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Having the best crossfit backpack means your gym essentials are secured when you head out for gym. This article is a guide to help you choose the best gym backpack for your crossfit gym bag essentials.


Are you a fitness enthusiast?, you probably must need a high quality CrossFit backpack for gym. With the best CrossFit bag for gym, your CrossFit gear and gym essentials, including exercise clothing and gym shoes, stays in one place when you are heading for an outdoor gym workout.

A backpack  is also called crossFit gym bag, CrossFit gear bag,  and more simply, a CrossFit bag. A gym backpack is not only great for carrying CrossFit gym bag essentials but also for your weekend trips and family vacations. The best thing is that if you purchase a good quality crossFit gear bag, it can last for years.

With the various options of crossFit gym bag, available on the market, you can easily purchase the kind of amazon crossfit bag as per your taste and requirements.

However, finding the most reliable and best gym bags for CrossFit is not an easy task for most athletes. So, if you are in search of a perfect gym bag, you are in the right place. Here  are our top 5 crossFit backpacks for gym with their brief reviews and pros and cons.

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Best Crossfit Backpack Overview

Are you in a hurry? Here’s an overview of our best gym bags for CrossFit athletes. While you look through, we advise you choose the best crossfit backpack that is strong, durable and has plenty of room enough to hold all your cross training gym essentials.


The best gym backpack for CrossFit

After accumulating hours of research into finding the best gym backpack for crossfit guys, we are certain you find a gym workout bag that suits your fitness activities. We also understand that you also need the best CrossFit gym backpack that is versatile and suitable for any kind of load, weather and seasons.

So what is the best gym and work backpack for you? Look through our review and guess what, you will see the best workout backpack that will enhance your CrossFit performance when you head to the gym next time.

One more thing, when choosing a CrossFit weight bag, please pay attention to that water resistant built-for-athletes backpack that you are sure will carry your every CrossFit essentials in one piece.

Here’s our review of the best gym backpack bags for cross training athletes.


MarsBro Water Resistant Bag


 best backpack for gym and work


The MarsBro Water Resistant Bag is ideal for those who carry lots of crossfit gym bag essentials to their gym. This lightweight gym backpack is very durable as it is made with anti-tearing technology.

It also has an additional shoe compartment with exterior air holes and zippers which keeps your clean gym gear and shoes separate. The other compartment has enough space for your towels, iPod, clothes and other gym accessories.

The best thing about this bag is that it has a side pocket that is especially made for you to keep your water bottle, and an internal security pocket which is built to hold valuables such as cell phones, wallet, cards, and keys. This means that with this bag, you can easily carry all your necessary gym necessities.

Moreover, MarsBro Water Resistant Bag also has an adjustable cushion shoulder strap, which provides comfort to the user. This crossfit gear bag has pockets for pairs of shoes for cross training. It is one of the best gym bag backpack with shoe compartment.



  • Comes in a range of attractive colors
  • very lightweight focus gear gym bag
  • Has shoe compartments
  • It’s a unisex band
  • good water resistant CrossFit gym bag


  • has a very stiff exterior
  • has few pockets as compared to other crossfit gym bags


Users Experience 

  • Most customers feel bag should have more pockets
  • Users found this bag extremely light




Everest Gym Bag

best gym backpack



If you are looking for the best workout backpack for your gym and work, the Everest Gym Bag is the ideal for you. Everest gym bag is a gym bag backpack with shoe compartment in zippered pocket. This bag is super spacious and has a capacity of 1,950 cubic inches.

This means  you can use this heavy duty gym backpack to easily carry your gym gear, clothing, water bottles and other necessities with you anywhere. The great thing about this crossfit gear bag is that it comes in five different colors which are red, black, royal blue, navy, and dark grey.

Moreover, this high quality crossfit gym bag has a padded shoulder strap for your comfort that can be adjusted to 50 inches long. The size of this gym backpack is perfect for it to fit in small spaces such as lockers.

It also has separate vented wet compartments that can keep your smelly and sweaty gym clothes away from your fresh towels and water bottle. This high quality crossfit backpack is water resistant that, many athletes prefer to use it in seasons for fitness exercises.



