Health Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors – Quick Elderly Health Improvement

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Is trampoline good for older people? It’s a mistake that many senior citizens associate trampoline-based rebounding exercise with children. With many challenges of growing old, trampoline workouts is a fun way to deal with arthritis, bad knees, overweight, cellulite, osteoporosis and overall health issues.

Many health professionals have understood the important benefits of regular rebounding for aging population. They know the positive effects of strengthening activities like a rebound exercise and how it can help elderly adults stay balanced, active and in good shape throughout their aging process.

There’s therefore no single doubt why health therapists recommend body supporting exercises to an elderly individual after surgery. A physical therapy from light rebound exercise, in addition to medical treatments is an effective and convenient to quickly recover after a knee replacement surgery.

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Is Trampolining Good For Older People?

Nobody wants to grow old, even you. This is because aging comes with lower endurance in bones and muscles and some health-related issues like stress. As a result, adults become less physically active as they get older.

So there is need for physical activity like walking, jogging, jumping and some basic stretches for seniors to strengthen common problem areas, keep fit and stay in good shape. However, these traditional or regular exercises are high impact and demands lot of physical strength to begin with. As a result, there’s limited exercises available as adults get older. Even walking, which is the most common exercise for seniors, gets pretty boring each passing day.

Now, is jumping on a mini trampoline good exercise for seniors?

The most recommended exercises for physical therapy is a trampoline based rebounding exercise, especially for seniors with arthritis, bad knees and painful joins. Sometimes just jogging or walking on a mini trampoline rebounder is recommended for older adults if their health hasn’t improved yet.

In Addition to senior walking or jogging, rebounding workout is ridiculously good exercise for the aging population. Study shows with less than 20 minutes a day of rebounding sessions on an adult mini trampoline is just as good as running, but it’s fun, low impact and no additional stress.

So what do you think,  are trampolines good exercise for elderly adults?


NASA Research has confirmed: “…for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness“


Is rebounding better than walking?

Which is better walking or rebounding? While both physical strengthening activities have their qualities, it is safe to say that regular rebounding provide the biggest benefits for your health than traditional walking exercises(Check these Treadmill walking benefits for elderly)

On average, rebounding burns more calories than brisk walking over the same period of time. Research shows that a 30-minute health bounce exercise on a rebounder could burn as much as 150 to 210 calories of energy than walking. This just depends on your weight, age, your rebounding schedule and your rebounder training intensity.

One last thing, a rebounder bounce exercise offers greater health benefits than walking.

Make sure you consult your physical therapist before you take rebounder exercise for seniors. If you are now allowed to exercise on trampoline, you may try treadmill walking workout for seniors.


High-Intensity Interval Training - one an exercise rebounder


Some Mini Trampoline Exercises for Older Adults?

With the best fitness trampoline for rebounder exercises, you can enjoy all the healthful rebounder benefits that come with jumping.

If you want to enjoy these rebounder bounce advantages in your office or home, a folding rebounder is great option for you. A heavy duty mini trampoline rebounder for family may be bulky but it’s just great for multi-user jumping at your backyard.

There’re lots of mini trampoline exercises for seniors, that you can do on just one rebounder. From low impact gentle bounce exercises to high intensity rebounding and rebounder balance exercises.

Mini trampoline exercises for seniors video.


Best Mini Rebounder For Seniors Health Bounce – Our Top Picks

We considered which mini rebounder bounce trampoline is suitable for an elderly individual we got these top picks. The first step how to use a rebounder for fitness to enjoy the numerous health benefits that comes with it, is to pick one.

Luckily for you, we got a list of high quality safer mini trampolines for senior citizens. You can pick your best rebounder for seniors health bounce and for your money.

If you are on tight budget, get started with low cost rebounders for home use. You don’t have to rob a bank to get the best budget rebounder  to begin with even to achieve better balance with basic bounce.

