Top 5 Best Crossfit Shoes For Women Athletes 2020

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A crossfit shoe is important for crossfit exercises. Want to buy one for yourself? Here are top best crossfit shoes for women you would like to check out as part of your crossfit gym essentials.

Women probably have challenges with Crossfit training. Choosing the best crossfit shoes for women is one challenge. To achieve a comfortable fitness performance with crossfit workouts, shoes with adequate support and flexibility are an essential addition to any crossfit workout wardrobe.

But what really is crossfit? Crossfit, an ever-popular and an effective way to get in shape, is an exercise known as cross-training. This training targets different muscle groups and provides a full-body resistance exercise while burning fat and shedding weight.

Crossfit is more of a fitness program rather than just an exercise program as it involves running, weightlifting gymnastics, and many more.

Finding the best crossfit shoes for women may be a difficult task for most crossfit female enthusiasts. Here are the best options for those who want the best cross-training shoes for ladies.


The best Crossfit Shoes for Women – Overview

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What are Women’s Best Cross-training Shoes?

You want the best crossfit shoes for women? Based on what you want and what you are looking for, we will guide you to understand what is the best crossfit shoe for women and how to choose the best. We will review the top 5 best crossfit shoes for women in which you can choose from.


Reebok Women’s Legacylifter Cross Trainer



For those of us who want several color options and have no patience or desire for laces, Reebok’s Legacylifter cross trainer is an excellent choice. The Reebok cross trainer is the best crossfit training shoes.

With velcro closures and a tight, pointed toe, they are among the top women’s crossfit shoes.  These crossfit shoes are best for those who prefer a snug fit without the added annoyance of constantly worrying about laces.

The heels of these women’s best crossfit shoes have a slight lift for extra cushion and stability during high-intensity workouts, training sessions that can hurt balance if proper gear and precautions are not figured out beforehand.


  • Solid Heel for Stability
  • Good Foot Support to Help Prevent Injury
  • Decent Color Variety to Match with Different Outfits


  • Velcro Gets Dirty Easily and Can Stop Sticking Without Regular Cleaning
  • Narrow Middle Sole Could Provide Uneven Footbed Support for Some Users
  • Simplistic Traction Will Wear Down Quickly if Worn Outside

User Experience

Crossfitters who purchased and used the Legacylifter reported a solid heel that allowed for intense workouts and consistent support.

Other customers raved about the perfection of this shoe for powerlifting and other resistance exercises.



Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Shoes



Nordic Lifting is a minimalist but high-quality manufacturer of weightlifting apparel and equipment. Their weightlifting shoes are lace-up for easy tightening, but a velcro strap along the top laces provides extra support for the ankle and front of the foot.

The best crossfit shoes for women are those that provide both support and flexibility and these shoes definitely qualify. Besides the lace-up closure, these shoes feature a velcro strap at the top of each lace to help secure the closure and prevent rolling and slippage.

The best shoes for crossfit and running are the ones the have decent footbed support, and these not only have that they have three different types of traction on the sole for added security.


  • Velcro Strap to Help Secure Laces
  • Simple Design for Ease of Use
  • Three Types of Traction on the Soles


  • Velcro Strap Can Get Dirty and Lose Stickiness if Not Kept Clear
  • There are Not Many Color Varieties, Making Options Limited
  • These Shoes Tend to Have a Wider Fit than Other Top Womens Crossfit Shoes

User Experience

Users of Nordic Weightlifting’s shoe reported that while it did have a wide fit, the shoes that fit the proper way provided excellent support.

In addition, customers liked the velcro strap at the top of the laces and viewed it as an excellent way to support their foot and ankle and prevent them from rolling.


Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe

With a high ankle and plenty of funky, this reebok crossfit shoes have fashionable colors to choose from and that is why these Reebok crossfit training shoes have an advantage over competitors.

Flared edges on the soles cushion the sides of the foot during movement and help prevent ankle injury. Also helping to prevent ankle injury is the high top that laces all the way up.