  • comes with water bottle pockets and a key pocket
  • can easily fit in lockers
  • has shoe pockets
  • The bag is high quality with  so many pockets
  • It is spacious
  • has a separate compartment for wet gym clothes
  • It’s a water resistant gym bag, good for all seasons
  • has a padded shoulder strap


  • The size of this bag is too big for small people
  • can fall apart easily
  • The base is not waterproof
  • Its water bottle pocket is very small


Users Experience 

  • Most users face issues with the shoulder strap buckles
  • Most customers are satisfied with the size and quality of the bag
  • Users find this bag very practical as it can fit easily in lockers



G4Free 3-Way Duffle Backpack


gym backpack with shoe compartment

The G4 Free 3-Way Backpack is lightweight and has plenty of pockets, which is why people find it more convenient and easy to carry. You can easily carry your pair of shoes in this stylish bag since the gym bag backpack has a shoe compartment.

The inexpensive crossfit bag has adjustable shoulder straps, which provides comfort to its users. The detachable shoulder strap makes this backpack, the best crossfit duffle bag any athlete would want to use.

Moreover, in the list of the  best CrossFit duffle bags, this duffle bag comes in different attractive colors so that you can carry it anywhere with style.



  • Users can carry this bag in different ways
  • water resistant and tear resistant
  • Comes with a separate compartment for pair of shoes
  • has 100% money-back guarantee
  • Elegant and stylish with a detachable shoulder strap
  • can be transformed from backpack to crossfit duffle bag


  • Not too spacious compared to other backpacks
  • Doesn’t have enough pockets
  • A little expensive
  • made from thin material


Users Experience 

  • Most users find it comfortable to carry
  • Some users wish it had a bigger shoe compartment
  • A handful of users has praised its stylish and elegant design on Amazon



Kuston Sports Gym Bag

best gym backpacks


Kuston sport gym bag is the best gym backpack with shoe compartment. The special compartment for shoes is what makes this one of the best gym backpacks. You can easily keep your shoes away from your other workout equipment to ensure that it doesn’t get dirty.

You can easily choose through a variety of colors ranging from sky blue and pink to black. The oxford fabric they’re made from makes their weight lighter, waterproof, and more durable. The crossfit bag has two straps that can easily be adjusted over the shoulder along with a carrying handle as well. In addition  to the numerous pockets, the bag also features a mesh pocket for wet and sweaty clothes.



  • Comes in a various colors
  • Very lightweight
  • has plenty of pockets


  • There are a few quality concerns with the large strap
  • It’s not the largest bag that’s available


Users Experience 

  • Few users felt that the quality of the straps must be improved
  • Most users found it to be spacious and also found it good to be able to separate their clothes from the shoe compartment



King Kong Backpack II


 King Kong crossfit bag


Few people prefer to carry their CrossFit supplies in a high-end bag like this king kong gym bag. Fortunately, this king kong II backpack has king kong original tactical design, that is why it is listed as one of the best additions in the CrossFit gym bag list.

The King Kong backpack II can easily hold your crossfit gear since it’s described as a military grade bacg since it has military spec. It more of king kong giant kong bag since because it is the best crossfit gear bag that can hold plenty gears.

King kong backpack is available in seven different colors. It’s specially designed for people who have an active lifestyle. The external shoe compartment allows more space along with many other pockets as well. The material of 1000D nylon and the steel buckles add to its durability.



  • Comes in a various colors
  • Useful as a tactical and workout bag
  • Made of heavy duty nylon
  • Can easily hold plenty of crossfit gear


  • Quite large to carry around
  • It can be heavy due to its large steel straps


Users Experience 

  • Most customers find the quality to be impressive
  • Few customers found the bags design to be tight with the pockets not being stretchy enough




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What material is best for backpacks?

Your ideal crossfit bag must be made from best durable materials to ensure that it stays intact for years. So knowing what is the most durable backpack material is key to enhancing your crossfit performance with best gym work backpack. So what fabric are backpacks made?


Cotton Canvas

Canvas is a heavy-weight and a rough weave cotton material. Modern, Natural and synthetic canvas materials have high waterproof capabilities and strength. Crossfit backpacks made from canvas are much more affordable that for other materials. The material is not water resistant, and it is vulnerable to abrasions compared to other pack materials.



If you want a  backpack for rougher terrain nylon gym bags is where to start. Nylon backpacks are coated with pvc or polyurethane and treated with silicone to give it a tough and waterproof nature. They are also stronger enough to be resistant to puncture.