We also picked high quality rebounder for your overall fitness exercise, though they are not fairly priced. Bellicon rebounder for seniors – our best high-end rebounder can give you an inspiring healthy lifestyle with every bounce you make on it.


The Rebounder Benefits for Seniors – Health Bounce Benefits

Jumping on a mini-trampoline is a very low-impact exercise that provides numerous health benefits that traditional exercises(like road running, walking, dancing) cannot offer seniors. The best things with taking a rebounder bounce exercise is that it places no stress on joints and muscles.

Another important part is that regular rebounding reduces your everyday aches and pains. A soft and gentle health bounce on rebounder is a very low impact workout that is very friendly in strengthening your muscles and bones.

Few seniors regret trying rebounder workout because rebounding is safe for seniors except missed out an important part to consider safety first when picking the best rebounder for health improvement.

Sometimes just walking on a mini trampoline is enough to provide memorably great fun for old people. Walking on rebounder provides an extra help as it strengthens cells and provide some lasting health benefits.

Check the Best low impact Rebounder for seniors health improvement.


Shared Experience of Rebounding for Seniors

76 year old Seniors share their experiences training on the rebounder at Bounce Limit with Master Trainer Lucia. You have aches and pains?

No problem! The rebounder absorbs a lot of the impact on your joints and muscles, allowing you to do strengthening exercises for a healthy, pain free life!


Mini Trampoline Health Benefits of Rebounding for Seniors

Fitness workout on a mini-trampoline helps seniors in many ways, but, is it worth shopping for the best trampoline? If you consider buying a mini trampoline for seniors, with safety considerations in mind,  a trampoline with stability bars is the best mini rebounder you can pick for seniors.

So is there any reason why  you shouldn’t get a mini trampoline for an adult like your grandmother? Before you make your final decision to buy a mini trampoline for seniors, please checkout some of these health benefits of rebounding exercise for the elderly.

You should evaluate if positive effects of rebounding are worth the price of the best mini trampoline rebounder for seniors in the market.


Improves body balance

Jumping up and down causes the body to react with every rebound. Trampoline rebounding is physically challenging balancing exercises which help you improve your sense of balance. Rebounder bounce exercise helps the elderly get a better balance when their body tries to compensate for its location in space.

Jumping is also a coordination exercises for seniors. For your body to compensate for its location in space, many muscles get coordinated in your body while your’re in air.

An increased stability in walking, is one of the trampoline health benefits for seniors as they gain better balance from exercise trampoline. A balanced stability helps seniors gain an improved sense of security and strength when moving around. 

 With a better balance, you will discover that she is capable of avoiding frequent falls when walking. The important part is you don’t need to push them round again, This helps boost of confidence that they’re still in control of their health.

You would want learn about the Best Rebounder For Seniors With Balancing Bars


Improves blood circulation

Adults who don’t take mini trampoline balance exercises sometimes face challenges of waste accumulation in the body. This affects mood, happiness  from the feel-good hormones and insulin as a results of stagnancy.

When taking rebounder exercises, seniors get pushed upward on every bounce. This forces every muscle in the body to compensate for gravity(g-force) by requesting more energy provided by blood.

The end result is new, fresh oxygenated blood that flows in the circulatory system, into entire body. As this fresh blood gets in to muscles, soreness and pains subsides almost immediately.

That is why i admire some seniors over 70 years who are still active and youthful. Aerobic exercise help gives a boost in their brain function with rejuvenated skin cells. A firm face and neck is just one of those biggest benefits of regular rebound exercise, and a quick recovery from years of stagnation.


Improves cardiovascular performance

Is trampolining good exercise for your heart heath? YES, understand that the benefits that trampoline exercise routines provide, go beyond just having fun when you start rebounding for heart health.

Heart related failures is the main cause of death in USA, many seniors citizens aren’t away that mini trampoline exercises for seniors contributes to improve cardiac system functioning.