Like some reebok nano shoes, if you wear this reebok shoe, your toe conforms to the actual shape of the foot, rather than forcing the toes into unnatural contortions and increasing the risk of injury.


  • High Ankle for Excellent Support
  • Wide Variety of Funky and Fashionable Colors
  • Natural Shaped Footbed


  • Little to No Arch Support
  • Traction can Wear Down Easily
  • Sizing Runs Small

User Experience

The consensus for this shoe seems to be that while it can run small, it is overall an excellent option for those who need more ankle support than is offered from most weightlifting or Crossfit training shoes.

This reebok crossfit shoes for women come with different color options. This means that even the pickiest of fashionistas will like them, putting them among the best crossfit shoes for women.


Nike Women’s Metcon 4 XD Metallic Training ShoeWith an extra thick midsole, the nike  Metcon 4s take one of the top spots as the best shoes for Crossfit and running. A latticed, interwoven rubber design wraps from one side of the midsole to another and creates crisscrossing traction that is sure to prevent slippage even during high-intensity workouts.

The best crossfit shoes are the shoes that we can wear to work out, then keep on as we drive home instead of having to change into street shoes. Still, using the top crossfit shoes as primarily indoor footwear.

These nike crossfit shoes are the best for women with outdoor workout goals. It is also the best crossfit shoes for beginners.


  • Sleek, Modern Design
  • Thick and Strong Arch Support
  • Low Profile for Full Ankle Mobility


  • The Traction is Thick and Complex Enough to Trap Dirt and Other Particles
  • Minimal to No Ankle Support
  • Narrow Rear Footbed

User Experience

Overall, this contender among best crossfit shoes for women inspired satisfaction in users due to its snug fit, reinforced toe, and sleek and stylish design.

Many users consider Nike’s Metcon to be among the best shoes for crossfit and running due to their excellent traction and a strong fit.


Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Grace Tr Cross Trainer


Reebok had the best crossfit shoes in mind when they came out with the Grace TR Cross Trainers. These wide crossfit shoes are a perfect mix of sturdy and lightweight, making them ideal for high-intensity interval training and running.

Crossfit combines several exercise to target multiple body areas. The top women’s crossfit shoes need to have this kind of versatility. It is definitely the best cross-training shoes for wide feet for women.

User Experience

Most people who bought and used these shoes were pleased, especially with the lightweight feel combined with excellent traction.

It was reported that these shoes made wearers feel secure and balanced during their workouts, as well as confident in the flexibility and mobility of their movements.


What makes crossfit shoes for women different?

Crossfit is an intense sport that focuses on full-body training and diverse exercises. Once you shop for good crossfit shoes, one of the first questions you are likely to run into is: “What makes cross-fit shoes different?”

Since crossfit focuses on diverse exercises like running a portable treadmill, the demand it puts on shoes is unique. When engaging in complex moves that require a lot of balance, cross-fit specific shoes will aid in helping you to maintain your form.

They provide the support to your body, particularly to your joints such as your knees and ankles during your workouts, which is essential when ensuring the longevity of your health and safety against injury.

Running shoes and other training shoes may not handle the pressure that comes with cross-fit exercises.


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Types of crossfit workout shoes for women

Therefore, we have three major crossfit types of shoes which are; minimalist shoes that offer more protection, running shoes that have better support and lifting shoes that provide an additional cushion.


Minimalist crossfit shoes

best minimalist shoes


This footwear normally stands out from the rest of the products because of its simplistic appearance. A closer look at a minimalist shoes shows that it has zero sole-drop. This means there is no height between the heel and the toe level. The construction allows no possibility of your feet slipping forward. It has a flat sole and standing on it feels similar to standing bare on the ground.

The lack of a midsole provides an unhindered transfer of force from the feet to the ground.

Another thing about this shoe is that minimalist crossfit shoes for women have little or no cushioning, this makes them not good for weightlifting.  They also have firmer and thinner soles, which provides a more stable base for lifting heavyweights. Their soles are also thin and pliable to support every foot movement.

Another clear look at these shoes shows that they are lightweight, breathable. Their lateral stability, large toe box and the multi-directional grip make minimalist shoes good for cross-training.