Nylon material is easy to clean and is also strained-resistant than canvas. The ultra-strong nylon material and a YKK-grade zippers and straps of nylon are very good for heavy duty gym backpacks.

The downside of this treated fabric is that it does not allow the material to breathe, causing the wet items inside the pack to be prone to mildew.


RipStop Nylon

It has a pattern of sturdy and heavy threads intertwined in such a way that the material stop further rips and tears. It is lightweight, water resistant and also and scratch resistant. Its anti-rip property makes the nylon fabric the more popular choice.


Pack-Cloth Nylon

Crossfit Backpacks made from this material are shiny and slicky. They have waterproof coating, abrasion resistance, and excellent puncture resistance.


Cordura nylon

This is a type of nylon fabric first designed by DuPont, but it is heavier and more rugged than nylon. 1000d nylon cordura is air-treated, lightweight and has a high abrasion resistance.

It is good for making make heavy-duty luggage gym and military backpacks. It is water resistant and significantly durable. Cordura nylon is also used as a backpack base to further protect its contents. If you are looking for durability, 1000d cordura nylon backpack can stay for years.



This material has a higher resistance to ultra-violet (UV) degradation than nylon. it is strong and tough enough though gym Backpacks made of polyester are affordable.



Gym backpacks made of leather are a stylish and the most expensive of all gym bags because leather material are costly and has excellent durability. It is a very good alternative to the standard backpacks. Leather is the best material for best for most durable backpack.


Waterproof Sport Backpack -Large Capacity Bag on Amazon



Guide to buying the best crossFit backpack

One of the most important crossfit essentials every athlete must have is a crossfit gym bag. There are tons of fashionable gym bags in the market, yet you need to make an informed decision on which gym backpack suits your gym workout style.

Deciding on which crossfit gym bag to buy is challenging and this makes finding the best gym backpack for crossfit, a daunting task.

What then, is the mechanics of choosing the best crossfit backpack?


Pockets and compartment

It really helps to have a proper multi compartment gym bag when you are heading out for your crossfit workouts. Having the best gym bag with pockets for your water bottles, dresses, stinking shoes, wet towel, and crossfit gear is the key to maintaining a great and healthy lifestyle each day at the gym.

While we recommend you shop for the best gym backpack for crossfit, with zippered pocket, you choicest and best workout backpack should have the following compartments:


Shoe pocket

A good crossfit workout bag comes with an elastic compartment inside or outside the gym bag. The best gym backpack with shoe compartment comes with the shoe pocket zipped and positioned outside the backpack.


Wet pocket

If you often come in contact with water and sweat during your crossfit workouts, it is preferable to shop for best gym bag with wet compartment.

A gym bag with wet pocket is great for holding your wet clothes, sweaty clothes and towels. Make sure the wet pockets are meshed to allow breathability.


Water bottle pocket

Amongst all fitness foods, water is very essential. Having a water bottle when stepping out to the gym is what every athlete should never ignore.

A professional gym bag with water bottle pocket located outside your crossfit backpack for easy access is the best to buy. This external water bottle pocket should be breathable and meshed. Meshe pocket also hold sweaty clothes after you are done with workout.


External and internal pockets

Pay serious attention to whether the crossfit backpack’s pockets are zippered or not!, to prevent items falling out. Small Internal zippered pockets have small storage space, they only help to hold small items like your keys.

However, most external pockets become separate shoe compartment, water bottle pockets and side pockets to hold small gym clothes like hand towels.


Media pocket

You may sometimes see the need to carry your laptops and phones, as additional tools, when you’re heading for the gym. You may find it helpful to track and analyze your workout performance with the best fitness tracker and laptops.

In this case, a great option for you is to shop for the best gym bag with laptop compartment. The best gym laptop backpack should be of high quality so as to better hold your technology gadgets.

If you are dead serious about shopping for the best gym work backpack, finding affordable gym bags with many pockets is what you should look for.

best WOD crossfit bag

WODSuperStore Large Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment – by Rigor Gear – Workout Bag for Men & Women with Wet & Dry Pocket, Water Bottle Holder – Zipper & Velcro Pockets & Compartments for Workout Gear


Crossfit Backpack strap

One of the most important part of a gym bag is the strap. Carrying a gym bag every day is no easy task but it can be more exhausting if your gym bag has inappropriate shoulder straps.

A durable gym bag is one that comes with a sturdier strap to help support heavier weights. The best gym workout bag is one that has a padded strap which help reduce too much pressure on your shoulders when you carry much weights.