Medical health specialists confirm that jumping is a  rebounder senior fitness exercises which indirectly reduce effects of heart diseases. As a low impact exercise,  each rebounder jump help seniors to increase their heart rates and improves cardiovascular function without a single step in running.

Which mini trampoline cardiovascular exercises for adults helps prevent heart diseases?

Start your cardio exercise routine with the best mini trampoline rebounder for heart health and improve your heart health.


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Lowers blood pressure

Is jogging on a rebounder good exercise to reduce blood pressure? Reduced blood pressure is one of the trampoline workout benefits that most seniors enjoy dealing with successfully.

In your aging process, your heart becomes weaker and starts losing strength to keep up with blood circulation – this creates high blood pressure.

One of the biggest benefits of rebounding for seniors is that reduced blood pressure. Jumping on an exercise trampoline results in increased blood flow in your circulatory system. In every bounce you make on mini trampoline, all your body muscles get engaged,

  • this help break apart stuck-together blood cells due to blood clots.
  • Jumping mini trampoline exercises separate sticky blood cells from each other.
  • Arteries also become wider, allowing increased blood flow and contributes to lowering blood pressure.

Rebounding to lower blood pressure as this eases the passage of blood through veins, thus ensuring quick blood circulation in your body, oxygen distribution to every cell and decreased stress due to blood pressure.

Get started with your personal trampoline workout with this best mini trampoline for seniors and  prevent blood related sicknesses that come with aging.


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Helps to improve digestion

The more muscles you put to work, the more you improve your digestion. Actually, your digestive system relies on your intestinal muscle movement. Its is when your muscles demand energy that there is a demand to digest nutrients.

The unfortunate thing with growing old is that your muscle strength slowdown with age. This makes it difficult to have proper digestion, resulting in poor nutrient demand and waste discharge from the body.

Another benefit of mini trampoline workout for seniors is the high demand for calories (energy), this helps in engaging the body muscles to absorb more glucose from the blood. The end point is you get an increasing body sensitivity to cell energy nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.

While other traditional exercises can help, rebounder senior fitness exercising is more effective to regulate intestinal muscle movements, allowing your body continue to pass waste with little or no difficulty.

benefits of exercise trampoline for adults


Reduces risk of diabetes

Reduced diabetes is one of the many mini trampoline health benefits for older people. High insulin resistance is bad for your body as it contributes to weight gain and diabetes. If you want to successfully fight diabetes, you must lower your insulin resistance and increase your insulin sensitivity.

While other people take insulin resistance diet, research suggest that mini-trampoline rebound exercise is beneficial for individuals with type 2 diabetes and can serve as a useful fitness approach to manage cardiovascular risks in diabetes[source]

A stress free rebound exercise like jumping on a mini-trampoline at moderate intensity for 30 minutes three times per week for 12 weeks rebounding schedule, can get your body to better levels of insulin sensitivity for an excellent treatment for diabetes.

By regularly jumping on an exercise trampoline rebounder, an elderly person can actively increase his insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar level and improve the work of insulin in their bodies. .


Reduces excess weight

Many doubt if jogging trampoline benefits include weight-loss. It may be difficult to see the direct effect, but it is possible to lose weight taking a rebound bounce exercise. Many users have confirmed that rebounder training helps burn those calories quickly than is some traditional exercises.

Your body highly demand energy when jumping on an exercise trampoline. The more calories you burn during rebound trampoline workouts, the more your body muscles to absorb more glucose from the blood.  This demand for energy results in the reduction of stored lipids in your body.

And what is the end result?, You eat well; you exercise well, and more of that food goes into your muscles as calories to be burnt. This eliminate storing excess food as fats & lipid in body muscles, which might cause weight gain and diabetes.

If you are already obese or overweight, you would want to check The best Exercise Trampoline For Obese and Overweight adults.


rebounder with handle bar for balancing

Mini Trampoline Workout Rebounder with stability bar – For the elderly


Reduces  stress

Stress is a common feeling with most seniors today. A continuous and a gentle rebounding exercise for seniors is enough to eliminate stress on body joints and muscles and in the entire body.