Vibram FiveFingers, Vivobarefoot, Inov-8 and New Balance are some brands of minimalist crossfit shoes you can find in the market.


Crossfit shoes for running

 women’s shoes for crossfit and running – Check this Running crossfit shoes on Amazon

A crossfit running shoes have a cushioned sole, which makes them comfortable for running and for cross-training. If you have running shoes for ladies, it is okay to use it for crossfit exercises because most women’s crossfit shoes are almost similar to the running shoes.

A close look at women’s feet shows that their heels are narrower than those of men. When shopping for female running shoes,  it is important to consider a narrower heel shoe with high sold-drop, enough cushioning and extra support. The shoe must have a wider toe box to allow enough breathability.

But should women’s running shoes be lighter? Fitness researchers have found that the impact on the ground by women when they run is less than the impact made by men.

Researchers also found that women athletes have less muscle mass than men athletes, and they also weigh less. As a result, women’s running shoes are often lighter and softer at the midsole than it is the case with men’s training shoes.


Crossfit shoes for lifting

best crossfit shoes with arch support –  Check this Lifting crossfit shoes on Amazon

A CrossFit shoe for women that is great for powerlifting, weightlifting, come different from women’s shoes for running. You can easily notice them by their ankle and arch support designs to handle the pressure that comes with cross-fit and strength training exercises.

When you are shopping round, the choicest thing to do is to buy a good lifting crossfit shoes for ladies that have ankle supports.

Take as a great option, if you can find womens crossfit shoes for running and lifting, some sort of multipurpose fitness shoes many female athletes would want to have in their gym gear bag.


Crossfit shoes for overpronation

Pronation is an exercise in which the arch of your foot collapses upon impact on the ground. When you run,  jog and moves toward, the arch of your foot naturally collapses to help your body absorb the shock due to impact of your foot on the ground.

If your arch collapses to absorb shocks, it is called pronation.You overpronate when you arch collapses excessively in the effect. Overpronation keep women exposed to an  increased risk of developing specific body injuries.

These injuries may be  shin splints, stress fracture in foot or leg, and inflammation on  ligament on the outside of the knee. A good shoes for crossfit training and pronation can be prevent injuries which are harmful to your feet.


What then is the women’s best crossfit shoes for overpronation?

Women who underpronate (supinators) need crossfit shoes with a lot of cushioning to absorb more shocks and avoid impact injuries. For example,


New Balance Women’s 20v7 minimus Cross Trainers well-cushioned. This makes them very comfortable during dynamic movements like sprints and box jumps.

A good women’s cross trainers for overpronation has additional heel support in the back of the sneaker and an extra cushioning. The cushioned shoe for women cross training provides impact protection based on how your foot lands during sprints or lifts.

This women’s crossfit nano is one of the best crossfit shoes for wide feet and overpronation for most female athletes.


Reebok nano  8 shoes for women – Best womens Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet, overpronation,

Choosing the right shoes for your level of women pronation can potentially offer you some level of relief.


How to choose the best cross-training shoes for women

Are you shopping for crossfit shoes? Do you know what to look for when finding the best crossfit shoes especially for women?

The nature of your workout may involve a constant change of exercises each day. If this is the case with you, your cross training shoes for women should be capable of giving you enough support to perform well.

You may miss out on your crossfit workouts performance because of the shoes you wear every time you exercise. One thing to note when looking for cross training shoes for ladies is that pair of shoes designed for running, may not be suitable for cross training and not suitable for rope climbing.

So we urge you start to consider the purpose of your crossfit training before making a decision to buy any crossfit workout shoes for ladies.

There are several tips you can consider when shopping for the best crossfit shoe.


Shoe drop

This is the difference in height between the heel level to the toe level of the shoe. Most crossfit shoes have a 4mm drop from heel to toe level, great for weightlifting.

A crossfit shoes with a shoe drop lower than 4mm help distribute your weight evenly across the feet during crossfit training.