Most cheap gym bags have straps that can easily break since they are connected with plastic hooks. If you still want to buy these much affordable gym bags, consider changing the strap to durable ones by reinforcing with durable materials.



Before deciding which gym backpack to order, it is good to know what material are gym bags made of.
What material is used for backpacks? Gym bags are made using different materials, including nylon, vinyl, leather, canvas and polyester.

Durable materials like leather and the heavier fabrics canvas make professional gym bags more durable that you will be using for years, though they can be expensive.

Another factor (besides durability) to consider when evaluating what materials are used for backpacks is the water resistance of the material. If you fitness exercise extends into winter, a waterproof gym backpack is the best crossfit backpack most winter athletes would want to buy.



Do you love duffle gym bags?, Like this Venum trainer light sport duffel bag, a crossfit duffle bag has two handles on either side of the bag. They are fastened by a zipper that spans the length of the bag. Some gym duffel bags are closed on the side by a drawstring.

What about color?, different crossfit gym bags come in different colors. People have a different preference for colors and if you want a leather crossfit backpack, you can find a brown leather gym bag and a black leather gym bag in the market. A black gym backpack most rarely appear to be dirty even when it’s stinking.

Also, male athletes would preferably want to choose the best gym bags for men while female athletes would go for the best crossfit gym backpacks for women. The style of what the best gym bag should be, depends greatly on the gender type of the athlete.

More importantly for female athletes, most women love gym backpacks that can easily be converted to a handbag or a laundry bag.


Gym bag Capacity

There are a lot of crossfit backpack essentials out there in the market. For athletes to have an excellent and healthy workout day, they need most of those essentials in just one kit.

A large multi compartment gym bag – a crossfit gym bag with plenty of room, is a priority for every athlete to keep all fitness essentials in just one hold. For convenience, you should choose a spacious bag that will keep all the cross training gym essential items together.

Some best workout backpacks have side pocket as way to add capacity, they can make a great option. However, yYou should avoid any built for athletes backpack that has small pockets, though a small pocket can hold small items like car keys.


Number of Gym bag essentials

Are you ready to go out for a great crossfit workout?, Every athlete would want to have some list of items on hand before heading out for CrossFit training. That is why it is common to see athletes with a well-stocked gym bags en route to gym.

The number and the types of crossfit essential determines the type and the capacity of the crossfit backpack you would decide to buy.


Water resistance

When you get sweating at the gym, it is evidence of a tougher crossfit workout, your gym outfits and towels get wet as a result of the sweat. Not only that, your fitness cross training may extend into winter where you get soaked sometimes. In the same way, some training involves swimming, a continuous contact with water.

Because you get in contact with water during training, you therefore need a water resistant gym bag to hold your wet clothes. A good waterproof crossfit bag keeps your wet towels and gym clothes separate from your other personal items like phones.



Do you want to buy the best quality crossfit gym backpack or affordable gym bags? Would you compromise quality for a price? The last thing you would want to experience is to have your backpack tear open on the side, and all your stuff spill out on your way to gym.

The cheapest of the affordable gym bags can cost $80, while some higher end crossfit backpacks made from leather cost as high as $1500. If you want to get even, some mid-range gym bags cost in the range $100 to $500. Te price depends on the material and the brand.


MIER 60L Water Resistant Backpack Duffle Heavy Duty Convertible Duffle Bag with Backpack Straps for Gym, Sports, Travel on Amazon


Best crossfit gym bag essentials


If you want to perfectly prepare for your crossfit training, you need to buy some essentials and start building a full kit of high-quality CrossFit gear. A bunch CrossFit gym bag essentials would keep you competitive. What are some basic necessities to start with?


Water bottle

Is it convenient enough that you keep making constant stops at the middle of your training just to go get water? Most athletes drink enough water prior to working out, so there’s need to bring some bottles of water in your gym backpack. This YETI Rambler Stainless Insulated Tumbler is one of the top quality water bottles to checkout.

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CrossFit Shoes

If you want to be able to train well, you are going to need some fitting pairs of CrossFit shoes. Are you a female athlete, make sure to find the best cross training shoes for women before heading for gym.


Foam rollers

Cross training sometimes has a lot of impact on your muscles, when you begin to have the body and muscle pains, a good foam roller can help in your muscle treatment.