Physical strength trampoline exercise such as rebounding cause the brain to release more  endorphins – a natural painkiller that reduces stress hormones and improve sleep. A better levels of sleeping reduces stress.

Another lasting medical benefits of mini trampoline exercise without pain or stress is it increases collagen production in your body. Collagen helps to heal and remove pimple marks.


Increases stamina, balance and strength

One of the benefits of trampoline based rebounding, is increased strength and stamina in elders. Seniors who keep regular physical activity like rebounding on a mini trampoline helps strengthen their tendons, ligaments and muscles that support their joints.

In addition to these health benefits of rebounding, a low impact exercises for seniors also helps release pressure that contribute to joint pain and improves balance.

Try Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline with handle bar to increase your balance and your core strength.


Stimulates metabolism

It is common to see adults suffer from metabolic disorder as they grow older. Taking a mini trampoline exercises for seniors can improve metabolism in these ways:

Improves digestion: Using an urban rebounder mini trampoline to exercise demands more energy and more calories than running.

Eliminates waste: Increased blood circulation facilitates transfer of toxin to parts of the body where they are discharged.

Mood regulation: Rebounder senior fitness exercising can help regulate your eating mood with the rush of feel-good hormones you get when jumping on trampoline.


Improves lymphatic drainage

Does rebounding really help the lymphatic system?

Lymph fluid contains toxins that build upon our body cells. Without adequate lymphatic drainage system, your body cells are left drowning in their own waste products. 

If not cleansed, you get swollen feet, fatigue, unnecessary weight gain, swelling tissue, arthritis, cancer and other diseases. These aren’t any good for aged people especially over 60 years. So lymphatic drainage workout is the key to a healthy lymph system.

A health bounce for lymph system drainage helps stimulates the one-way valves in your lymphatic systems to remove toxins without stressing your joints.

One mini trampoline health benefits is efficient stimulation of anti-inflammatory effects in muscles which in turn contribute to lymph flow through lymph nodes and an improved lump health.

Start rebounding with this best rebounder for a healthy lymphatic circulation.


Rebounding reduces sciatica

Sciatic nerve pain is body pain that runs from the back, to the hip, to the legs, that makes sleep uncomfortable. When you do high-Intensity Interval Training high-intensity interval training on a rebounder, it can reduce sciatica by improving muscle tone, serves to increase blood circulation. Another big advantage of rebounding for the elderly is the rehabilitation for the damaged nerve.


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Creates fun, youthfulness and Independence

One other most important health benefits of mini trampoline exercise is the lot of fun old people enjoy from it. The playful feeling of floating weightlessly in air is so challenging and so enjoying. This gives older adult happiness from the feel-good-hormone, a good sense of youthfulness and independence.

For most seniors, Jumping on a trampoline is like recapturing a bit of their youth. It is the best way to maintain optimum health to maximize good quality of life. This is why most seniors keep coming back to small trampoline workout after their first try.

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Anti Aging

What are the benefits of rebounding exercise for anti aging? Like traditional exercise, rebounding is one of the best mini trampoline exercises for seniors over 50 years for anti aging.  Trampoline based rebounding for anti aging will actually reduce the signs and symptoms of aging in seniors.

  • Rebounding for anti aging reduces wrinkle production on face thus giving you a youthful much younger face-lift
  • Regular rebounding for facial muscles help to tones body muscles in your face, it helps to firm up your face and neck.

The good news to 60 year-old-seniors is that, as you engage in rebounding exercises, each bounce rejuvenates every living cell in your body as you get a feeling of flying under gravity(g-force). If you can’t jump, just walking on a rebounder or taking a 30 minutes rebounder workout is beneficial each day.