Hard sole

In purchasing a crossfit shoe, you must consider the sole or base of that shoe. For the purpose of weightlifting, a crossfit shoe that can withstand the force of weightlifting is the best fit.

The shoe should be reliably firm with a hard base so it’s able to transfer excessive energy to avoid quick fatigue which can minimize the weightlifting power.

Shoes for women with rubber outsole may not be perfect for lifting, yet are great women s crossfit shoes for running. Let the nature of your crossfit training guide you make the right choice here.


Shock absorption

Crossfit exercise that involves regular weightlifting demands you have a crossfit shoe that doesn’t absorb too much shock. Too much shock absorption reduces your weightlifting power.

“You really don’t want to do cross-fit with shoes that have cushioned, springy sole like a running sneaker” says Kayla Tote head coach at CFTP(Crossfit for the people – Albany – USA) “A cushioned sole will constantly shift your weight back and forth from your toe to heel, which will mess with your center of gravity and make almost all movements—wall balls, box jumps, barbell moves—more difficult”

If you’re doing crossfit training like running and jumping, a crossfit shoe with extra cushioning would give an upper hand in your crossfit workouts performance. Wearing crossfit shoes that absorb shocks during running helps prevent hurting your feet as you run.

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Crossfit shoes for women are relatively expensive compared to some brands of regular shoes available for fitness. If you invest in a durable and strong crossfit shoe, it is very economical over time.

When buying a crossfit shoe, it is advisable to invest in a crossfit shoe you don’t need to replace more often. You should purchase a crossfit shoe that can serve you for an extended period without wearing so fast.



If your fitness workout is done in town with warm air(high temperatures), expect much sweat and heat on your feet.

A workout crossfit shoe that allows air circulation into your feet is the best crossfit shoe to go for. Avoid investing in air-tight fitness shoes that don’t allow your feet to breathe freely.

TA firm grip of crossfit shoes on your feet without breathability makes shoes over stink. You should purchase women crossfit shoe that is odor resistant.


Lateral Support – Stable base

You need a shoe with a relatively flat sole that’s stable enough to keep your weight in the mid-line of your foot to your heel when you’re lifting,” explains Chelsea Potter, crossfit Level 2 certified instructor at BRICK in New York City.

For fitness workouts that require less pressure on your legs, your crossfit must have a more stable base to be able to withstand the force of weightlifting.


Arch & Heel Support

The best womens crossfit shoes should provide heel and arch support and stability. Cardio fitness workouts require that there is a good support for arch and heel to reduce the possibility of any pain on the feet.


Shoe Size

The size of a shoe is nothing new to question if it is worth some consideration. The best crossfit shoe should have a good fit and a firm grip on your feet without preventing breath-ability at the toes.

It wouldn’t make any fitness performance sense if your crossfit shoe does not fit. There are other things to consider like toe box width, arch width, and overall shoe width.



Buy crossfit shoes that protect your feet from harm. Open shoes will never be any better for cross fitness exercise as they don’t offer any protection.

Crossfit shoes with resistant material are much more durable and protective than one with less resistance.



Not all pair of shoes are waterproof. You can use Crossfit shoes for women with waterproof capability in all weathers.
You should buy crossfit shoes that perform anywhere and in all weathers and stay protected even in the rain.


Light Weight

Lightweight crossfit shoes are the best since they wouldn’t stack up more weights on you during weightlifting exercise. Heavy crossfit shoes are not good for running exercises.



Some shoes are suitable for multiple fitness exercises, others are not. Some shoes are strictly for weight lifting while others are strictly for running. The inconvenience of buying women’s shoes for a unique fitness exercise is that it forces you to switch your shoes when moving from one fitness workout program to another during a competition. This kills your training efforts and lowers your fitness performance.

Would it not be great to have just one shoe that fits most(if not all) your fitness exercises? That is where Reebok’s Nano series crossfit shoes for women come in. They are good for all the exercises.

We recommend you should carefully analyze your fitness goals and determine which women’s crossfit shoes are the best fit for that purpose.


