness programs and get into a routine.


Does treadmill make you lose weight?

Is treadmill enough to lose weight? Walking or running on a folding treadmill can be a good exercise to complement your weight loss program, provided that you exercise long and intense enough to burn more calories.

Let’s say you want to lose several fats a week: You can consider burning an additional 1,000 calories per day by exercising on a treadmill and reducing your energy intake by 1,000 calories per day.

Spending half few hour per week on the folding treadmill won’t produce any visible weight loss. If your treadmill weight loss plan includes using the treadmill regularly and running at a steadily increasing speed, it can help contribute to your weight loss faster.

But is treadmill effective or weight loss? If your treadmill does not produce any effective and visible decrease in your weight, you may want to try it together with other fitness tools like trampoline rebounders or you can preferably take in weight loss food supplements.


What is the best speed on treadmill to lose weight?

If a folding treadmill for small space is your only means of exercise to lose weight, you should shop for a high speed folding treadmill with minimum of 2 horsepower electric motor.The best speed to lose weight is an ideal and intensive belt running speed you can choose to maintain every day.

A high enough speed (average at 10 mph) would help cut down weight faster than low speed at 6 mph. Again, the ideal speed you choose to maintain each day depends on your physical health.

We recommend:

You should start out at enough walking speed and at a leisurely pace of 3.5 mph. While 5 mph is an improvement over walking at a leisurely pace, it’s still not a major fat burner, so you should keep running and progressively increasing your speed until you are at weight cutting speed of 10 mph or more.


How should a beginner use a treadmill?

There are some general tips about how to start using treadmill.

  • If you have problems in your joints, ask your doctor if walking or running on a treadmill is good for you.
  • You can look around for the best shoes to run on a treadmill. If you are a female, please check these gym shoes for women You may want to take a look for the best workout shoes for men too.
  • Swing your arms as you run on the treadmill and hold on to the handles at the front of the treadmill to gain stability.
  • If you have any pains in your muscles, these foam rollers for pain relief may be of great help to you after having a long day running on exercise trampoline.
  • Start with a manual treadmill and keep up with it until you are good enough to switch to automatic treadmills.


Which other fitness equipment can help you lose weight?

Using treadmill everyday to lose weight may not work for you, it doesn’t work for others too. If a treadmill is not the best fit for you to lose weight, there are several other fitness equipment that can help. You may want to try a mini trampoline rebounder.


Wrapping up

Some treadmill models are better suited for individuals who are trying to lose weight while others are better for people who are trying to enhance their athletic and health performance. What ever purpose it is, having a folding treadmill at home allows you to exercise anytime (night or day) and also gives everyone at home the opportunity to benefit from it, this help reduces additional expenses you could incur for subscribing everyone to an outdoor gym club.

Buying a folding treadmill for small space and for home use is the best decision you can make regarding your body health and fitness.

If you did not find a treadmill in our review that suits your need, we recommend you check more folding treadmills on Amazon








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