Rebounding Benefits Skin cell rehabilitation

There are many medical benefits of rebounding for skin for the elderly people. Rebounding flushes out toxin, old dead white blood cells and renew some cells, though at a slow rate in adults. Taking a mini trampoline rebounding tones facial muscles, and neck, thus reducing. wrinkles.

Rebounding benefits skin in a very natural and effective way. Rebounding trampoline exercise help tone and firm your skin, keeping it active on every bounce you make.

Take rebounding for a month and observe how rebounding firms your face and neck. It will give you a natural face lift without surgery. The main good reasons why you should buy a Cellerciser trampoline for exercise is that rebounder workout for seniors gives you long lasting skin care than artificial methods.

With improved blood circulation, muscles are strengthened and this includes your facial muscles. Strong muscles cause the skin to stretch, making it tighter and smoother. it actually eliminates sagging.

You also get good looking skin by eliminating acne scars by increasing collagen production than results in stretch mark removal.


bellicon rebounder mini trampoline for adults with bar



Mini Trampoline Exercises For Seniors

High Intensity Rebounding Exercise

The high intensity rebounding exercise involves  rebounder workouts like dancing, point-jogging, jumping jacks or other fun movements you can incorporate. The high intensity rebounding exercises regulates the blood circulation in the body and increases the heart rate. With other benefits, it specifically improves cardiovascular health in seniors.

Low Impact Bouncing Exercise For Seniors

During a low impact bouncing trampoline exercise, you gently bounce up and down on the rebounder without lifting your feet from the the rebounder surface. The trampoline workout benefits here is the improved lymphatic system. You can easily do this  kind of rebound trampoline workout at home while watching your favorite TV series. If you have foot pains like bunions, plantar faciitis, you can still take this low impact exercise with comfort.

Balance Rebounding Exercise For Adults

Mini Trampoline balance rebounding exercise helps in improving balance of an older adult on the trampoline. It can take form of lifting the legs front while your arms stretched out in front as well. This exercise helps to your body increase balance while also minimizing the strain on muscles and joints.


Elderly Mini Trampoline Exercises for Arthritis,  Knees, Hips and Joints

Is trampolining good for arthritis? Mini Trampoline Workout for leg can help Improve Your Arthritis. Since mini trampoline rebounding provides a soft and gentle bounce, the reduced or very low impact on your knees and joints  eliminates aches and pains, and strengthens your muscles and bones. 

For older Adults with general knee problems, most physical activities are not recommended. So you should avoid extreme games, squats, soccer, basketball if you have arthritis and other knee pains.

Should seniors avoid high-impact physical activity like jogging after hip or knee replacement ? According to Josephine, rebounding on a mini trampoline is recommended even after you get knee rehabilitation or replacement. Jumping on trampoline after knee replacement is a physical therapy after knee surgery.

Rebounding reduces your everyday aches and pains. A soft and gentle health bounce on rebounder is a very low impact workout that is very friendly on your knees and in strengthening your muscles and bones.

Rebounding is knee Friendly

Rebounding for arthritis is an aerobic exercise that is very knee friendly. Jumping on trampoline is a low impact rebounder exercise that places little pressure on your knees like traditional running jogging and walking. The answer to the question if rebounding is good for knees is YES.

Rebounding exercise isn’t among the activities that you should avoid whatsoever your knee pains. Jumping on exercise trampoline does not hurt your knees even after knee replacement and knee rehabilitation. Again, rebounding on a mini trampoline could strengthen your knees quickly than walking.

When a senior goes exercising with arthritis in the knees, they would want to perform low-impact exercises. Rebounding would strengthen your leg muscles and also take stress off your knees.

Trampolining workout for elderly can be a particularly helpful option if you have joint problems that prevent you from performing a more traditional workout. There is no knee pains after jumping on trampoline.