Competition or Training

If you’re doing crossfit training , you’ll want to go with a pair of shoes that are versatile and can be used for anything. But if you want to participate in crossfit competitions, you’ll definitely want to invest in over one pair of crossfit shoes.

During any crossfit competition, it may require you to go through several exercises continuously. So having just one pair of crossfit shoes suitable for all kinds of exercises eliminates the possibility of changing shoes between exercise at every stage in the competition.

This will give you the upper hand in competitions. Having a crossfit shoe that fits all exercises helps prolong the life of each of your pairs of shoes.

If you’re wanting to partake in a weightlifting competition, you won’t want any instability in your shoes.


Leather or Synthetic

Crossfit shoes for women are made from either synthetic materials or leather. The good thing about synthetic crossfit shoes for women is that they are lightweight and they have good ventilation to keep your toes cool and dry during training.

This helps to eliminate the possibility of your toes getting wet due to sweat, which can make you feel much more uncomfortable during your fitness exercise.

Crossfit training shoes for women that are made from leather material are more durable and more water-resistant than synthetic ones. This means if you are involved in crossfit training or competition that takes place across seasons, your fitness performance wouldn’t be altered even on rainy or winter periods.

The downside side of leather crossfit shoes for women is that they are not lightweight like they’re synthetic cousins. The leather material makes crossfit shoes heavier, this makes it unsuitable for longer workouts, weightlifting and running.


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Do I need a special shoe for crossfit for women?

The simple answer is yes, you do. Although you can do crossfit in any shoe, it is not the best idea. Crossfit shoes will be optimized for weightlifting movements, especially when you need to have a flat surface when performing squats, deadlifts, etc.

The most common complaints about regular athletic shoes in crossfit are:

  • Running shoes get torn up from rope climbs.
  • Cushioned insoles are not optimized for your body’s biomechanics in the squat (even body-weight only).
  • Lifting shoes are not good for running, calisthenics, jump rope, etc.
  • Cushioned insoles (like in running shoes) create instability for lifting.

Purchasing crossfit shoes would avoid all the above.


Can I use running shoes for cross-fit?

Crossfit training demands shoes that not only allow you to move in various directions quickly but also provide you with the stability to lift weights. Running shoes provide you with the qualities you need to run, that is, it helps you move forward. They have great cushioning and a much higher “drop” than your average crossfit shoe.

So although you can use running shoes for crossfit, they are not ideal as they get torn up quickly and do not provide the required stability for crossfit exercises.


How long do cross-fit shoes last?

This depends on how often you do crossfit exercises. Running shoes are designed with a lifespan of 350 – 500 miles regardless of whether you are running or walking. Crossfit shoes should have a shorter lifespan. With moments of high-intensity and floor-to-floor exertion, crossfit workouts will be less forgiving to the longevity of your crossfit shoes. Researchers have concluded that you should replace crossfit shoes every six months.

Signs Your Shoes Need Replacing

  • When the heel is already worn down on one side more than the other. If you keep wearing uneven shoes, this could lead to an eventual injury.
  • Inspect the mid-sole. If the mid-sole shows excessive horizontal creasing or wear on the areas that absorb the most load, then your shoes need replacing.
  • Press on the out-sole of the shoe and inspect for compression. If the out-sole gives very little compression, so the material is highly compressed, it needs replacing.


Wrapping Up

For every woman who wants to maintain their shape or improve their health by doing crossfit exercises, they need to have the right pair of crossfit shoes. Women’s cross-training shoes are the best training shoes every athletic woman shouldn’t ignore. They help keep your feet cool, ventilated and cushioned.

While women’s crossfit shoes provide adequate support especially for weightlifting exercises, they also prevent injuries (like blisters) which most often attach toes during crossfit training routines.

As you prepare to buy your own crossfit women’s shoes, know that there are many excellent pairs of crossfit training shoes on the market today, but Reebok is further ahead. You will find a pair to suit your needs if you keep in mind all the essential factors mentioned in this helpful guide. If you didn’t find women’s cross-training shoes for women, you may look for the best training shoes for men.

Which crossfit shoe do you use for your crossfit exercise? Let us know in the comments.



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