Fitness trackers

Ftiness trackers help to monitor your crossfit training performance while you are working out at the gym. If you want to keep track of the number of steps, you made running at the gym each day, the amount of calories you’ve burnt as well as to monitor your heartbeats, then you need to have the best crossfit activity tracker with you during training.


Knee socks

Knee socks help protect your skins from cuts or bruises when you inevitably miss a jump on a trampoline for example or when you fall off when running on a treadmill. They can also give you some stronger ankle and arch support when cross training.


Knee sleeves

They provide a little extra support when you’re lifting heavy weights. It also provides warmth and protection while minimizing pain. Have you ever tried Nordic Lifting knee Sleeves?


Weight belts

Weight belts gives a tight grip around your abdomen, so that while you breathe out against it, it forces you to make a good use of the correct muscles during weightlifting. You may try The Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt or Schiek 2004 Lifting Belt.



Nubs are purposely designed for thumb protection and it is best used together with gymnastic grips. Check and try out this Jerkfit Crossfit Thumb Sleeve on amazon.



When it comes to crossfit training, do not forget the inconvenience of long hairs on your way. The best headband helps to keep your long hairs away from your face while you’re focusing to beat out the fitness challenge ahead of you. Under Armour performance headband on Amazon is a good for both male and female athletes.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that are used for strength training to improve the body endurance They help increase metabolism, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, encourage weight loss, and prevent bone density loss. If you don’t want to use heavy weights for fitness training, you need to buy this best resistance band.


Barbell Pad

Barbel pads are made from high density foam helps to protect your neck, hips, and shoulders. It is very good for butt and leg exercises as well as hip thrusts and squats. A thick barbel for shoulder and neck supports can be an added advantage for your gym workouts.


Jump rope

A jump rope that fits your height add efficiency to your workout performance. Choosing a light or heavy jump rope depends on which level you are, in your fitness training. A Rogue Speed jump rope on amazon is good to be included your crossfit training, like most athletes do.


Wrist Wraps

It helps you in targeted wrist strengthening during cross training. This  Gymreapers Wrist wraps on amazon is perfect for wrists protection during weightlifting.


Crossfit gloves and grip power pads

If you do crossfit or any kind of highly intense fitness training workout, you’ll definitely know that hand protection is extremely important. A high rep barbell movements can do great harm to your hands. It can wreak havoc on your hands if you don’t have a good set of CrossFit gloves to keep your hands safe.

You can help protect yourself from painful tears with a special hand salve and Crossfit gloves designed to keep your hands and calluses hydrated.

If you don’t have one, you may try out this Mava Sports leather padding gloves on amazon – it is the best cross training gloves with wrist support. You may also find this Calluses repair Treatment Salve Welder to heal burn and tears and used for CrossFit callus removal and hand care.






What should be in a man’s gym back?


There are a lot of handy essentials that should go into a man’s gym backpack. Sure enough, you already have your phone tucked in neatly plus a water bottle but that’s not all. Below are 7 things that you should include in a man’s gym backpack.


A pair of Bluetooth earbuds

To beat your workout session, you need the right energy and motivation. Music is the best companion for every workout session. The right pair of Bluetooth earbud keeps you concentrated on the workout without the disturbance. Also, since its wireless, you need not worry about its wires getting tangled.


A small gym towel

Carrying your towel along is a must. If you love being personal with things you use at the gym, then a small towel should go into your gym backpack. True enough, most gyms have complimentary hand towels but some people (including me) prefer using a personal towel. The towel also comes in handy in case any equipment is dirty and needs cleaning up. So I can’t stress the importance of carrying one with you.


A Deodorant/Body Spray

Exercising and sweating in the gym is a normal routine. This is where deodorant comes in as another must-have in your gym backpack. Carrying a deodorant or body spray would always help you fight the sweaty odor after a heated workout session.


A reliable fitness tracker

Working out and recording your progress at the gym is very important. Fitness trackers come with various sensors to record your activities as you exercise. If you are one of those with small wrists, you can always check out the best fitness trackers for your wrist.


You can’t just move to the gym and take an exercise without keeping track of your performance. Every athlete has a fitness crossfit training goal to attain. So you, having the best activity tracker as part of your crossfit essentials is key to an excellent crossfit performance.  An activity tracker would help keep records of your heart beats, calories burnt and step counts.