Do you want to start recovering after having knee replacement surgery? Note these:

  • use trampoline after knee rehabilitation for quick recovery
  • ask your doctor if it’s time for you to jump on trampoline after knee replacement(TKR)
  • You may be limited from doing certain types of exercises knee problems but not rebounding.
  • High-impact sports, such as soccer, basketball are not friendly to your knees..

The question of when to start jumping on trampoline after knee replacement surgery, depends on how stable your knee is. Depends on success of the surgery, you go get started with jumping up and down on a trampoline only if your knee has gained strength.

There are precautions when taking mini trampoline exercises for arthritis.

  •  Do not jump too high if you have arthritis. If you jump too high or fast, the the impact of gravity may harm you damaged joint. You can hurt your knees or ankle if landing surface is unstable too.
  • You should gradually build up to jumping . This is for beginners, very old people or after knee replacement. One rule of mini  trampoline workout for beginners is to start by walking on the trampoline for a few minutes. As time passes, you gently bounce.
  • Make sure you wear good shoes for jumping when taking mini trampoline exercises with bad knees or joints. Cushioned shoes with comfortable insoles can ease more pains on your knees.


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Adults Mini Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

Can you lose weight by jumping on a  mini trampoline rebounder? YES you can lose weight and have more calories burnt while jumping on a mini trampoline rebounder. There are mini trampoline exercises for seniors to lose weight.

A 20 minutes rebounder workout each day can change your life if you are obese or overweight adult. Taking on trampoline weight loss routines is key to quickly fight obesity after 50 years of age.

Weight loss depends on the ratio of calories burned, as well as matter you calories intake through foods. Burning calories through mini trampoline  workouts for weight loss helps maintain a healthy weight and take off any excess flab on your body

The good thing is Jumping on rebounder is a mini trampoline exercise that can help you lose while you enjoy entertainment. You wouldn’t notice you have burnt calories until you want to get dressed up for your routine office work and finds your pants is loose.

Morbidly obese seniors should take mini trampoline workouts for weight loss seriously in-order to have a healthy body shape. If you want to burn calories and lose weight at home, Exercise Fitness trampoline is the best trampoline for heavy adults.

Mini trampoline workout for weight loss  – great for older adults and obese people


 Mini trampoline Exercises for Osteoporosis in Seniors

Osteoporosis is common in people older than 50 years of age, and the older you get, the greater the risk is of osteoporosis. This is because , old bone is generally removed is faster than new bone is added. This means bone density begins to reduce and your risk of falling and bone fracture may increase.

The good news is that osteoporosis can be prevented and even slowed down in some cases.

Healthy exercise programs can keep your bones strong and active through out your old age, thus preventing you from falling carelessly. But what is the best exercise for osteoporosis to maintain active bone? Many exercises like dancing, jogging help strengthen bones and muscles and improves balance, coordination, and flexibility.


Is Rebounding good for osteoporosis?

Rebounder exercises for seniors can also help in osteoporosis. One great way to slow or prevent loss of bone density is through rebounding. Low impact trampoline exercises that is ideal for those who suffer from osteoporosis. This means rebounder exercises to prevent osteoporosis is key to staying active and strong for adults over 60 years.

  •  High-impact mini trampoline osteoporosis exercises should be avoided. It can lead to fractures in weakened bones.
  • Check with your doctor and physical therapist for advice. Depending on your stage of osteoporosis, they can tell if is safe to jump with osteoporosis and at what fitness level, weight limit should that be.


Seniors Mini trampoline exercises for abs

You can perform plenty of exercises on a trampoline to tone your abs, lose stomach fats. Many people tone their tommy and abs by taking traditional exercises like running, cycling and climbing. In addition to rebounding to lose belly fats, you must do a combination of cardio training and ab work for a quick effective shape control.

Research shows that fun alternatives to exercises with high aerobic intensity like rebounding on a mini trampoline is very effective as it burn lot of energy.

You want to try rebounder exercises for abs, that works your entire body?There are some jumping jacks you can try during rebounding. On every bounce of your trampoline workout for abs or to tone your tommy, try each of these styles below while you bounce.

  • squeeze your abs
  • Raise your arms above head
  • Twist your knees to the right as your body twists to the left
  • You bring your knees to your chest while pulling your chest down to your knees
  • Try bring your elbow to your knees
  • bring arms to chest and stretch out feet


Adults Rebounder Exercises for Lymphatic System

Rebounding for Lymph Drainage is one of the mini trampoline exercises for adults and seniors – a jumping exercise to cleanse your lymphatic system. Taking a mini trampoline exercise for lymphatic drainage  kicks the lymphatic system into high gear. This mini rebounder workout stimulates the one-way valves in your lymphatic system to remove toxins without stressing your joints.

Why is jumping on a trampoline good exercise for lymphatic drainage? Your lymph fluid must flow away freely to keep your immune system active and strong.

How do you flush your lymphatic system by jumping on a rebounder?

To discharge these toxic waste out, your lymph has to flow away from cells, but there is no pump to move the lymph.Lymphatic drainage relies solely on your muscles ability to relax and contract under gravity. The only physical activity that allows all your muscles to contract and relax is rebounding.

Rebounder exercises engages your whole body muscles to contract, thus facilitating the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system. Any kind of movement stimulate lymph flow but rebounder exercises for lymphatic system is especially effective because jumping against. gravitational force(g-force) helps lymph flow freely.

Best Exercise for Lymphatic Drainage  

A mini trampoline lymphatic drainage workout is key to preventing swollen tissues and arthritis. So go get your best rebounder for lymphatic drainage and get started with rebounding for lymph drainage. Take a look how using a rebounder 15 minutes a day improves your lymph flow and toxin release from cells.

Mini trampoline exercises video for lymphatic drainage. Try these rebounder exercises at home to cleanse your body of toxins and live a healthy life. Get you first trampoline and start rebounding for lymphedema.



Senior Rebounding Exercises Tips

Is Rebounding safe for seniors? Rebounding for seniors must be done in safety. Follow these tips

  • Shower before you go rebounding.
  • Wear good training shoes especially if you have bunions
  • Take advice of physical therapist
  • Eat chocolate when rebounding for instant energy
  • Take rebounding workout in the early hours of the day
  • When rebounding as a beginner, take half an hour walking, 30 minutes jogging, start bounce gently and then you fly.
  • Hold unto stability bar if there is one. Openly stretch your arms out if your mini rebounder has no stability bar.
  • Preferably buy the best rebounder for seniors – bongee cord trampolines are safer and better than spring rebounder.


The Aging Myth – Why You Grow Old

We live on earth and get subjected to gravitational force

How does G-force contribute to aging and why is rebounding, the solution?

We live on earth filled with filled with gravitational force. As we grow,  the regular pull of gravity causes our body to sag, producing wrinkles and  flabby forearms. You would also observe this sagging in portly midriffs, endemic feet and ankles, stooped shoulders, turkey necks, and compressed spines. All these are kind of the few multifarious insults to our body.

How does trampoline rebound exercise reverse aging process?

Rebounder exercise helps our body compensate for this “G-force”  when we jump upward against it(gravity). Regular rebound bounce exercise is essential to maintain optimal health. Regular rebounder exercising regularly increases longevity and enhanced a youthful and healthy life style.

It also helps us maintain our muscles and skeletal strength, immune functions, and psycho-biological balance. The best nutrition in the world cannot fully help the oxygen-rich blood to keep our body’s three trillion immune cells youthful, additional help comes from exercising.

beginning rebounding for seniors

Pick you best Rebounder for Seniors and Get started



Whick kind of exercises are good for arthritis?

There are alot of exercises for arthritic knees. Rebounding is one of the knees  exercises that will improve muscular strength around the knee to relieve pain, increase mobility, and lessen the risk of falls. Running on cushioned treadmill is one of those low impact exercises for arthritic knees.