Shower/Bath Essentials

After a tough workout at the gym, you might want to freshen up. So showering at the gym might come in handy. Make sure then to pack your shower gels, body wash and face wash, Also, carrying some sanitizers or cleansing wet wipes to clean yourself post-workout can come in handy if you are not in the mood to shower.


An extra shirt

Carrying with you an extra tee-shirt is very important as you can have sweat stains on what you are wearing after a thorough workout. This too might come handy after a quick shower at the gym.


Workout Gloves

If you plan on lifting weights at the gym, the packing in a pair of crossfit workout gloves is a must. They help protect your palms from calluses. So add those workout gloves to your gym backpack.


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What every girl needs in her CrossFit gym bag

Preparing a gym backpack as a lady isn’t a straightforward affair. The obvious items that usually go into it include a hand towel, hair ties, deodorant, water bottle, headphones, and a sports bra. However, that’s not all to it, as you still have some vital items to include. We give you a few of them below.


Two sets of clean clothes

Having two sets of clean clothes gives you not only the option to change after workout sessions but also to change before your workout begins. If your gym backpack is big enough to carry these two sets of clothes, then there is no need not to. However, if the backpack is small, then carrying some undergarments and tops for a quick change is the best choice.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the perfect training tool for go-anywhere workouts. They are lightweight and can fit into any Crossfit backpack. They add to a series of strength training exercises at the gym. Working with resistance bands can have a lot of benefits to your overall health.


Extra Hair Ties

Keeping an extra pack of bands in your gym backpack will keep you from that constant loop of not carrying one to the gym. Bands made from hard plastic material are much preferred as they do not absorb sweat. You can always get some from your local store or one you are shopping online.


Perfect Crossfit shoes

Packing your training shoes should be the very first thing. What shoes to pack in is per your preference. Whilst workouts entail performing different exercises, CrossFit shoes can come in handy. They can withstand various exercises you perform in the gym without giving out. We have a comprehensive post on CrossFit shoes for women worth checking out.


Mini Foam Rollers

After a thorough workout, recovering is an essential part. This is where the foam roller in your gym backpack comes in. If you are strength training, foam-rolling should be a regular part of your fitness routine, especially after your workout.

They help your muscles recover faster by increasing blood flow, allowing for an increased range of motion, riding your muscle tissue of adhesions, etc. If you are looking for the best foam roller for your workout, here are a few suggested ones.


Ankle Straps

For girls who want to build their booty, ankle straps are a must add to your gym backpack. They are essential for side lunges, donkey kicks, and cable kickbacks exercises. You won’t regret having a pair in your gym bag.



Is nylon a good material for backpacks?

Heavy-duty focus gear gym backpack is made from ultra-strong nylon material and YKK-grade zippers, as well as straps of nylon. Nylon and polyester are the most popular gym backpack materials. Heavier fabrics like canvas also make durable bags that you will be using for years.


Which bag material is waterproof?

CORDURA is a common brand for gym bag waterproof fabrics. This extremely durable fabric is strong enough to resist tears and abrasion. If you want the most durable crossfit backpack like the kong backpacks,  then shopping for a 1000d nylon made gym backpacks is an ideal choice for heavy-duty bags for cross training. It is also common for you to see backpack fabrics that are labeled waterproof breathable (WPB).


What is the best waterproof backpack for men and women?

Check out this waterproof amazon crossfit bag for both men and women. Though this bag can be used as a Handbag, it is made from mixture of leather and 900D polyester. Its durability may not be compared to that of nylon backpacks.


What is the best gym backpack for powerlifting

Looking for the best powerlifting gym bag ? A powerlifting gym bag is a backpack with lifting belt holder. Since every power-lifter needs a good belt. powerlifting belt  backpack provides support and confidence to get them through the toughest workouts. So A powerlifting belt backpack is a great option for most power-lifters.

If you need a gym bag with belt holder like this  ‘Gym Bro Bag‘! The perfect backpack designed for and by weightlifters with Secure lifting belt.

A heavy-duty weighted workout bag like this Bear KompleX  backpack has a Straight Weightlifting Belt for Powerlifting, Squats, Weight Training. The thin weightlifter belt easily rolls up to fit in a gym bag.


Wrapping up

Now that you know all about some of the best crossfit backpacks, you can weigh out your options and choose the one that’s right for you. If you didn’t see one that suits your fitness goals, check out for amazon crossfit bag for crossfit.



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