How many minutes a day should you rebound?

A 15-30 minutes rebounding exercise  daily is enough to change your life. You may try 10 minutes sessions 3 times a day – rebounding before and after your day’s job. The time however, depends on your health, commitment and the exercise plan you have for your fitness level.


Should you wear shoes on a rebounder?

While it is recommended to bounce barefoot or with sucks, the reason you should go bouncing shoes or sneakers solely depends on your health issues. For example:

Taking a mini trampoline exercise for arthritis requires you have comfortable running shoes with  cushioned insoles  for additional support and reduction in impact of bounce.

To prevent osteoporosis, avoid high impact rebounding by wearing cushioned  shoes. There is little loss in part of the benefits of Rebounding when you wear shoes/sneakers.


Does rebounding build muscle?

Besides strengthening your body heart, lungs and lymphatic systems, rebounding also help boosts your immune system and tones muscles. That is why you stay active after mini trampoline jumping exercise.


How long should you jump on a trampoline for a workout

How long you jump each rebounder workout session depends on your fitness level, health and time. With a commitment to engage in as little as 15 to 20 minutes of exercise on a mini-trampoline, you sure to reap full benefits of a rebounder trampoline .


Is Rebounding good for pelvic floor?

People with pelvic floor issues, should take rebounding every day. Rebounding exercises workouts is the right kind of exercise that not only strengthen the surrounding muscles , but also help you maintain a healthy weight. With additional benefit to improve digestive functioning, pelvic floor symptoms can fade away.


Why do I pee when I jump on the trampoline?

Have you experienced a rebounder trampoline urine leaking out while you bounce? How embarrassing can that be? However, if your body muscles around the pelvic floor is still too weak, you will find yourself peeing when jumping.


Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline?

You have seen that jumping on a trampoline does burn fat but sometimes  belly fat is difficult to lose. it is possible to burn too much off doing mini trampoline exercises for weight loss. You can do it together with weight lifting exercises.

There are several mini trampoline weight loss success stories about tommy fats and you wouldn’t be exceptional. Check out this trampoline weight loss routine for tommy fats.


Is trampoline good for arthritis

Rebounding is ok if you have bad knees. jumping a mini rebounder provides a soft and gentle health bounce with very low impact on your knees and joints. Knee pain does not have to stop your exercise routing in its tracks.

Other regular exercises require frequent bending of the knees unlike trampoline exercises which permits you enjoy aerobic workout with no constant knee movement. You can jump with straight legs, trampoline workouts do not necessarily require you bend your knees now and then.


What do you need to start beginner exercises for mini trampoline?

  • You need this great shoes for women jumping on trampolines.
  • You also need to buy a foldable indoor exercise trampoline with handle that you can use at home, office  and outdoor.
  • Based on your health status, check from your health adviser if mini trampoline exercises for seniors is good for you.
  • You may also need this fitness activity tracker with monitors to keep track of your rebounding performance and heart rate.



Wrapping Up

There are a lot of benefits  of rebounding for seniors that we may not exhaust a full list of them here. However, according to NASA research, jumping on rebounding piece of equipment is a great help to our health when we take it a serious routine.

In combination with medical treatment, health specialist recommend physical or brain exercises for the elderly. Trampolining exercise is very special as it is a low impact exercise that creates fun. Even adults on wheelchairs can rebound, so why should you not buy this best mini trampoline for seniors and start rebounding today?

If you feel you are still relatively younger and can’t use mini trampoline for elderly , you may want to try out these folding trampolines for personal health bounce at home or office.

If trampolining is the best exercise for your health, the best thing to stay motivated and focused is to buy rebounding workout dvd for seniors. They come with variety of rebounding programs with different health benefits. If however, trampolining is not the best exercise for you or if you are advised to walk only, we recommend you use this treadmill for senior walking.






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Treadmill Benefits for Seniors – Safety and Benefits of Treadmill Exercise


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